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Congress Seeks To Authorize & Legalize FEMA Camp Facilities

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posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 08:52 AM
FEMA are just planning ahead - because they have an uncanny knack of anticipating catastrophe.

In early 2001, at the start of Mr. Bush's presidency, his Government's Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fema) warned that a hurricane hitting New Orleans would be the deadliest of the three most likely catastrophes facing America; the others were a massive San Francisco earthquake and, prophetically, a terrorist attack on New York.
The Independent

Fema arrived in New York the day before 9/11.

Tom Kenny: "We arrived on late Monday night, and went into action on Tuesday morning."

Although FEMA denied it, Giuliani let the cat out of the bag when he told the 9/11 Commission: "... the reason Pier 92 was selected as a command center was because on the next day, on September 12, Pier 92 was going to have a drill, it had hundreds of people here, from FEMA, from the Federal Government, from the State, from the State Emergency Management Office, and they were getting ready for a drill for biochemical attack. So that was gonna be the place they were going to have the drill."

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posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 08:55 AM
As has been pointed out numerous times in every thread about these FEMA camps, they are stating that these are for assisting in the evacuation, treatment and processing of victims in a disaster or emergency.

So, I can safely say, as a poster of such info in other threads about it, "Told you so!".

What I would be focusing on here is the section that allows the use of these sites for anything the DoHS deems necessary. That is so vague as to be dangerous.

Also, you have to wonder, why now?

Could it be that they see what is about to happen just as many thousands of others see it? Do we think they've finally worked out that the complete collapse of the $ is inevitable, that civil uprising is also on the cards?

It is a fact that if the $ collapses completely, they will need these detention facilities to hold all the people they plan to take into custody for protesting, looting, rioting... There are not enough prison spaces for the criminals you have in civilized times, how on Earth does anyone think they'd manage in a time of civil uprising?

Mark my words, if the $ doesn't stabilize, if the unemployment figures continue to rocket, if any other states follow California, there will be massive protests, massive arrests, massive civil unrest and these FEMA camps will be quickly filled.

What is the alternative, let society implode?
Everyone is so quick to say how wrong it all is, but what is the alternative solution to millions of people running riot?

It makes sense, whether you like it or not.

posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 09:08 AM
How about 1 picture of a FEMA camp !! Oh yea they haven't been built yet so I guess that delays things a bit??? Double points if you get pictures of FEMA boxcars inside a FEMA camp. Being niether exist the world is a safer place.


posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 09:08 AM
take a look at all the fema camps in the united states

there seems to be nothing illegal concerning our government and their objectives.

posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 09:27 AM
>> Now, so far, I don't think Obama is on this path -- this is what I thought would happen while Bush was in office. It still is a scenario because the President doesn't really run things by fiat.

How would I control a population the size of the US with current resource?

In little bits.

First, you destroy jobs so that people have no work.

Then you recruit them into the military, security jobs, and generally, make new employment about supporting the infrastructure. Print up whatever money you need -- because you are trying to cause inflation anyway after you caused delation.

You need a few thousand loyalists, like Blackwater, who can't be employed any other way. The more heinous acts you can get them involved in, the more committed they will be.

Lie often. It undermines any legitimacy when the government does it. (read the 10 steps to fascism). Have crazy stories that are easily disproven, so that legitimate truths get lumped in with them. Make sure that you have some agents and provocateurs amongst your opposition. If possible -- START your opposition as I believe the Saudis did with al Qaeda.

The thing is, that you have enough support -- even more, amongst the employed, because they are more and more fearful of falling through the cracks. You don't ever tell anyone what is going on. Human nature will keep people believing the most convenient truth.

A lot of your supporters, aren't going to know what you are doing. Give some shmuck $10 bucks an hour to blog for you, and give him some official badge and blow smoke up his rear about "how he is chosen." Yeah, explains the army of BushBots quite well on the web. The good ones get to join your think tanks, that have been propagandizing people for 30 years.

Most of the pressure is going to be financial.

You can add in a few disasters to distract people if need be.

The camps are to safely hold the few people who have credibility, authority, or are community activists. 10,000 to 500,000 tops. The rumors of bad things, will keep people in line and the emergencies will justify "extreme methods" to the people who always want a strong man when the manure hits the fan.

You also want to give some sort of power to fundamentalist groups -- that you CoOp to your cause. More extremist the better. You don't want people rational.

>> Anyway, other folks have written about this more thoroughly. I recommend reading about the fascist take over of Chile. It probably closely models what could happen here.

posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 09:28 AM
Hasn't our government learned anything with GITMO & ABU GHRAIB? Detention centers and Internment camps are a PR Nightmare!

