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I see dead people, ok not really, apperantly they see me

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posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 12:47 PM
I, evidently, am a magnet for ghosts. I dont believe myself to be a medium, clairvoyant or channeler or anything like that, but I have been having paranormal experiences for most of my life.

Its been going on since I was a teen, and on many occasions there have been witnesses to some of the odd goings on.

As a child I never had any imaginary friends or anything like that, but after my brother was born, when I was 16, wierd stuff started to happen.
At first it was the sound of footsteps in the hallway, my parents thought it was me, I thought it was them, after my brother started to walk we both thought it was him, but there was never anyone in the hall.
Several times while sitting for my bro, I thought I heard him coming down the hall from his room, only to find him asleep in his crib.
Once when he was just old enough to talk, he woke from his nap and started screaming and crying and came running to the front room, crying that there was a "scary man" in his closet.
I assured him that there wasnt and went to his room to show him, calmed him down and forgot about it.
Through out my teens it was mostly just odd noises in the house and nothing more.
After I moved out on my own thing kept happening. Shortly after moving in with some friends, my roomy called me at work and she was hysterical.
She said that I needed to come home right away. I figured that we got broke into or one of the dogs was sick or some thing so I ran home to find her sitting on the porch crying.
when I asked her what was wrong, she looked at me and said there's change on the floor.

I appologized for leaving so much change around, and she said "you dont understand, theres change on the floor"

I started to get a little peeved, but she filled me in.
She had gotten home from work and was vacuuming the front room, she picked up some change from the sofa and floor, put it in a dish we kept for such things, and went to another room. When she came back there was more change on the floor, so she picked it up and put it in the dish, didnt think nothing of it.
Then she went to clean the kitchen and when she came back into the front room and there was more change on the floor, so she picked it up and put it in the dish. She went to the bathroom, came back and there was MORE CHANGE on the floor, at that point she freaked and called me.
I thought she was just freaking out at the time and blew it off.
A few months later a bunch of us were hanging out, drinking beer and we all went into the kitchen at the same time to get a fresh beverage.
Just as we entered the kitchen, one of the cupboards opened up and a bunch of tupperware flew out of the cupboard and halfway across the kitchen. 6 of us witnessed this event and it is still the first thing we talk about when we see each other in a group, 25 years later.
Funny thing is that the 4 of us living in the house were all very different people, but we all had the hardest time keeping track of small stuff, ie keys glasses and wallets.
You could put something down on the coffe table and come back 5 inutes later to find it missing, then find it in some impossibly unlikely location.
So Renne, the responsible one, got a small wicker basket and a small dish for us to put our things in, in order to keep better track of them.
But still, you could put your keys in the basket only to find them missing and turn up in a kitchen drawer.
Around the same time, I was over at a friends house, and went to the upstairs bath to relieve myself, when I saw the the medicine cabinet open all by itself. Not only did it open the latch turned the whole 180 degrees it required to open as i watched in amazment.

When I came back down stairs, the event was appearantly etched into my expression, because my buddy said right off, "what did you see".
"Did you see her?"
"See Who?"
" The little girl in the back yard"
" No just the medicine cabinet openning all by itself"

posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 01:14 PM

I thought I was a bit of a magnet at one point in my teens (I'm 25 now), same as you, footsteps, premonitions, losing things after setting things down, to even hearing hoof noises coming from my roof - think that freaked me out the most, lol!

But, after that things seemed to die down (no pun intended) until the past 6 or 7 months now. One of our touch lights in the living room seems to dim itself or go brighter - however that could just be an electrical fault. And my TV in my room is going through a phase of turning itself on standby. And only 2 days ago my MP4 was on charge on the docking station, however, when that goes on standby, the screen turns itself off. Me not sitting anywhere near it, I see out of the corner of my eye, it 'turns' the screen back on (in order to do that you need to press a button or the touch screen).

At the moment I'm just putting it all down to electrical faults, but who knows. Even catch myself talking out loud in case it is a ghosty telling them the F off
I think it's not working though because it happens more so when I do.

Meh, who knows!

I'd love for a door or something to open by itself!

posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 01:19 PM
He then told me that, on occasion you could see a little girl standing in the backyard, from the bath room window. A little girl that wasnt there.
He was one of the witnesses to the flying tupperware by the way.
Go forward a couple of years, Im living in a differnt house and hanging out with a girlfriend. It was a very quiet fall afternoon and we were sitting and talking, when you could hear the very old squeakey faucet in the bathroom turn on.
It turned a good 4-6 turns to get to full on all by itself.
Other things might have happened, but that house was a party house with lots of people coming and going all hours so it would have been hard to tell.
Except that one roommate we had was so convinced the the rest of us were going through and taking his stuff that he put a pad lock on his room.
After he moved out we found some of his things buried in the back yard and hidden in the garage. ?????
Many years went by with nothing happening other than me waking up in the middle of the night, KNOWING that there was somebody in the house.
Or thinking that I saw somebody, in a crowd or out of the corner of my eye, that had recently died, like my grandfather, great grandmother or one of my best friends.
Then about 4 years ago, after moving my business to a new location things started to get really wierd.
At first I blew off the shadows as birds flying over the skylights, till i realized that the shadows were there at night, certainly no birds casting shadows in the dark.
things would dissapear, you could set something down turn away for a second, turn back and it would be gone, only to turn up in a highly unlikely place.
The doors on the office would open and close by themselves, you would see shadows moving around at all hrs. My employees even saw such things.
Then about 2 years ago I saw my first apperition, I was working late alone, and I saw someone move through the office, but there was no way there was anyone there. A couple of weeks later I saw a face look out at me from the office, while the office was locked up.
You could hear pieces of metal moving around in an empty shop.
About 4 months ago I saw someone standing in the office, in '70's clothes and hairstyle, only to vanish when I did a double take as I passed by the office.
I rented floor space to some business associates, while there building was being completed, and something happend to one of them. He wont tell me what, but after that he wouldnt go in the building unless he had to.
Nothing much happend at home during this time except the occasional waking up with the "theres some one in the house" feeling.
At times my dog would bark with the , "theres some one in the house" bark but I just blew it off as some one passing by, the house had lots of glass(80%) and I figure she could see someone out side.
Well I moved my business and moved into a new house this past couple of months.
Even on the very last day in the old shop you could see the shadows moving around the empty space. And I was relieved that I was getting out of there, but it has started at the new shop, lights being on in the morning, when you know you turned them off, things not being where you left them and such.

posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 01:38 PM
Once while on a motorcycle ride, my buddy and I stopped by a creek that has a very long history of habitation, native americans had been living there for thousands of years , and took a couple of random pictures, and there were several distinct orbs in those shots.
But in shots taken in other locations on the same ride no orbs, dust maybe, maybe not.
Then last week was the kicker, I was at home playing halo, when the dog jumped up from being asleep and started barking like she does when someone new is in the house, except that she was looking at empty space.
I told her to be quiet, she looked at me and kept barking at the same spot, then she kind of followed it for a few feet as though she was following someone and she stopped.
Sometime later while the dog and the cats were all in sight, 2 human form shadows moved across the wall behind the TV. This time it wasnt out of the corner of my eye or just a passing glance, I was looking straight at it when they appeared to when they vanished a few seconds later.
Then last tuesday night, I was using a new digital kitchen timer for the first time.I set the timer, each time you pressed a button it would beep, and turned away. A minute or two later I heard the timer beeping as though it was being set, I thought to myself ,"cheap ass chinese junk already failed". But as I turned to look at it I could see the buttons being depressed as it beeped, someone was pushing the buttons.

Is there anyone else with similar experiances?

I would like to hear.

posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 02:01 PM
man ... really.. I have the solution ... if all this # is true ....

you will go, and buy some cameras and put in all your home, or whatever this things are happenning ... I doutb it will happen again ... looks like ghost or whatever this # are doesnt want to be recorded ... so ..

really, you dont need anything else ... put cameras everywhere ...

posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 02:14 PM
OP great post and story. I myself have not had any type of experiences like this but both my mother and father have lived in haunted houses and my father for instance in college lived with roomates and also had a group sighting with them. Since I've been alive (26 years) ther hasn't been anything supernatural for them. However, your situation is definitely a gift, good or bad has yet to be determined.

All that I can say to you is, see if you see another aparition and if it's the same 70's dude. It honestly sounds like it may be the same entity following you around as opposed to multiple entities at each different location. I have heard that spirits can attach themselves to items, could it be possible you are bringing something to each home you live in that could have a spirit attached to it?

Very interesting none the less, Please keep us updated on any new events!

Call T.A.P.S. I think they come out for free and will investigate.

posted on Feb, 2 2009 @ 11:57 AM
reply to post by porschedrifter

Funny thing is T.A.P.S. was here in town a couple of months ago, the episode had some startling EVP's. They were so clear as to make me think that somone was pulling a fast one on them.

Its a shame they didnt make it to the real haunted houses in town, there a couple of doozies.

posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 03:20 PM
something new happened last night

I was kickin it watching the tele last night, when I felt a touch on my shoulder and saw a dark figure in the corner of my eye.

I thought it was the dog, as I was sitting on the floor and she'll do that, put her paw on me when she wants out.
I ignored it as I was resally intowhat was on tv, a couple of seconds later the same thing a touch on the back of my shoulder and the sense that she was behind me, so I got up and turned around to see my dog sound asleep on the couch.

