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(YYSLSC) Eradicator of Worlds

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posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 09:10 AM
With the morning there came no light. Residents of The City woke to find the sun eclipsed; a massive, metallic sphere floating in its place. No one knew where it had come from or what it was. The military, rather the remnants of what once was an armed force, sent out broadcasts on every frequency trying to communicate with whatever controlled the object. They received no response on any channel so the decision was made to take an offensive. As preparations were being made to charge the Energy Pulse Cannon the UFO broadcast a message to every human being left on the planet, not by any radio channel or transmitting frequency. This message was broadcast telepathically:

“Creatures of planet 348766, you may call me Jargon. I hail from a place beyond comprehension, the centre of your galaxy. Your planet contains the only known species in the multiverse with the capacity to reproduce with my kind. That species is the human race. I have come to take you from the planet you call Earth and to relocate you to my home planet. This is not a request. Use of force is futile. I will be descending to the surface of your planet shortly to commence the boarding procedure.”

Within the hour the protective field enclosing The City was being dismantled by a beam projected from Jargon’s ship. Screams of terror and panic overwhelmed all other sound. A second beam, this one much smaller than the first, emerged from the ship. Within it could be seen a monster. As the alien creature was slowly being lowered to the planet’s surface the explosive roar of firearms filled the air. The military had mobilized a last ditch effort to defend mankind. Unfortunately Jargon’s words were spoken honestly, use of force was futile. The bullets collided with an invisible wall, stopping them dead; laser rifle charges and EPC blasts were simply absorbed.

Marilyn Sabuta watched the horrors unfolding through her living room window of the 11th floor apartment she lived in with her husband Devin and their 3 year old son Zackary. Marilyn struggled to keep her legs from collapsing beneath her; comprehension of the situation eluded her. What had been in her mind? The “voice” had resonated inside her with a sense of familiarity. What was that thing and where had it come from? As her mind spun webs of questions she kept staring out the window, hoping to see Devin and Zack come running up the walk to the apartment complex. Where were they? Were they all right? Marilyn could not handle not knowing what was going on; she had to get out there and see if she could find out what was going on. She had to find Devin.

The streets of The City were packed with humans, running in all directions, hoping to escape capture. It was pitiful. Did these creatures not listen? Jargon usually was not this lax in his raid, had this been any other planet he would have simply disintegrated the entire world. These beasts were very fortunate he had a use for them, though they may not see it that way. It was time to get to business. He began to put those within sight into an unconscious state, placing all of these miserable creatures into mental slumber. Jargon would return to load them once he was sure none of the vermin were still scurrying around.

Marilyn picked her way carefully through the throngs of people, being pushed and shoved from all directions. She had seen several bodies trampled on the ground and did not wish to share their fate. She slowly made her way towards the market, scanning faces constantly. As she emerged into the market square she stopped so fast she was nearly knocked over by the crowd behind her. She had entered the square at the exact moment as the alien. Others were noticing its approach and began pushing back the way they had just come. As Marilyn watched, frozen in shock, she noticed that everyone who came under the gaze of the alien simply fell to the ground. Nothing was moving in the path behind the creature. Suddenly she felt a chill run through her body, it felt as though something was attempting to shut down her muscles. She could feel herself becoming limp and cold. With startling speed the feeling left her body. She raised her eyes and met with the gaze of the Jargon creature.

It couldn’t be. Here? He knew instantly he had found her again. After a lifetime of searching for her it couldn’t be this easy. Yet here she was. How did he not feel her when he entered this universe? It had been so long without her perhaps he had forgotten what love felt like. It didn’t matter now. She was standing right in front of him. Jargon could do nothing but stare in wonder at her. At Zalu.

Marilyn was not prepared for the onslaught of emotion that came crashing down on her. Loneliness, emptiness, despair, angst, frustration, fear, familiarity, and what she could only describe as… love? It was very similar to the wondrous feeling she got when Devin held her, the only thing she had ever known to be love. How could she feel love or any sort of attraction towards this being? None of it made sense. She heard the familiar “voice” inside her head again.

“Zalu? I cannot believe it is you. I have spent millennia trying to locate you again. I have missed you so very much but now we are together again. Come with me my princess, come with me and we shall return home.”

Memories flooded into Marilyn’s brain; torrents of recollections of a past life. She saw a creature that closely resembled the one standing in front of her. She subconsciously knew it was an image of her former self. Zalu. That was her name.

(Continued in next post)

posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 09:13 AM
“Zalu my love do you not recognize me? I guess your rebirth has left your memory with holes. Allow me to attempt to fill the gaps. I am Jargon, you are Zalu. We have spent many lifetimes together. We are what you know as soul mates. When the Martiory Empire attacked our planet many years ago they killed all the females of our species to prevent us from reproducing. We have since struggled to find a way to keep our species from extinction. We recently discovered that the females of the human race possess a uterus very similar to that of our own people and that is why I am here. It is not by luck that I have found you, our fates share one strand. Come with me Zalu and together we will bring back the glory of the Death Cult.”

Marilyn couldn’t breathe. This had to be a dream. It wasn’t though, she knew the words were true; every one of them. She knew she was meant to be with Jargon but how could she possibly leave her husband and child here on Earth? Not only that but how could she possible mate with this hideous monster in front of her, the very thought of it made her want to vomit. The worst part for Marilyn was remembering her days as an Eradicator. She did not want to go back to that way of life; she did not want to be the cause of any more death and suffering.

“Jargon I remember now. I remember it all. My soul has missed your love but I cannot depart with you. Together we have taken many lives. We have destroyed anything we did not enjoy. We have had many happy lives together; however, the time is not right for us to be together now. I would rather die again than take another life.”

Marilyn did not know how she had projected her message nor where the words had come from but she knew Jargon had heard her. She saw his eyes flutter in disbelief. He clutched his head and let out a roar so ferocious the ground shook. Marilyn fell to the ground, her vision went black.

She awoke not knowing what had happened. She tried opening her eyes only to realize she could not. All she could see was a bright white light all around her. Where was she? Where were Devin and Zack? Where was Jargon? Was she alive? Was she blind? The all too familiar voice spoke to her.

“You were blind, you will be able to see clearly now. Your human form is no longer alive but you are not dead. Planet 348766 no longer exists. Let’s go my love, it is time we choose a new form.”

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 11:17 PM
Can you please continue? I want her to fight for her son and husband on earth, and what of the hostages on board? Will she find compassion and help them to return to earth and take her soulmates life in the process?

[edit on 29-1-2009 by antar]

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 07:21 PM
She cannot fight for her husband and son. The planet was destroyed. There are no more hostages. The planet was destroyed.

I've thought of some alternative endings, I felt this one raised the most questions though.

Thanks for reading

[edit on 31/1/2009 by Scurvy]

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