Of course what no one can explain to me is how exactly they are going to forcefully relocate people to these camps. Is it going to be one at a time? Is it going to be en masse? I mean using car carriers as people transport sounds effective, however how are you going to make someone go onto one of those cars willingly?

And how are you going to get the ARMED population onto one of those cars willingly?

posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 09:40 AM
(bold mine)

Originally posted by buttafuqua
Some of you sound like morons ...

Frankly, this fear of some unknown power illustrates how primative [sic] some of your minds work. This is the same reason why witches were burned at the stake in Salem. ...

... most of you are borderline paranoid schitzos. ... some of you wackos have selective memories.

... fringe basket cases that believe in all this crap. Not to be critical.

Wow. T&C? Civility and decorum?

Not to be critical? Lol. You just criticized probably most of the users of this ahem - conspiracy forum. I was all for your polite opinion early in the thread until you went this route.

Plus that's pretty low trying to turn what some suspect the government of doing (a "witch hunt" for dissenters, to some degree) around on the ones calling it. There is a huge difference between discussing conspiracy theories and what was done in the witch trials. Besides, I don't see anyone advocating going on any sort of witch hunt or anything similar. If anything, I mostly hear people talking about survival plans, so I don't appreciate your attempts to demonize conspiracy theorists.

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posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 09:48 AM
reply to post by RFBurns


That seems to be the most plausible alternative use -- or non-use of these things. I didn't know the military had three rows of razor wire.

I hope you are right. It's just that when Bush was in office, we had this private military, and all these provisions being made. Now, we have something trying to legitimize camps. When there are only two uses to create camps; a money boondoggle or incarceration.

For a real disaster, you'd want tents or mobile homes. You need a lot less mobile places than fixed ones -- because creating fixed camps means you waste a lot of land and housing "just in case." Because you don't know where the next disaster is.

I'm not convinced one way or the other, but no reason not to be vigilant.

posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 09:50 AM
reply to post by mikellmikell
hello mikellmikell. why don't you help us out here. you seem to want it as much as we do so just lend a hand and go snap a pic. it's good to hear from you again even though you always, i mean always say the same thing over and over and over and over and over again. here is a link; if you scroll down the page but at least read the whole page and listen to the videos. i think this is an excellent resource website.

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posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 10:22 AM

Originally posted by whatukno
And how are you going to get the ARMED population onto one of those cars willingly?

Possibly by creating new gun laws that restrict gun ownership like the in the other thread that you insist is harmless? Naturally the reason that the Founding Fathers added the "non infringement clause" to the 2nd Amendment was to prevent the government from regulating the People's last hope against TYRANNY.

By the way just so ATS members know you whole heartedly support a "FEDERAL GUN LICENSE" and the entire infrastructure that goes along with it. You do that even though gun ownership is in fact a preexisting Constitutional Right that the government and YOU seek to see become a privilege that can be DENIED.

This is how people will be put in camps since the population will be dis empowered by these UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS. You will go quietly in the night and if you have a gun the government will seize your property while you are at work. If you lost your job and home and are walking down the street with your "Grapes of Wrath" looking mess your shotgun will make you as visible as BLAZE ORANGE. You will be put in the KLINK.

The police already disarm legal gun owners. What happens when people get divided, I mean divorced (68% divorce rate) and things get a little heated? The police confiscate any weapons and now when all is said and done see if you get your property back! There is much, much more but since you have a unique way of reading BILLS the bigger picture becomes illusive to you and agent provocateurs like yourself.

posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 10:26 AM
reply to post by Alpha_Magnum

well we have G4S (mystery prison buses in arizona doing a sort of secret exerise in the desert and here is a thread about G4S' who is nothing but a well oiled/greased prison hauling mobile machine; the largest employer according the the london stock exchange.

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posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 10:37 AM
reply to post by mikellmikell' G4S' mystery prisons I just got back from a FEMA Detainment Camp fema camp? video here operation garden plot this fema camp thread if from skeptic overlord

here are just a few others you might want to consider viewing and/or reading. some of these threads contain pics of boxcars ( as well as pics of the actual camps. check out the thread from skeptic overlord, one of the site owners. you could post a comment to him personally. maybe he has some more links we both could take a look at.

posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 10:44 AM
reply to post by musselwhite

Thank you for all of those links: I found this very interesting in the link

. GENERAL Opposition forces or groups may attempt to gain knowledge of this plan and 'use that knowledge to prevent or degrade the effectiveness of the actions outlined in this plan. In order to protect operations undertaken to accomplish the mission, it is necessary to control sources of information that can be exploited by those opposition forces or groups.