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 07:07 PM
More to the story

Almost three years ago my life was torn assunder when my wife of 18 yrs left me for a crack smoking, meth using former friend, whom Ill call f#$k face.
The rage almost consummed and my life hasnt been the same.
It took more than two years to get over the anger and rage and get back on with my life. I moved to a different part of the city and stopped doing the things I used to do to avoid running into them.
I almost felt I was back on track, until a couple of thursdays ago, while I was getting my mail at the post office, there he appeared right ut side the door.
I had worked very hard at letting go of the anger and rage and now it suddenly boiled to the surface, with my antagonist right outside.
I stalled inside hoping he would leave so I wouldnt have to confront him, becasue at that point I would have killed him right there and then, but Im not a violent person by nature and spending the rest of my life in jail for for that piece of crap was not an option, so I gathered my composure put on my motorcycle helmet on and went out the door.
My hope was that I could get by him without him recognizing me, because I knew he would start something, because he was prone to violence.
We came face to face, I dont know how we didnt bump into each other, we were so close.
But I got by and got on my motorcycle and went home to tell my roommate about what happened.
we talked about it while I gained my composure and let go of the anger, we both hoped he hadnt moved to the neighborhood, because that would have sucked, she knew him as well and had bad dealings with him too.
When i awoke on fri morn. my roommate joked that i was "creepy" because she had gotten up late to get some water and make a trip to the loo, and had heard whispering coming from my room.
I told her I was awake at the time and though that it was her talking to her cat. We blew it off.

Friday night I went to bed early, while my roomate stayed up and read in her room.
About 1:30am I awoke to my bed moving, and thought that it was one of the cats jumping onto or off of my bed. I then heard footsteps leaving the bathroom and go past my roommates room and out the back door, I figured it was my roomy and went back to sleep.
When I got up in the morning my roomate joked again that i was "creepy" because I was up walking around late. She told me she was reading and felt one of the cats jump on her bed but there werent any there, and whe she looked she saw a figure move past her door in the darkness, and go out the back door, she even heard the footsteps coming from my room. I told her it wasnt me and that I too heard the footsteps. At first we though thought that someone had broken in, but my very good watch dog didnt bark nor did the motion activated lights go on in the back yard. So we agreed that that was "CREEPY".
On monday morning freind of mine "b" called and woke me up to tell me that
f#$k face had died. WOW, I just saw him on thurs, I told her and we agreed that it was a wierd coincidence.
Later that evening I was having dinner with "b" and her boyfriend and mentioned that I had seen f#$k face on thurs.
He said that was impossible

f#$k face HAD DIED THE PREVIOUS weekend

and they didnt find his body till friday afternoon, the day after I came face to face with him, and he had been dead all week.

Im still stunned

My friend "b" who is very spiritual, says that my anger and hatred might be serving to keep him here till I forgive him.And that until I do hell be stuck in the inbetween world.

Well that isnt going to happen, because what he did is unforgivable.
payback is a bitch and eternity is a real long time

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posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 03:23 PM
Thought id dig up this old thread of mine, because there are some new developments.

Its been quite on the paranormal scene for quite some time, until a few weeks ago.
Im still living in the same old house built around 1920-25, that some of the previously described incidents happened in.
A few weeks ago, I woke up around 3:30am for some reason, and was lying there for several minutes, when the door to the bathroom closed very distinctly.
That door is always open flat against the wall, so it had to move 180 degrees to close, at the same time my dog, who was asleep at the foot of my bed, awoke and started growling at the door that had just closed.
She growled for a couple of minutes then laid back down watching the door. I got up and opened the door then went back to bed and my dog jumped in the bed and laid down across my legs watching the doorway.
A few days later I was watching a movie, and from where i was sitting could see out of the front window acroos the porch and street to the neighbors house. Since it was unseasonably warm I also had my front door open whith the screen closed.
From that position I can see anyone walking down the side walk on either side of the street through the screen door.
I saw a human shaped shadow move across the window but there was no one outside at all.
As the form moved past the window it dimmed out the porch light from the neighbors porch.
Then 2 nites ago around 3:30, I again awoke to find my dog intently watching the doorway to the bathroom ever so quietly growling, then on the wall that the head of my bead sits against which also backs onto the bathroom, there was a very distinct KNOCK, KNOCK , KNOCK behind my head.
I could feel it through the wall there were definately three knocks. At the same time my dog jumped up and rushed the and rushed the doorway and started barking as if there was someone there. She kept up the barking for several minute before I could calm her down. When I finally did she jumped in the bed and laid down keeping here eyes on the door way the whole time, when I got up around 7 she was still watching the doorway and did so until I got out of the shower.
Then yesterday, when I got home I found the garage door and its security door open, both have locks and dead bolts and i locked them both before going to bed the night before.

I am definately a ghost magnet for somereason.

posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 04:12 AM
I read the entire thing and it seems that you are a ghost magnet lol.. Joke aside.

