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Just a BLOG.. Everything's just GREAT {*:*}

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posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 04:45 PM
Why I would blog on here..? It's more or less the most anonymous place for me to post (unless you have been paying attention really..), not that I am a famous important person to the world or maybe to you even.

Have not been on for a while, just been posting music, music I like, you don't have to share my musical taste.. I'm not so much into aliens or ufo's although there are plenty around, or am I the biggest one..? However I do like to watch the sky, the colors the sky gives are amazing sometimes. And.. some conspiracies, just some are interesting, though I have my own opinion and do not find it that necessary to spread it all over the net.

I just felt like writing some (nonsence??) stuff down, make some thoughts/feelings/experiences 'public'.

I have not been checking my hotmail account(s) for a while (however been using one frequently being on msn), as the 's' might explain I have more then 1. However when I checked all of them again on december 26 2008, on one account I had a pleasant (?) christmas e-card from a person I expected least of sending me (read 'that account') one. I could not resist and replied with the same 'as if I am gonna say/write more to this' way..
Maybe I was hoping that correspondence would start again, ..maybe not.. My point is: why after such long time of silence send a christmas e-card? You know, I don't even like x-mas, mass hypocrite hysteria with the smell of pinetree.. Sincerely, did you really miss me..?

Today I had to check again, them hotmail accounts, as the 1 I use for msn sometimes really does contain 'important' messages. Friend request here, spam there, another friend request, no 3, for that other site where you can sign up and have an online profile and most surprisingly a yousendit mp3 file called SWEET REVENGE send by someone called 'guest'. Curious as I am I downloaded the file, gosh 17.something mb. Mediaplayer opend it immediately when the download was finished and started playing the mp3.

A voice (no offence) sounding like a transsexual on a '70s dicso beat singing: follow me just follow me...I want to change your I give you gold...have you ever listened to this precious sound...oh mother look what they have done to me...why all the shame and all the pain's gold my soul...they took away my soul...did you hear me screem...what about those bruises on my brain...he gave me a small broken doll...this doll my baby run baby run...from his mind from his pretty as fast as you can...when it's like too much...leave your troubles behind...when you feel depressed when you are depressed pack your bag and run...why not forbid the more tears no more away from his lies...come to me follow me...I give you love I give you strength...I'll turn your day into the night when all the stars are bright...when there is no love anywhere...follow me please follow me...I'll make you king...we only wear suits taylor (is that spelled right?) made...agree to follow me...I'll be your friend...just follow me...

Gosh again, 19.06 minutes of what turned out to be Amanda Lear, you can google her.. Curious as I am, I'd really like to know who 'guest' is, the person who send me this Amanda Mega Mix. No clue at all, tips to find out are more then welcome..

Now, going to the real (boring?) stuff happening in my life, as it's going great at the moment!

I love my job although it takes a lot of my time, but then I am earning well for that time. I can buy diamond jewelery and hip designer watches for an amazingly cheap prize (as if that is an important goal in my life). No it's not, but the feeling that I am able to give myself diamonds as a present (for all my hard work at that job) feels great, it gives me satisfaction just only for the reason that I have bought them for myself and I can proudly wear them.

I love my house (although it could do with a touch-up here and there, have this MAJOR leak at the bathroom, making the walls wettish, and the landlord just won't do anything about that, been in the struggle, gave up). My house is so central to everywhere I'd like to go in this lovely city I live in. I love my little back garden, which is really sunny all day long that is when it shines, the sun. I love my precious cats who have been with me for years now, they always give me a nice gearting comming home from work when they are not chasing eachother in the back garden.

I love my little nowdays 'monster' car, as I had an accident/crash with a taxi-van (and is that spelled right?), when I wanted to get some very late night ciggies as I ran out of smoke. Gladly no personal injuries, just screatches and dents on my little silver city car and less of them on this da*mn taxi-van.

I more then love my hobby which is playing music for a crowd every now and then, and even get paid for it. Not that it will ever make me rich, it's for the love of it really. The times I could make a living out of it are past. I would notwant to trade my daytime job for a nightly one as a dj..

Did I mention I love the few friends I have and above all me mum..? Well now i did.

Recently I turned 35. I did not throw a big big party, but I will when the weather is good enough again to have a BBQ in my little back garden. Why would I mention my age? I discovered that somehow, maybe in my unconsciousness, I think a lot about the past 35 years and look upon them. What have I learned, did I get any wiser, should things have been or go different from how they went up to now, are things missing, did I missed out in anyway, have I made the right decisions, took the right paths? Most of them years were just great. Everybody has their up's and downs, I am sure that's only natural.

Things are just going great right now and I would not really want to change a lot within my life now. I am a happy sinlge gal. Am I really..?

Are there any dreams left..?

Oh and, I'd follow you anywhere if I only knew who you are..

Love, Peace and Soul on a Roll..!

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