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Part II: UFOs are IFOs: Interrogating Government Officials

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posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 11:36 AM
UFO: Unidentified Flying Object
IFO: Identifiable Flying Object

Originally posted by MichJJC
In the many years since our modern US Government has been running things, they never once lied about the knowledge of Unidentified Flying Objects. The reason I would say such a horrible thing is that the US Government is playing on semantics. That is to say, they are telling the truth when they say they have no knowledge of UFOs because in the government's eyes, these flying machines are, in fact, IFOs. In a round-about-way the government has whole-heartedly admitted the presence of extraterrestrial designed and controlled Identifiable Flying Objects. That's right. The government knows who, what and where they are from. By denying certain truths they have admitted to other truths. This, coupled with other evidence and a dump-load of circumstantial evidence, paints for me a very clear picture.

If we can convict and incarcerate criminals for the majority of their lives all based on circumstantial evidence, less than we have here, then we can hang our government with the same.

I've thought of the time-travel-concept as a possible reasoning for UFOs/IFOs in our space-time but there are a number of variables which must be, to make it happen.

Think of things from their point-of-view. If you went back in time to change something, on purpose or by accident, you would change the course of your own existence. Expensive way to commit suicide, unless you are merely creating an alternate string of time then you aren't changing your own future but creating another dimension's future. There really is only one possible way the time travel idea could work in the quantum scheme of things. They would have traveled back to a point where all evidence of their existence would be nulled if found today. If they traveled back to the time of the dinosaur and created a colony but then traveled to the future to make any changes to the time-line, thus insuring their own safety then they could cause the end of man and we would never know it. That wouldn't be their goal though. It would be too easy. Their goal would be to correct the many mistakes as they happen and trouble shoot new mistakes as they appear. Their goal would be the same as any other life form on the planet, to survive.

This and other theories are merely speculation as we haven't any proof. What we do have are the many thousands of sightings going back for tens of thousands of years. From cave drawings of the Cro-Magnon to carvings the Aztecs made of aliens in cockpits and the countless photos of the modern era, eyewitness accounts of these visitors have proven one thing for certain; we are not alone.

My point is to change the way we all think and to, perhaps, change how we ask our questions when we have government officials on the spot.

With this change in mind how might we ask an official if UFO/IFOs are here?

Which questions would we ask?

Remember... in a press setting you may only get one question to ask, so make it a doozy.

Be specific so we can help each other tweak our questions. Let's leave no avenue of escaping the truth when they seek to answer our questions. If they will tell the truth then let us hear it or hear, no comment. No comment is also an omission of the truth and confirmation to the world that there is a cover-up of what we think they are covering up.

A team effort could change the world of IFO research.

[edit on 27-1-2009 by MichJJC]

posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 11:46 AM
Great post.

Also who’s to say that they are from a distant system/planet millions or billions of light years away but also from another dimension would that also be an Alien form of life to our own?

I feel if they do exist then we have to consider Aliens from distant location from other dimensions and also time travelers from our own future.

And if that is the case then that would explain why there are so many different types and why they act in different manners.

I agree about the UFO/IFO definitions = plausible deniability.

posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 12:33 PM
reply to post by SLAYER69

Thanks Slayer. That means allot to me that you approve of the post. Many disagree with me but I think there are a number of clues in holy books as well. For instance: God made us in his own image. Who is it to say God isn't an alien race which genetically engineered the human race from their own DNA and spliced it with the primates of the very young Earth? Perhaps Atlantis was a colony of scientist to do just that? Mt. Olympus could have been a space station in orbit and the stories we heard of their sexual promiscuity were really hybrid experiments. Hercules was half alien and that god that flew on winged feet was really a space ship. Who knows?

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