OPSEC is the effort to protect operations by identifying and controlling intelligence indicators susceptible to exploitation. The objective of OPSEC, in the execution of this plan, is to assure the security of operations, mission effectiveness, and increase the probability of mission success.


The denial of information to an enemy is inherently a command responsibility. However, since the operations Officer at any level of command is responsible to his commander for the Overall planning and execution of operations, he has the principal staff interest in assuring maximum protection of the operation and must assume primary responsibility instibility for ensuring that the efforts of all other staff elements are coordinated toward this
end. However, every other individual associated with, or aware of, the operation must assist in safeguarding the security of the operation.

This next part goes hand in hand, with the info of our military being on the streets, but not just that...with eyewitnesses saying they have seen "foreigners" at the FEMA camp sites.

2 TAB A APPENDIX 1 TO ANNEX S USAF CIVIL DISTURBANCE PLAN 55-2 EXHIBIT POR:SGH, JCS Pub 6, Vol 5, AFR 160-5 hereby provides for America's military and the National Guard State Partnership Program to join with United Nations personal in said operations. This links selected U.S. National Guard units with the Defense Ministries of "Partnership For Peace." This was done in an effort to provide military support to civil authorities in response to civil emergencies.

posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 10:45 AM
reply to post by Alpha_Magnum

your cute, can I keep you as a pet?

Remember, legall gun ownership is still a right, your other thread as I have obviously failed to inform you does not take anyone's gun away, and has nothing to do with this thread.

Anywho back to the topic of THIS thread, FEMA Internment camps...

The second they start rounding people up en masse is the day your going to see full scale rioting in the streets. The first time one picture of people being moved in car carriers is the day the revolt will take place.

They could use a terrorist action or some natural disaster to start rounding up dissenters but it won't go far as people know people and when people start turning up missing. People are going to ask questions, when those answers fail to provide a reasonable or adiquate response the revolution will start.

State law enforcement won't go against the citizenry, remember these are people with jobs, people that have to go home and face their family every night, people who got into the job to begin with for a reason, a moral and ethical reason. These aren't mindless robots or goons. They have free will and I doubt seriously that many would blindly obey orders to round up people en masse.

posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 10:47 AM
Does anyone else find this sounds alot like a movie. I personally find it sounds alot like they are preparing for a disaster that they already know is coming. (Comet, Contact, Large volcano) Something that can be reasonably predicted. Not necessarily martial law for no reason but maybe something they are withholding from the public. I have also questioned the current financial state of the union as being similar to that in the movie deep impact. Maybe all of this "bailout" and un accounted for money is being dumped into an area of technology that they do not want to release publicly. And when they cant conceal the real purpose for the money any longer they will go public. Just a thought.

posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 10:49 AM

Mystery Prison Buses in the Desert

...The new Wackenhut operation is shrouded in mystery. It has been running its fleet of empty prison buses night and day, apparently logging miles on a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) contract. Multiple buses can be seen driving all over town and even on remote desert back roads. Oddly, except for the driver and one escort guard seated in front, these buses are always empty...

...For decades, Florence [Arizona] has been the home of two of the largest county and federal prisons in the state; and in 2007, a vast new DHS prison was built there as well. Like the Wackenhut buses, this shiny new facility, which literally disappears into the horizon, has gone unannounced and unnoticed by the general public...

...Al Martin, a retired naval intelligence officer and former contributor to the Presidential Council of Economic Advisors, has linked the remilitarization of FEMA to the civil unrest anticipated along with economic collapse. He wrote in a November 2005 newsletter called “Behind the Scenes in the Beltway”:

“FEMA is being upgraded as a federal agency, and upon passage of PATRIOT Act III, which contains the amendment to overturn posse comitatus, FEMA will be re-militarized, which will give the agency military police powers. . . . Why is all of this being done? Why is the regime moving to a militarized police state and to a dictatorship? It is because of what Comptroller General David Walker said, that after 2009, the ability of the United States to continue to service its debt becomes questionable. Although the average citizen may not understand what that means, when the United States can no longer service its debt it collapses as an economic entity. We would be an economically collapsed state. The only way government can function and can maintain control in an economically collapsed state is through a military dictatorship.”

It's my understanding that Arizona has a pitiful public transportation system, which might explain this. Other areas might use their existing infrastructure.

musselwhite, you beat me to the link, I missed yours in my last scroll through. Still think it's useful for Peoples to see some of the words.

