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My Precious ..... Obama Ring

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posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 12:31 PM
I noticed President Obama's ring on a photo and thought it looked swish....

It's a nice pattern and wondered if anyone recognised it? It's probably just a nice wedding band, but hey, someone may recognise it from some sort of ancient symbolism...

posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 12:57 PM
It looks a bit like Celtic Knot work, or properly Interlace, which draws a long history from the Byzantines, used by the Romans and known predominantly today with its massive use in Celtic Knot Work.

Or as the clarity is not that good and hard to tell, maybe a serpent/snake coiled upwards.

One of my care givers when younger dealed in gold and such, mainly old rings and scrap, as a sideline.

I have seen literally thousand and thousands of different rings, new old, broken, from all over the world, 9ct 14 ct 22 ct, pure Dolgelau Welsh Royal gold, Asain etc etc... depending on the mine it produces a different colour, feel according to the purity, and other metals, within the mix as such.

One hell of a Wedding band must be said, very well made indeed, a extremely skilled Gold Smith made this, to order too by the looks of it, and seems to be of a very high quality 22+ct gold, not of North American origin but maybe North African or Indian. Also parts of South America could be the source.

I know of no colour similar to that being brought out of mines except in Asia, Parts of north or south Africa, South America or Wales Uk.

Again though this could be due to some digital colour enhancements on the original photographic equipment used, without seeing it, holding it as such, properly it is hard to be sure.

Interesting, if one of the photoshop guys can clear up the detail on the Knot or Serpent to better identify it.

Celtic Knotwork

Kind Regards,


posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 05:35 PM
Well, a little more research:

It appears someone picked up on him wearing a wedding ring before he was supposedly married:
Link to picture

It looks like a similar band but you cannot confirm.


It's certainly unusual: strange ring

Obama and his blackberry

Looking through a few images it seems you mostly see Obama holding a microphone with his right hand and often his left hand in his pocket, but for writing he is left handed. This is not uncommen, but a little strange.

As I say, probably nothing to it.... BUT a ring often has a symbolic meaning. The wedding band is a symbol of the covenant between man and women. The ring of a king was often used as a 'seal'....they made some very successful books and films based upon a ring (grin).... without high resolution images it's impossible to prove but looks like he was wearing this ring since his youth.... any meaning? I don't know... others may have access to better images and more info... let's see if we can find a few ATS members to do some digging.


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