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Islam: An intolerant, inconsistent fallacy

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posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 05:27 PM
Well the daughter is the father's wife, only when he allows for her to be given away is when she should.

women don't have common sense. When women are free, they tend to embrace the nightclub life, dating several men, and dating unethical men then end up being in abusive relationships, then file for divorce.

It's better for the fathers to choose the husband, since the man always has good judgement and depises immoral men, but unlike the women, she desires the immoral man.

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 07:15 AM

Originally posted by CinLung

Tell us the fact you face with Islam in Netherlands.
Tell us the true color about Islam and his followers. Everybody want the truth before going further on TOLERATE each other.

[edit on 9-6-2004 by CinLung]


sorry for this very late reply, i don't come here that much

The Netherlands, well, we have to many muslims, we have a population of 17 million, with 900.000 moslims (40 years ago we had zero muslims) 300.00 are turks, 300.000 are morocco people, and then some others from Somalia, Indonesia, etc etc, even some Dutch people who turned into a muslim (mostly ex junks, ex prostitutes etc)

They all have there own version of the islam, so sometimes they hate each other too

Anyway, they cause allot of crime,

we have something called a
''loverboy'', they push under aged girls into prostitution against there will, 99% of the loverboys are not western, and 90% are islamic, mostly muslims from morocco, and that is much when you see only 5-6% of the Netherlands is a muslim.

They cause so many crimes, its unbelievable, at the end of last year Theo van Gogh a famous Dutch writer and film maker who was openly not happy with the islam was sacrificial murdered by a muslim from morocco..........

In Amsterdam we have a mosque called the el tahweed mosque, they openly say and have given out a book where it says muslims must kill all none muslims, that they must throw gays/lesbians/jews/christians/none muslims of the highest building with there heads down!!!!!!!!!
that females must get Circumcision!
you can buy the book at so called ''normal anti terrorist'' islamic online stores! says enough where the so called 'normal'' muslims stand behind!

they also say that the Netherlands must be turned into a islamic land!

also they say that a muslim must not live near none muslims!
then what are they doing here ???

look at Norway, 2% is muslim, the mostly live in Oslo, and 75% of all rapist are muslims in Noway!
makes you think doesn’t it !

99% (fact) of street crime in the big city's are done by none western foreigners mostly muslim!

In France muslims attack white France people, just because there white and not muslim!
not saying muslim is a race (its a religion), but muslims hate everyone that are not like them, and because they are from other lands they throw racism into the war too.

They even attack other foreigners, like Hindu's, they attack Hindu's and there temples, they say they will get killed if they don't convert to the fascist islam!!

Believe me, We must ban the islam, if they want to be muslim. fine, they can do that in there own lands!

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 07:18 AM
This topic has outlived its purpose.
Rhetoric does not equate to religious tolerance [for any religion], does it?

Thread closed


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