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How would YOU stimulate the economy?

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posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 11:35 AM
lol, another ideea (briliant or not) would be to impose limitation on how much wealth can be accumulated by one individual. No person should be allowed to exced equivlent of 1000 years of average salary / wage . We should not promote and worship the abillity to trade wealth , rather making a balance in society and motivate everyone to create wealth rather than manipulate it..

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 02:57 PM
I would bring our troops home from all foreign bases, secure our borders and nation, detain ALL non outspoken politicians, deploy forensic accountants to trace all corrupt monetary transactions, arrest all elitists that have ties to the military industrial complex, repatriate their holdings and disperse them amongst the countries that they have been stolen from, resetting the global monetary system to zero, redesign the global monetary system based on Austrian economic principles. The wealth of one elitist family alone could literally balance all economies on the planet and still leave them as some of the wealthiest people on the planet. All afore mentioned detained politicians and elitists that were found to be in collusion would be imprisoned for life and subject to hard labor. Then begin reeducation of the planet according to the truth of our beingness so that we may live in peace and harmony on our Finite planetary home amongst our human family.

At this point in history there is absolutely no other reason than greed and the perception of separation that is the root cause of all suffering on Earth, in truth what happens to the least of us happens to the greatest of us. Until we resolve the conflict that exists within ourselves there will not be external peace. We are a living transceiver and while we are receiving signals of fear and hatred we must make the conscious choice to transmit Peace and Love and transform our outward reality.

It is not to late to Unite and bring Peace to OUR HOME!

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 03:14 PM
Give EVERY US tax payer 250 grand. Instead of giving billions to PRIVATE buisnesses to bail them out...take all that bailout money all the pork program money and all the other money thats just gonna evaporate anyway and give the American people a bailout. Itd all be put right back into housing and autos wouldnt it? If they gave everybody enough money to get a little healed up wouldnt that actually help the economy?

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 03:35 PM
The stimulus package should look at numerous things. Like any household where the one member has lost it's job ( analogy for financial crisis). What is it that will help the family live okay, what are essentials and what are "nice to haves"

Off the top of my head let's get rid of the Iraq war, the huge financial support for Israel, the millions for STD control, the billions for repairs to federal buildings, the country has enough sport fields and art museums, illegals get to pay for their own healthcare and education, no more food stamps etc for illegals, people on welfare are re-evaluated to establish cause of need. These are just some off the top of my head.

Now let's look at the banks and auto companies. First evaluate if there is any long term benefit in bailing every company out individually. Companies that have outlived their productivity lifespan or are outdate must be allowed to go under. Companies who have the potential to recover and grow should be given preference. Use the rest of the bail out money in a similar way as micro-financing is done in third world countries (by american organisations). Identify american companies and start ups with potential to grow the economy and loan them the money. Time to hack off the dead branches and grow new seedlings. Let America become more competitive in the mworld market. Why keep making cars that nobody wants.

Postpone the 2010 census and save a billion dollars - reschedule when america can afford it.

Pass a bill restricting the cost of any election campaign to $10 000 per candidate. If you are such an admirable candidate then you will be given lots of airtime, but the time of buying an elected position has to end.

I am obviously not an economist but I can balance my own finances , which is more than I can say for the government.

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 03:35 PM
Stimulate the Economy? Get money into circulation quickly?

EASY! Let's Try TRICKLE UP economics.

1) I would raise Unemployment Insurance benefits by 50%!

2) I would increase the number of eligible people by 100%.

3) I would extend the period of benefits payable to 52 weeks, this to be revisited before the year runs out.

4) I would make immediate loans available to any small business owner who has more than 10 empl9yees - per records from past 2 years - in an amount up to 13 weeks of payroll. The loan would not be repayable for one year.

5) Further, for the small business person, any new hire kept on the payroll for 1 year would see 50% for wages paid as partial payment on the loan. (New hires are those in addition to the original workforce).

6) Any homeowner living in the house mortgaged, could refinance that mortgage in a straight 30 years 5% mortgage, and no payments due for the first 6 months. The prior mortgage holder would be paid 50 cents on the dollar of his uncollected principal. Or he could go to court. Take it or leave it. Note: In these new mortgages the old (1933) FHA no default guarantee would be attached and funded by the same 0.5% insurance fee added to the mortgage making it a 5.5% loan to the borrower.

