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Whitebread Christian Conspiracy

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posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 10:39 AM
The one I've been ruminating over lately is this one. What if Obama lends his support to the peacemakers in Israel, and withdraws support for Likud leadership? What if Egypt and Lebanon made overt gestures towards peacemaking and assistance to Gaza at the same time?

The British-American oil companies and peripheral industries would be at risk. They would activate their reserve forces, namely the whitebread evangelical, dispensationalist pretrib Christians. Pastors Hagee and Robertson might be called upon to deliver very strong rhetoric in defense of Israel, and against the treachery of the "appeasers". If this theonomic argument was pursuasive, and then a second wave of Right Wing talking heads like Limbaugh came along to deliver the second blow in the form of a call to arms of all patriotic Americans to rise up in defense of capitalism against a sneaky globalist, communist plot ...

Well, this is the Situation X that my warped mind has been spinning for the past little while.

The most powerful and influential American clerics who stand with Likud simply because they wish to hasten Armageddon have already committed themselves way beyond the point of being able to backpedal to a doctrinal position in accordance with the Christian Academy's scholarship. Their brazenness and luck have me suspecting that there have been those in the American government and/or military who have communicated their implicit endorsement of their brainwashing/propaganda. I would, again, look hard at oil company connections among others.

Anyway, here's why it's too late to turn back now, for this breed of Christian cleric and their followers:

Now listen closely to Falwell. His schtick wasn't exactly the same regarding Israel, but he demonstrates why his ilk are dangerous. This last video was recorded just after 9/11. He is telling people that 9/11 happened because of abortions and other things that are unacceptable to his belief system. Does anyone get it? This is what it all means. When bad things happen, it is because we have displeased the volcano. We must sacrifice to appease the volcano.

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posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 11:01 AM
I'll go one further.

Remember the "accidental" nuclear flight to Minot AFB? Remember that seven airmen died subsequent to this event? Remember the story being broken in Military Times, a magazine which firmly believes in the US Armed Forces presenting a unified front?

I think it would be interesting to track down the friends and families of the dead airmen, to find out what kind of religious beliefs they held.

After all, what would make some people in the USAF break rank and break the law? Why, answering to a "higher" law, of course. Remember Mikey Weinstein's allegations against an evangelical Christian "coup" at the USAF Academy?

Is anyone paying attention?

[Additional text added here...]

I guess not. I suppose that, next to the chances of being attacked by an alien or stalked by agents of the New World Order for talking out of one's rear on some website message board, my little hypothesis must seem rather far-fetched. Obviously, there's no way that religious zealots would ever be useful to the pathocracy.

I'll bet you understand a distinction between this hypothesis and most of the others you have come across here on ATS. Maybe you can't quite put your finger on it. Can you guess?

This one is real. The job of ATS is to gradually transform potentially dangerous conspiracy awareness into entertainment. One day you wake up and you realize that there are no actual conspiracies in the world. It's all just entertainment. You find that you are no longer part of a movement, but an audience. Any threat you might have once represented to the status quo has been nullified.

Screw it. I'm going to keep bringing it. It's good for you.

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