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I remember being born do you?

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posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 04:34 PM
I asked my son if he remembers being in mommy's belly. He said yes. I asked him what it was like in there. He said "there were toys and stuff".

Obviously there wasn't. But he thought he did remember. He didn't.

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 05:21 PM
reply to post by Blueracer

You don't fancy explaining my post on page one do you please?

My memory goes all that way back......I never saw any toys in there

posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 09:38 AM
reply to post by chapter29
Your are a selfish person. You can not tell someone that what they remember is simply nothing but rubbish and a figment of their imagination; and you're a real cretin for insulting someone elses' cognizance when you weren't there to witness it.

posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 09:51 AM
You know, I'm kind of a batty hippy mama-I did the whole hypnobirthing natural thing and followed all the research that said she could sense in the womb-must be true-When you go to a concert they kick more. You know, it all kind of ties in with dreaming. They say they dream in the womb when REM sleep starts around 26 weeks. They say that you will dream the most in your life the first two weeks after you are born and it gradually the amount goes down from there. I tried to make her birth as peaceful as possible but let me tell you, poor baby got stuck (but thats a whole other story) Anyway, the first week anyone who has ever had a child knows they have dreams where they smile and ones where they wake up screaming-my neuroscientist buddy says that they must be dreaming about the pain they have during birth. Yes, there is no concept of words but newborns only know two feelings; stressed and sound. And apparently its just as stressful for them as it is for me. I do believe that if it is processed that much in their minds that it is indeed possible for it to remain in yours.

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 03:12 PM

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 03:27 PM
reply to post by violet

I do not remember being born, but I do remember things from as early as 6 months for sure.

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 03:45 PM
Interesting stuff.

Like some other members here I have memories of the womb.

Here's a thread I started on it. No sensible replies in it but it just goes to show how amazing our memories can be....

Memories of the Womb

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 05:06 PM
Well 1st of all, I found this thread after trying to research the subject & its interesting to see so many others who feel that they have experienced this.

Speaking of which, Im not completely clear on what I personally experienced. Hence the research...

I do have memories (or quite possibly dreams?) of being in a dark, warm place only to be suddenly & shockingly pulled out into a bright white light. (I was born via C-Section) I remember nothing before or after that - ONLY that.

I read in an earlier comment that it is not "plausible" to recall memories w/o an understanding of language at birth. Quite honestly, that is the exact reason why I feel that this actually happened to me. When I "remember" this, I dont remember thinking thoughts. That was what was so odd to & almost validates this whole thing for me.

I felt it. And could not have associated words with it until later.

I felt scared. I felt confused. I felt cold.

posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 02:33 AM
It is so nice to find people out there that can remember being born. I'm a little different I have a unusual life ahead of me. There are a few other sites where people have the courage to speak out. I was shocked by my sudden appearance in existence. My first thought was If now is now, what was then, what is next, how did this happen. What is everything. I had no form that I could see or feel. I was thinking without words every thought was ? no words just concepts. I remember looking down at what we now know as the world. It was tan then brown and ever changing. I reasoned by the nature of things going on that I would live there. I could feel a presence around me and hear a slight sound. I wasn't impressed with the world until I saw the glass buildings. I felt that if I stayed longer things would get better. Yet I was so impressed by the glass that I couldn't hold back the excitement. I want to live now! I want to live now! Suddenly the sound was loud. It was a voice and it said, "Take a stand for me." I was upset how am I suppose to remember that. I do not even know what you said. It was obvious that what made the sound was in charge, and that all these blank concept thoughts could be layered into sounds in order to communicate. I was afraid of failure. My soul was hurled to the earth, the travel time was about two seconds. I was asleep for the birthing process. I awoke to the life of an infant. Picked up kissed bounced around, the first day home, the stupid mobile above my crib, the mirror, my big brother as a toddler, My clumsy mother bumping my head on the faucet in a tiny sink. I proved this to my mother years later about that fact. I knew it was an accident. It just pissed me off when it happened again. All the dumb stuff too. diapers, baby food.. I should design baby toys. It is actually quite simple. What would you want to play with. You can't hold big toys with soft edges, It's difficult to move around. Life is very very boring. Music? Spit bubbles are not much fun.

posted on Feb, 29 2012 @ 12:33 AM
It's really wonderful know to that "I'M NOT ALONE" in this case.It's just profound me the level and interest there is in ATS, that have so much common mind with me. I wish i knew you guys personally. Just something like this topic wouldn't be found people discussing in real life. Something i always kept to my self for of my entire existence.I don't know what emotion to feel but the text with capitalization sure gives you a good bases. It's incredible i'm not alone.
Any who, here is my take. I remember i was born, basically i'm not sure it was the date i remember since i don't think i still have the historical memory footage of my first few minutes of my existence,maybe but i knew as i got older the same thoughts i was born i kept when i was 3 months to 4 months old, 1 to 4 years old and so fourth, Those memories were strong and it was particular questioning life in general, like how i existed or what was it like non-existing, As an individual, i had one moral no one taught me, it was just there. I was self taught about it.

It was me always keep remembering who you are especially when you're born, i think it had to do with reincarnation. I was aware of reincarnation some how, and i knew for the fact i had minimum chance to even remember exactly who i am, in my past life.But i felt like i lived a past life. So i was eager and determine to know but the distractions along the way like mom, family cultural ideology and all sorts distorted my views along the way, but i still some how inputted my mind to remember what i was beforehand. My mindset at the time, i felt like i was ahead my suppose age as a baby, don't me wrong i was still trying to learn my of the ropes, like walking crawling etc. But in my head i was thinking as i grew to always put in my mind remember that all this detraction and new life i needed to remember who i was or use to be.I believe when we are born we're capable to be aware that you the capacity of thought to think in all boundaries.In my hypothesis theory i believe we all have stage in which we reflect on our path lives but as our reborn. we forgett and become less aware of it as you progress and assorb new thought, new life, and the old one. the little bits remaining is perished in our deepest thoughts or worse deleted.

I'm telling you right now, as a child physiologically i was disfigured from the rest of my pears due to the very little amount of social needs. I developed my own basic language, I had two sisters of course. Those were the two i communicated with. But they didn't speak English nor the foreign language my both parents native tongue speak Somali.We both spoken in gibberish but those gibberish had some meaning. I remember when the first time i daises on the night sky i had a word for it that i for a matter of fact i know i for sure i had word for it and it stuck in my head. It had destict Somali accent to it, but it wasn't Somali, i asked my dad recently what was the Somali word night mean. And it completely off the one i remember. Trust me if it was the right word, i would've at least had a vivid memory over it.Also i remember when i was potty training. I wasn't suppose to that time. My two sisters were the ones getting potty trained with the support of my mom. I was however still wearing dipers. I was roughly about 2 years old maybe a few months old. As i was aware what my mother was doing and working with my sister. I mentally "why can't i do this" i felt i had to prove something. I didn't even wanted to show off. I attempted to keep secret until as sat on the toilet and done my first delivery of of number 1 and 2. My mom and two sisters came barging in the bathroom all celebrating. Me in my mind i was i like Oh# but physically i was chuckling. I still however never did that task ever again until i reach later on maybe 2 and 8 months old.

I think the two stories i feel had some relevance to reincarnation in away, thoughts as young as i was, building up my own basic language and taking a dump with out any potty training, really reels in to believe, i had a past life. Not saying that it proves it self but in my mind when i was doing this actions as young. i had a lot conscious or unconscious mental thoughts i don't think a baby would've done.

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