7) Small businesses with fewer than 10 employees would also be eligible for loans as in the first instance above, but would be required to show tax returns for 3 prior years to establish the loan applicant is bona fide.

8) Bank loans - when not made by the banks - up to $50 million could be approved by a 3 man committee which would, if made, give the Federal government a first mortgage on the usage of the loan.

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 09:53 PM
This is great. I have a finals project in economics on this very subject tomorrow. However, many of the ideas seem to drop off in quality and logic after page 1.

Ban interest on loans? So essentially you're gonna put a ceiling just like they do on rent control and minimum wage (floor) and artificially preserve stagnant prices?

Nationalize the Fed? You mean combining two unaccountable departments into one in charge of fiscal AND monetary policy? -- With no oversight?

Give every American X number of dollars? Yeah, do you WANT hyperinflation?

How very shameful. Whatever you may think of the current handling of the crisis, deliberately generated or not, these suggestions would impale us immediately.

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posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 02:55 AM
reply to post by SpencerJ

You are wrong, giving FED back to the people would not implode anything . And who said that the banks should not have control?? transparent means that government should be able to audit ANY of the FEDs activities. At the moment most of the FEDs activity cannot be audited.The FED IS the root of all evil at the moment, and unfotunately we talk about accumulated evil.

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 04:13 AM
reply to post by sty

If the same government that created this mess in collusion between the Treasury and the Federal Reserve has failed to get us out, how is merging the two entities going to do anything better? Having the power to print money at a whim it's needed got us into this mess.

Why don't we also put a tax on speculation while we're at it, and flat out ban the sale of all derivatives? That'll promote "stability".

EDIT to add:

I also believe you confuse transparency and accountability. The $750 bil bailout package made sure that they and the Treasury could have the final say on future collusions, which is lack of accountability.

It's just like this "bad bank" idea they're throwing around right now. Great. Nationalize our entire financial industry. You can make everything transparent, but as long as it's in gov't control, where exactly is the accountability?

This is why the Fed was conceived the way it was, and as you have seen the last few months, this steady erosion of barriers between the Treasury and the Federal Reserve has led to ever increasing bailout sums and more socialist plans with no end in sight.

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posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 04:32 AM
stop taxing the people so much.

banks need it? please... they can create money, and they do. they don't need bailouts, they need an 8x12' room.


posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 05:16 AM
reply to post by SpencerJ

" also believe you confuse transparency and accountability" .
No, i do not confuse them. The problem is that the FED is not transparent , accountable for their actions or possible to control. FED is a private bank. Very simple!
In my country we have a National Bank owned by the governmet (not by private share-holders ) , where the government fully controls and audit the activity. As a consequence, we did not need any billion in baiouts and we still expect economical growth for 2009. IMF is getting agitated, this week they try to enforce us getting loans but the government prefered to cut on expenses .

a little video here:

Google Video Link


posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 05:21 AM
I believe that we will simply have to re-define the concept of money.It should be based on the contribution to the society rather than the abillity to manipulate wealth produced by exploatated people. I have no ideea how this should be - but as once we were talking on another thread : if we imagine how an ET economy would work , maybe this would give us ideeas.

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posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 05:28 AM
The only thing that can work is a grand project (on the scale of Hitler's Autobahn project, or the space race).

What does America need to progress? I dont know because I am not American... its up to you to find out and espouse it.

I would create massive spending projects, financed by debt. If the system is corrupt, why not screw it over anyway? Dollar hegemony has been proved supreme even in this crisis, so the USA should use it to its full benefit.

I would:

1. Order the creation of a new space mandate, with massive infrastructure projects like the creation of the world's first spaceport, space hotel, moon base and high-tech research programs.

2. Engage in a cold war with Russia again (which will be of mutual benefit), at the cost of no lives lost.

3. Rebuild America's infrastructure: roads, train systems, airports etc etc.

4. Ramp up spending on public education immensely; hire and pay teachers very high sums to attract real talent.

The overall theme: mortgage today's sinking ship so that tomorrow's dinghy has a chance to reach land.

Its too late for tax cuts. Its too late to reverse decades of fiscal tyranny. Now we truly are all dependent on each other, thanks to the collectivistic attitude of the central governments. We might as well deal with it together.

