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Business enterrpise class.... trying to brain wash...

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posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 12:30 PM
HI, I currently have a business class that we are currently on the topic of the economy.

I took a economics class and I know all about microeconomics and macroeconomics.

Well I was exposed to the same stuff I already learned from m economics class a while back.

They explain that we are in a business cycle. we go from being prosperous to ression and then to a depression and then back up to a Resssion and back to prosperous.

They talk all about supply and demand. We then started to talk about Obama stimulus plan.

Now I am sitting in class and biting my lip. I wanted to start talking about the What Ron Paul says.

Which is that bail outs causes inflation. It will lower the value of the dollar.

But I didn't since I had the fear people will look at me being weird or dum. I already told my friends and other people I know and they all lol at.

I gave them some Ron Paul vidoes yet they think Ron Paul is a nut.

So I decided it would cause only trouble so I held back.

I notice the stuff she explains is the same stuff I see on tv.

Are colleges brainwashing people???? I mean I belive Ron Paul is right. He even told everyone 2 years ahead that we will be in a ression . yet everyone laughed at him and then they look right now that we are in a ression. Now They still think Ron Paul is a nut.

Most economist told us we won't get into a ression. We will get into a little slow down but not bad to the point to get into a recession.

Now going through college and having economics and also some more business classes that discuss about the economy.

I keep hearing that the government needs to bail out companies. to restart the economy.

it's like a generator . When it runs out of gas you need to make some more and then try restarting the generator.

Yet with Ron Pauls point of view. He says that it will create more of a problem. you make a fake fix.

cause us not to fix the problem but delay it. Like for example if you got leaky pipes and you keep delaying it by putting chewing gum on it. At some point it will burst.

In other words the more you ignore the problems but do a fast patch work you make the problem to grow.

So this is what's happening and Ron Paul believes we will get into a depression soon.

Ron Paul talks about that economics leaves out the monitoring of value.

You can't print money out of thin air. The money has to contain value.

The more money in the flow of the market then less value the money it will have.

the less money in the market the more value it has.

So I would like to know if colleges are giving a brainwashing eduction???

I was told colleges are there to create a workforce not to educate you.

So is it possible for colleges and schools.... education in the U.S be a brainwash way to control what people think?

I notice that colleges like for doing research papers they encourage you to use the newspaper or use well known sources.

Like cnn,fox,local paper.

Those sources are valid sources according to the college. Yet on ATS I have learned that the media dosen't show every bit of news. Some won't even report the meeting builder burge has in 2006 at toranto canada.

I never seen any news in america that talks about that.... just one canadian news tv show did.

So I want to know what you guys think. Are colleges there to brainwash us and get us ready for a workforce.

True education is something that we learn openly about. Like how to start a business. True education will show you everything about what a business has to go through.

in college currently they give small bits. Just enough information that you can only work for a company in that field.

like business..... I notice business classes in college only teach you enough so you can get a job working as a accountant, or a marketer.

You don't get enough knowledge to start something of your own.

So I want to hear what you guys think??

posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 01:20 PM
I am not sure you want to hear this answer:

Yes. Universities and institutions of higher learned are - in fact - ignoring reality and attempting to create 'like-minded' thinkers in matters of economy, social-policy, politics, medicine, and to a lesser degree science.

Many who worship their degrees will disagree vehemently, I suppose. However, after reviewing the curriculum for several 'business' and 'economic' classes I realized that they are aggressively teaching the way they WANT it to be, as opposed to the way it is. All based on paradigms of control that do not challenge the status quo. (i.e. wealth is measured in productivity, and society at large is a resource, as opposed to a master of the almost religiously-adhered to 'supply-demand' doctrine.)

You did well to avoid confronting the professor and those doe-eyed students who consider the droppings of his or her brain as nuggets of wisdom.

Unfortunately, the higher education system is such a profit making enterprise now that it has been utterly co-opted by the banking industry. And the government supports and encourages the trend.

posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 02:23 PM
No you are not paranoid colleges are in the business of groupthink and that my friend maybe why people like Obama get to be president and screw things up, same with Bush. Look at the bay of pigs, just because a whole classroom maybe agreeing with the prof doesn't mean he must be right, in fact he probabaly has benefited from being in a position of authority on a subject and the aspect of groupthink, with students and collegues combined maybe like a doulbe whammy, if you want to ask questions and not feel embarressed, just use the term "maybe" rather than "is", don't make a statement that sounds certain or absolute, give them room to disagree and they will not gang up on you, bring up the possibility that inflations might occur or that stimulus might make things worse, if the teacher were smart he would agree that anything maybe possible, if not then I feel sorry for people like him trapped in his linguistic constructions, then you would know they are merely just confused and or using language badly.
You can even use an example of news or legal cases in which someone has to be proven guilty not presumed guilty. The news are infamous for saying "is" and not saying "maybe", hence why so much seems absurd in the media, they seem trapped in words and stuck in a sort of certainty about something that would logically be impossible to know everything about.

posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 02:05 AM
No, you're not paranoid to think that College classes are brainwashing people. I remember when I took my college business class my class brainwashed people into thinking that outsourcing and offshoring was good for corporate profits and we didn't talk about how it could harm our economy. It's a shame what they do. If your professor doesn't know that printing more money will debase the value of the dollar then your professor shouldn't be teaching business.

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