It seems some of the things you've been experiencing, I've been experiencing too.. I'm 18 now, from Denmark and living in Slovakia for the time being.. One thing that really made an impression on me, is the way that you deal with these events..

Sunday was the first time the entity that has been around be since I was 7, physically reached out to me and it took some of my hair on the left side of my head and lifted it, only to slowly put it down and pat me from the left side of the head, just above the ear, down to my neck...

I can see you've had large experiences with this and.. How do you deal with it? I've been dealing with mine as good as I can, but sometimes I'm just caught off guard and it makes me very uncomfortable.

I too would think that the "# face" wants you to forgive him, because otherwise he'll not be able to pass on.. There's just so much in this thread and I honestly can relate to some of it, but your encounters are a lot more intense than mine.. Still, how is it at this current date?

Be well.. :-)

posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 02:38 PM
reply to post by grapeian

Hi ,
thank you for reading the thread.
The physical touching is a very uncomfortable experience, but i I've found that once you know what is going on its easy to deal with, they cant hurt you unless you let them get to you, then its more psycological than anything.
A couple of years ago a friend of mine, who is way more spiritual than me, suggested I just tell then to go away, and it seems to work.
What has started to creep me out are the ones that knock or ring the doorbell, as though they are asking permission to come in.
I will say something like," No you cant come in , now go away".
And it seems to work, there will be sometime before something happens again.
Whats wierd is that, my spiritual friend was showing me some pictures of her dog taken when they were on an outing in the mountains.
In several of the pictures there were very distinct orbs, with floating dust as well, so there was a good comparison of the two.
I asked where she had taken the pictures, and it was the exact same spot that i had taken pictures of with orbs.

In your case since you now know what is going on, dont be afraid, just tell them to leave you alone.

posted on Mar, 13 2011 @ 03:56 AM
reply to post by punkinworks10

Okay, I'll try to tell them to leave me alone.. They touched me again yesterday and started touching some plants I got behind my couches.. So yeah, next time they decide to pop by, I'll tell them they're not welcome. :-)

Yeah I could imagine, I've experienced them scratching the wall, a sound from inside my wall, as if someone was crumbling a piece of paper.. The list goes on and on, as you would know.. :-)


posted on Mar, 13 2011 @ 04:37 AM
reply to post by punkinworks09

Good thread!

Others with similar experiences?

Have you ever perused the Coast to Coast AM show archives? There are people experiencing things like this all over the planet continuously every day.

But what causes this?

You've already figured out that these "intruders" are some sort of sentient beings.

And I agree. That rules out the old psych theory that it's all in your head.

You will find about 4 main camps that prefer to interpret most such experiences in certain ways.
There are some who believe all these ideas might be valid:

1) Angels and demons. A lot of people interpret these experiences this way. Some Christian groups believe in guardian angels as well as demons, as do some spiritualists. Some ET channelers use similar terminology.

2) Ghosts. This is the classic paranormal term for people who have died but refuse to leave and pick up a new body or go to the "other side." Ghosts are usually extremely upset about the events surrounding their death. People have been experiencing encounters with such beings for a long time. There are so many researchers who believe this happens that it might as well be scientific fact.

3) ETs. Anyone who believes in ETs (me included) believes that they have paranormal abilities. These usually include:

  • The ability to move around and do things without a solid body.
  • The ability to appear to be solid or semi-solid in a variety of forms.
  • The ability to communicate telepathically or to make you hear a "voice in your head."
  • The ability to use energy beams and similar contrivances.

The problem is: humans are also capable of training themselves to do these things.

4) Psychic humans or psychotronic weapons. Often thought to be operatives for the Illuminati or similar groups, these people are thought to use psychic abilities combined with strange electronic technologies to do bad things to people.

In the lives of some people, these experiences loom very large. The most successful approach seems a matter-of-fact interest. If these experiences are upsetting or frightening, then you should find someone to help you with them.
Don't go to a psychiatrist or psychologist unless they are open to the idea that these things are normal. Most psychs don't know what they're doing and just want to sell you pills.

posted on Mar, 13 2011 @ 10:28 AM
reply to post by l_e_cox

Good read.

I still live with my parents (I wrote a reply a bit further up) and am moving out when summer comes around. They've been talking about getting someone to come and tell it to leave, a so called specalist.

My initial reaction was no. I have the feeling it will either provoke it even further or make it feel more welcome in my life. As I'm the one experiencing all these things, I feel I got the final say about what's done and not done.

I'll try what OP suggested next time I experience something out of the ordinary.

posted on Mar, 13 2011 @ 04:18 PM
reply to post by Faiol

If you do attract these lifeforms you should be able to photograph them. Do not expect any accolades on your ingenuity or your discovery of other intelligent entities.

You might want to keep the knowledge to yourself or to those members you trust. u2u works best and you can share without harrassment.

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