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 08:03 AM
reply to post by 44soulslayer

dollar lost its perceived supremacy because of the crisis , if China makes its currency fully convertible then nations will begin divesting to yuan ,

I suggest you refer to Jim Rogers and Peter Schiff on this issue .

and China has already began prepartions

But Asia now understands that the increase of money supply decreases the intrinsic value of a currency. That is why China is seeking a possible and rational attempt to decouple Asian currencies from the dollar, as recent news stories report [1]. In practice, China is trying to make its currency convertible and give it a role as a reserve currency. The first experiment is limited to transactions between Hong Kong and the neighboring provinces. It is also proposed that the yuan renminbi be used in 8 neighboring countries, including Russia. With these countries, agreements have already been signed for the settlement of contracts in the Chinese currency. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the news was released on Christmas Day, when Western markets are closed, reducing the impact on the dollar. In addition, the first weeks of January are usually fairly quiet. This means that although for now the trial is limited, China is preparing to establish full convertibility of its currency to all other currencies. Many in China have spoken out directly or indirectly in this regard: for example, Wu Xiaoling, former vice governor of the central bank, and Zhao Xijun, a professor of finance at Renmin University of China. The current governor of China's central bank, Zhou Xiaochuan, in early December in Hong Kong had indicated that if the value of the dollar fluctuated drastically, its use as a settlement currency (for commercial transactions) would cause problems. It is clear that Chinese exporters, behind the scenes, are asking the government for permission to charge in yuan instead of dollars, which are losing value. Other warnings came in the middle of last December: the increase in purchases of U.S. Treasury bonds should not lead to the supposition that the U.S. can borrow its way out of the financial crisis [2]. Finally, on January 1, a well-known Chinese economist, Wu Jinglian, wrote that China must change its development model [3], with reference to the paradigm of economic growth driven by exports. We note, incidentally, that even the pope, who obviously has mainly pastoral responsibilities, has said the world must change its model of development [4] ("Are we are prepared to conduct together an in-depth review of the dominant development model, to correct it in a comprehensive and forward-looking way?" Benedict XVI asked).

China has taken preliminary steps to make yuan a reserve currency

It is clear that Chinese exporters, behind the scenes, are asking the government for permission to charge in yuan instead of dollars

and now least 8 nations will use yuan for trade with china

It has launched the experiment of using the yuan as a reserve currency in relations with 8 countries. Chinese exporters are asking to charge in yuan instead of dollars, because the U.S. currency is losing value.

also China needs to revise its model of development, too much based on eighteenth century mercantilism.
This means that although for now the trial is limited, China is preparing to establish full convertibility of its currency to all other currencies.
If, after a trial period, China makes its currency convertible, the consequence is that importing countries must have reserves of yuan renminbi. To get them, central banks around the world will have to divest themselves of U.S. assets and Treasury bonds.

refer to my posts on this topic :

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 08:12 AM
reply to post by sadchild01

What of the Chinese forex reserves that amount to $1trl? They take the hit, just when the dollar has most strengthened?

Plus the strength of the dollar has all but increased since the start of the crisis (late 2007). The flight back to the dollar was the primary response; and the yuan (amongst all other currencies) took a massive beating. The dollar proved that when in crisis, it is still king.

Of course, China could attempt a coup in order to create Yuan trade hegemony... but as long as oil is still pegged to the dollar, what good will it do them?

Also as the Chinese model is based on export, it isn't in their benefit to have a strong currency just yet. Especially considering their volume of trade with the USA, and the subsequent purchase of oil using those dollars, they would have no interest to disrupt that balance. What would China do with forex once the Yuan is dominant?

I predict in maybe another 10 years they will free float; but they aren't ready for it at the moment.

Until then, the USA might as well exploit the unique phenomenon as long as it lasts.

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 08:38 AM
reply to post by 44soulslayer

Also as the Chinese model is based on export, it isn't in their benefit to have a strong currency just yet. Especially considering their volume of trade with the USA, and the subsequent purchase of oil using those dollars, they would have no interest to disrupt that balance. What would China do with forex once the Yuan is dominant?

