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Greetings and questions about greys

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posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 09:23 AM

I have a few questions to throw out into the abyss and see what returns, some of you probably research a lot more than me and maybe we can illuminate each others minds.

I was watching a video on you tube the other day talking about stem cell research, and that if we, given the power, mnipulated our genes for the betterment of the human racem excelling to all we could be, maybe we would turn out like greys, many, many years down the road. And that maybe by that time we probably would have found ways to travel very far distances in space, though earth spinning at it's current rate would eveolve into something quite different by the time our little genetically evolved selves could get back...

Theorists such as Michael Tsarion and Zacharius Sitchin have proposed historical and geologic proof that this could very well have happen, nueclear scoring in Saudi Arabia propose a possible nuclear holocaust pre-10,000 bc... when our civilised selves figured out how to domesticat animals and grow wheats.

maybe that may of age was more close to resembling 'the crystalids' plot than humans having their final evolving burst away from the apeman?

if anyone has more sources or theories to follow up on this it would be greatly appreciated. I've already read forbidden archeology, which has many more a wonderful proof for this.


post. note. if any of this does not make gramatical sense I apologize in advance.

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