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The reality behind the Israeli-Palestine conflict

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posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 12:22 AM
"Who wants peace in the middle east?"

It is indeed sad to see fellow ATSers here just take one side of this middle eastern conflict, not seeing the broader picture. Admittedly the argument of "Isreals defense to the big arabs" holds some truth, they are the minority in that region, however the bigger picture is that they were not there 7 decades ago when the arabs had already occupied that land for centuries prior. That Israel has for had unmounting support from the US, weapons supplies, that the zionist religious right of both the US and Israel justify the forceful movement of arabs over what their religious beliefs have taught them.

Id like to make a few points regarding this on going war between jews and arabs that I feel many are simply not getting through their heads.

20s,30s and 40s (in particular following WW):II The league of nations lead by the British empire and a few US foreign ministers at the time wanted to establish a new jewish homeland and where else to place all the jews that in what the Christian bible says, place them back in the ancient land of Canaan.

United Nations Partition Plan: The intention was to place the jewish people on what was then known as Palestine and over a millenia back known as the land of Israel. The intention was at first to create a state where jewish and arab ethnic groups would live together, although this proved to be far from reality following into the 1948 jewish-arab rebellion.

Plan to then divide what was Palestine: In 1947 the majority of the UN, including the United states, voted on seperating the state of Palestine into one Jewish state and one Palestinian state.

-The placement of jews on that land in the middle east was not coincidental and obviously was not the only option. The reasoning for placing jews there was obviously based on religious views, and unfortunatly the religious nuts of the west, christians and zionists cared little about whether the Palestinian state had been there for centuries prior, or whether the Arab people see that land as significant, all the zionist west saw was THEIR religious views on that land which over a millenia ago was Canaan.

-The comparison? How abut a reverse of views? Iran or Syria settling muslims onto the state of Alabama because a millenia ago it said in their books that their promise land was in that part of america, so they just settle them there and then remove all the american folk out of half the state and establish their own ethnic land. Is any of that justified? Hows about the gradual removal of Alabamans from their state and an establishement of a muslim state on these united states, how what americans feel, how would those pro-zionists here feel in that case? Would you then justify an american attack?

-Arab instigators are just to blame. Lets not forget during the Clinton administration a deal with the neighbour arab nations on peace deal came close, though due to a sign of "weakness" (because its peace) the leaders of Syria, Lebanon and Jordan turned any possible peace plan down. The arrogance, the pride, the selfishness.

-How about Hamas purposefully firing rockets and instigating the matters, their bitterness for the loss of the former Palestinian state, yet their selfishness, their lack of soul, to instigate the matters, to fire under a cease fire, they instigated this matter in part.

The slow arab cleansing of Israel

Pritty interesting map whenever one looks at it. If nobody knew what Israel looked like Im pritty sure 9 out of 10 folks would think the "green bits" are slowly being erased.

It is fact that the jewish elite or most of the populous never wanted to live in peace with the arabs, you know, the ones who inhabited this land centuries prior, the ones who had the jews as guests in their state. Most of the Palestinian people are tired, are sick of the fighting and as shown in this video, are prepared to compromise provided there is equal treated with the Israelis, however the muslim extremests have benefitted far too much from war and conflict... Hamas instigating cease fires to recruit more members, to point fingers at Israel, for they are just as souless as the Israelis who are causing this mess.

It is time for the pro-zionists or the core conservatives of these United states to realize that both groups have their dirty fingers deep within the conflict, and that they should also realize, that there was a Palestinian state that had been established centuries prior on that land of Israel... that the location of the "jewish homeland" in the 1940s offered little more reason than "what our religion said" and what not what others believed.

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