Chinese exports are 8-12 % of their GDP currently ,

subsequent purchase of oil using those dollars

Chinese purchase oil and gas from various countries , like Russia ,iran ,venezuala and they will be willing to accept yuan , Vladmir Putin expressed his willingness to do so

nd the subsequent purchase of oil using those dollars, they would have no interest to disrupt that balance.

with peak oil coming ,natural gas is the next big thing of which russia and iran are largest holders off . and with russia accepting yuan , the next main currency is yuan defeinitely
It is clear that Chinese exporters, behind the scenes, are asking the government for permission to charge in yuan instead of dollars, which are losing value.

A What would China do with forex once the Yuan is dominant?

they are already making prepartations of divesting .

The dollar proved that when in crisis, it is still king.

that was short term , as hyperinflation will soon hit dollar , and investors will run to invest in yuan when its free floating ,

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posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 08:46 AM
A bottle of wine, candlelight dinner, and a bubble bath followed by a baby oil massage....

No, I think we need to let these 'giants' collapse, impose tariffs on imports, and restart manufacturing that has long since gone dormant. I would also abolish the IRS and impose a flat tax or national sales tax.

I would also fire all three branches of government and hold paper ballot elections with NO electoral colleges!

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 09:34 AM
1. Revoke the illegal collection of income taxes since there is no war.

2. Full scale nationwide industrial hemp production. It can be used to make rope, clothing, fiber, paper, plastics, food, fuels and more. Something like 56,000+ uses. You get 300 times more fiber per acre from hemp than you do from trees. Save the forests, save the planet.

3. Reduce government to 3 offices since the rest are useless. Foreign relations & trade. Domestic law & security. Education, science & research bureau.

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 03:37 PM
reply to post by sty

Federal Reserve Myths Debunked

Deny ignorance.

I'm so goddamn sick of everyone making a conspiracy of everything and shifting the blame by spreading half-truths and NWO crap. When does a screw-up cease to be your screw-up?

The truth is, everyone in this crisis acted completely in accordance of self-interest, and government turned these actions into distortions. Nationalizing the Fed to a true central bank is not the answer. It will be more of the same. What works for your country, which, I presume, is of the social-democratic favor, does not work for everyone else.

What IS similar are the universal concepts of self-interest and transfers of money, not complex fictions like auditing a central bank. Doing so at such a time when credit is already strapped will only devastate the American economy further, perhaps so much so that those who would normally be able to get by couldn't. It's called a bank run, and the threat is very real.

Do I think the information should be out there? Yes, and it is. The Fed has yet to acknowlege it. But if you insist on doing it at the worst possible time in the name of "self-correction", then you've elected to take a cure worse than the disease.

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posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 08:39 AM
reply to post by SpencerJ

I am not an american and I am not able to choose for your country. But if you want to believe that private interest of the bankers is " the best for the american people" then carry on. I personally love the social-democratic way of thinking in Europe , and I do not say this is perfect, but I believe this is several decades ahead as structure in comparation with the wild-capitalism of the US. The pure capitalism simply means survival of the strongest, while everyone else that does not have the abillity to make money can go to hell! I do not like that as humans can have other abillities yet nor rewared if they cannot be translated into "money" . Capitalism is not the future. Also to have in mind - capitalism cannot be applied in a finite world like ours. The resources we have are finite, if we want a self-sustainable economy then pure capitalism is not the answer. If you want a decent life for everyone, not just for the elites, i suggest you to look at the North Europe .

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posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 11:09 AM
I'm taking a refresher economics class at Stanford. I was a bit rusty on where money comes from and where it gets it's value from.

The measure of an economy boils down to GDP. GDP is the wealth of a nation. How do you increase a nations' wealth? Well, just like individuals, spending (bailouts) does not make you wealthy, but investing in the right things does. Adam Smith wrote 'The Wealth of Nations', and based on that the determinants of productivity and productive change are:
  1. Education and training - Increases quality of labor and management
  2. New Technologies, R&D, university research - Increases rate of invention and innovation
  3. Make labor more effective - Reduces units of work to produce something or increases units of production
  4. Specialize and consolidate - Increases economies of scale
  5. Small distributive coalitions - Groups of people with similar interests

So, to reduce wealth; stop attending school, use the same old tools and technology, be inefficient or overly regulated, reduce economies of scale, and create big bureaucracies (Unions, AMA, Banks). And, by the way, the spend money you have on unproductive things. This applies to individuals as well as corporations or nations.

To increase wealth, invest in education, technology, effectiveness (e.g.; Six sigma or Kaizen), economies of scale, and join small groups of people with similar interests.

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