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Citi Jet Purchase: $50 Million, 12-Seat Plane Despite $45 Billion Bailout

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posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 07:13 PM
Gizmode reports that Obama has put stop to these plans. Gizmodo

posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 07:46 PM
This is my opinion.

our government has screwed us.

Bank executives are being rewarded for a job well-done, ie, giving out loans as if they were sick animals that needed homes.

our politicians are looking out for these banks and execs for a reason. Kickbacks? Blackmail?

Without complete economic breakdown, the masses wouldn't demand a global currency.

also, the overt expenditures are more ammo in defense/enacting nationalizing banks.

posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 11:40 AM
Obama "Pimp slapped" them. No more 50 million dollar jet for citi group CEOs.

posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 02:45 PM
This is all happening because our "system" is a medium in which intelligent sociopaths can not only survive, but actually thrive.


Change the medium in which they can exist and thrive.

So, how do we change this medium?

Create regulations (or as has been said before, bring BACK the regulations that where there in the first place), and above all... legally enforce them. Also, at the grassroots level boycotting can work quite well.

So, won't those companies fail or leave our country, thus putting us back into the stone age (proverbially speaking)?

Yes, those corrupt companies will fail and/or will leave... that is the point. The vacuum created by the absence of these corporations/robber barrons will be filled by the middle class, since the demand for those (legitimate) services and goods will still be there, albeit in a regulated and enforced medium. Seeking the path of least resistance, these criminals will move on to other horizons to ply their "trade" elsewhere (they've been doing this anyway, but it would expedite the process). We will go through a chaotic transition period, and a healing period, but this is something we can weather out. We have to, not just for us in the short term, but for the future of America... our children.

Imagine that. This country ran by we the people, free from endentured servitude.

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 12:47 PM
“Seems these days all we're waiting for is for someone to throw the first brick...”
“Rob the poor to feed the rich, our government is playing Robin Hood in reverse. ”

A few real stories first; The other day a man about too loose everything and couldn’t coop with that shot his family and then turned the gun on himself, we will have to get use to this. This is the new norm.

A family that worked hard all their life to build a business was ripped off by TGI Fridays a large cooperation, this hurt the families business but they worked hard there was no justice from the courts and attorneys just wasted monies spent to try to recoup their funds, but they worked hard real hard and honest to try to recoup their money. People counted on them for their jobs and they worked hard real hard. Then a rich developer came to town, and they too had a family business and they put the first company to work completely remodeling this development newly bought mall. They worked hard remodeling it feeling they could trust these Developers, they had strong AIA Agreement s on their side but it didn’t stop these developers from ripping them off. They went to the local DA and the DA acted really interested and stated that they have done this before and that they were credit thieves. However the DA didn’t have the funding to go after these thieves, in fact that this developer was buying the mall for 4 million dollars and remodeling it with another 4 million dollars and that this was helping the community. Well this family down to last few dollars invested again into legal help but the developer had more money. You know where this is going, in fact the developer had new pull with the DA and the local police enough so to completely squeeze out this family. They lost everything from their homes and two small businesses and the law helped the Developer do this.

Another example is where a cop makes 65K a year in NYC while busting drug dealer going thru that much in a week. Constantly surrounded by greed and corruption on all levels even the best of us become tempted, he goes on the take. At first just a little money here or there it all seems innocent at first. Can’t really blame him for it cost about 85K a year just to live there not to mention food or anything that come with daily life. It gets much worse it snowballs into bigger and much worse not to mention what it does to his soul. Family tolls trouble with everything. How can we expect them to be honest guarding the rest of us when the rules are so tilted and jaded in this game.

Bankers get 700 billion which is really 850 billion and now spins into a trillion. What do they do with it? Well they set up euro accounts with the money, they launder it wash it out to do their bidding. They buy homes in foreign lands you won’t hear about this on the news. They made million wasting the money and now have money to pick up the pieces, yes they buy real estate for pennies on the dollar and with your money, your hard earned money. Now Obama makes his way – to the top this dreary day, tries to scramble and comes up with another 850 billion dollar deal? Who figures this to be true, just you. Will this help us, how? A $300 hundred dollar check in the mail won’t buy groceries for a week. Will this help you. Will it help the families that lost everything? Will it help the cop? It will help the developer. It will help certain businesses, selected few. The banker gets away with murder, that’s how I see it, they kill the man and his family with congresses help. How do you see it? When can we the people take the blinders off? When can we see? Seriously what can we the people do? Elect someone new? We have done that, and now for the first time ever someone will try to change things? Really? While Bush retreats to his ivory tower built by the bankers, funny.

Humans are inherently evil I guess, Can’t help but to follow this mess. Lambs for slaughter we line up each day. Some with many, some to stay. Time will tell how we respond. Time to move far beyond. These days we will be judged, these days though not many but none. It’s one too many and the odds are none. Time will tell time will drag. Soup lines long children will starve while parents try, Are you ready to die? Prepare now, few prepare now, many time will stop plenty. What can I do? What can you do? What can we do. Where are the patriots? Why are they considered the criminal of today and the hero of yesterday, what has changed? Who is in charge? Who indeed……….. We the people? I think NOT! We the sheep sounds more right. Lay down our gun we can’t win this fight. Bow down, bow down before your oppressors! Kiss his boot and clean it with your blood and the blood of the patriots. Shine it good now you little sheep, rest now a work hard for nothing. What around you do you own? Fantasy that’s’ all, that’s all. Rise up against the machine, get crushed by the rules of right and wrong. Lines they have crossed within the sand no time to turn back it is in our HANDS. Band up and band together brothers in arms no matter the weather. Evil is in charge most purely true, how can you fight it when it’s just you? Evil presides not just up and both down. What’s that you hear a bell ring, a warning it’s time, time to change things…………….

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 08:55 PM
reply to post by solidshot

You know sometime things are not exactly as presented. Seems that this 50 mil jet was to replace two older jets thats were to be sold for 27 mil ea. This means that Citi would have been ahead by 4 mil. not to mention 1/2 the operating costs, and of course the 15 mil deposit that YOU and I the taxpayers have now donated to France. (French jet)

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