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posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 10:56 AM
reply to post by questioningall
and let's not forget the Security Prosperity and Partnership Agreement signed by bush jr in january 08

SPP Background
The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) was launched in March of 2005 as a trilateral effort to increase security and enhance prosperity among the United States, Canada and Mexico through greater cooperation and information sharing.

This trilateral initiative is premised on our security and our economic prosperity being mutually reinforcing. The SPP recognizes that our three great nations are bound by a shared belief in freedom, economic opportunity, and strong democratic institutions.

The SPP provides the framework to ensure that North America is the safest and best place to live and do business. It includes ambitious security and prosperity programs to keep our borders closed to terrorism yet open to trade.

The SPP builds upon, but is separate from, our long-standing trade and economic relationships. It energizes other aspects of our cooperative relations, such as the protection of our environment, our food supply, and our public health.

i feel there is a great global movement to end the united states and bring into captivity its citizens.

you know the old saying....................plan, prepare and position? well, i think everything is in position and preparing to strike. what do you think?

posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 10:56 AM
Showing me the same links to nowhere don't help your cause. all the reported camps in Mi I have visited and took no pictures because there's nothing there. Camp Grayling has a fenced in area but there's already pics on the net. The bay City is a youth detention facility the old KI Sawyer AFB is a industrial park and I live in Berrin county and have driven every road and well you get the point. Kind of like the coffins all talk and no pictures.


posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 11:01 AM

Originally posted by dizziedame
Thank you FEMA for getting off your behinds and making a future home for those that loose their homes in natural or man made emergencies.

I saw what you didn't do in New Orleans. I saw the dead, the injured and the people fighting to survive.

You used my tax money to put families up in very nice hotels and you bought mobile homes that were toxic to the people you put in them.

Surely you should have known to be prepared for disaster after many, many years of watching the citizens of Florida prepare and clean up after hurricanes. you have cost more that you were worth in the past.

Exactly to the point! Where does tax payer money really go to? To buy more air-craft carriers, to buy more stealth b-2 bombers or perhaps to build more underground bases?

Call me crazy or whatever else you like but it seems tax payers are getting ripped off BIG TIME! The new orleans disaster proved fema was not up to the task despite their huge budget. So if they don't use their appropriations FOR THE PEOPLE then they must be using it AGAINST THE PEOPLE and hence all this paranoid secrecy they enjoy maintaining. I am sorry but I think people have a right to be pissed off and demand answers since after all THEY ARE AMERICAN CITIZENS!

Originally posted by dizziedame
FEMA do you have a job for me. I require no payment. I will be more than happy to help relocate the hungry, displaced. sick and disabled to a place where you can take care of them.

I would be even happier to help you relocate the thugs, thieves, rapist and severely mentally deranged to a place where they cannot hurt, kill or steal from those of us that have prepared and can and will take care of our own.

One request FEMA, do you think you might be able to arrange bus tours to the parts of cities where the police won't even go now? I've been there but it seems many folks have never seen blood and brains on the sidewalk all because someone wanted a pair of shoes or cigarettes out of a strangers pocket.

I am currently a Red Cross and FEMA volunteer. Check it out for yourself. You just may learn something.

I think the real reason for this NEW MASSIVE PRISON SYSTEM is not to detain criminals but rather a means for the criminals to protect themselves from THEIR OWN POPULACE who they have defrauded for decades, if not centuries.

Wake up people and fight the military industrial complex in america. This is the hidden enemy, not the politicians themselves who are really nothing more than glorified puppets in this well hidden fascist scheme. It is the people who brought down tyranny in many countries throughout the world including france, russia and china.

posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 11:07 AM
reply to post by musselwhite

WOW, I just read the thread: :I just got back from a Katrina FEMA camp".

I am speechless, and am appalled at how the people were treated. It is very interesting to me, considering I ran a Red Cross shelter the day after Katrina - down in Mississippi.

The Red Cross is not allowed to take in clothing, but I damn well got around that, by having a "church person" accept the clothing. We then set up a room in the church, that the members of the church would go through the clothing and stack them by size etc.

Though there are rules and regulations to things you can do and not do, we got around those rules, by having a none Red Cross person do something, we were not allowed to do - always in the vain - that if it helped the people, it was going to get done.

I am literally shocked at how the "FEMA" staff reacted to the people going there - they obviously didn't care a hoot - about making people comfortable and what was in their best interest!

Imagine - that was suppose to be a "humane" effort and event for Katrina question............ what will it be like for a "none humane" event?

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