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Time travel proof

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posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 02:01 PM

Originally posted by Muundoggie
Time travel is an impossibility. Time is an invented concept. There is no past time or future time event. There is only the NOW. Our existance is not something that is recorded on tape or some other method which we can play back or fast forward at will.

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Even though this vid was debunked as a hoax, time travel is a possibility. Time is nothing but a dimension that can be traversed. It is not constant nor linear. It has been proven by NASA that the astronauts that travel in space aged slightly slower. (Don't ask me how they know) Einstein even stated that the faster you travel, the slower time passes. One poster asked why didn't the older version know his younger version was coming? Most physicists believe that there are many "parallel worlds". For every decision we have to make, all the separate choices are played out in separate universes.

Every one has heard that the universe is infinite in length, width, and depth. Those are the 3 dimensions that everyone knows, loves, and lives in. A ton of physicist state that there are 11 maybe 12 dimensions. Whats to stop the universe from expanding in the other 8 dimensions? (the 4th dimension being time)

posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 02:28 PM
Hi, one dimensionnal time entities.

We have to know that some entities, like us, can
move in different spaces/places, in one linear time illusion;
and know that some other entities, like "them", can
move in different times, in one space/place,

It's called: space/time and time/space.

Do researches, in Google, or CUIL, or in here, with those key-words":
[ Ra material ] or [ The law of one ].

We can find explanations on MANY of our questions, about
who we are, where we come from, where we go, differently
advanced entities. . .etc. . .

Blue skies.

posted on Feb, 3 2009 @ 05:53 PM
reply to post by venividivici

Proof NO, science states one from the past cannot interact with one from the future
plus the tatoos are not the same size also it appears one of them is taller. My opinion

posted on Sep, 24 2012 @ 06:18 PM
I only read the first post in this thread, and didn't watch the video.

But I want to say about time travel - especially to those that foam at the mouth screaming that it's impossible - we are all already doing it. All the "time".

Think about it. We constantly travel through time - you could say "one second at a time", but of course it's much smoother than that (otherwise there couldn't be many frames per second in a video, etc). It's actually as smooth as any other movement can ever be.

So as we are already time travelers, and travelling at an increasing speed (yes, time has sped up considerably during the last few decades), why would any other direction or speed be impossible?

It's like saying that you can only swim forward, but never backwards - and you can only traverse the waters at the speed a human normally swims. Ridiculous!

What controls time? What regulates the direction and speed of it? Whatever it is, why couldn't it regulate it differently? What and who says (and why) that this regulation must always happen the exact direction and speed it's happening right now?

Can an Omnipotent being truly be Omnipotent, if he can't make a human travel in time, any direction or speed He wants? So if you think time travel is impossible, you must deny the Omnipotence of the Creator of the Universe. I know this is easy for atheists and masons, but maybe not as easy for philosophers and those who really understand how the Universe was created and why.

Thinking people can and will never put artificial limits on things that logically thinking we shouldn't, and most likely don't actually have any limits. Just because WE have to live in a limited world (a prison planet, to be more exact), with lots of artificial/karmic/circumstancial/physical/biological/intellectual/etc. limits, doesn't mean that whole Universe has to conform to these limits.

If "anything is possible", and Omnipotent Being is really Omnipotent, then time travel in any direction/speed should be just as possible as time travel with the currently accepted speed and direction (you know, the time travel we are all doing right now).

And also, if you can't know WHAT causes time to flow, if you don't know where time comes from and where it goes, if you don't know what time really is, and what are it's real dimensions, how it all works, and what forces time to flow the exact speed it does now - and I mean, really KNOW (not just using some stupid 'conservation of energy' "laws", devised by limited man, or any quantum theory horseshít), your counter-arguments have no value.

Because until you truly KNOW, you can't ever truly dispute it. And can a limited, brainwashed, current dogma-obeying, Earth's clumsy and materialistic science-worshipping tool of the establishment (or masons) really KNOW?

Time travel is as possible as typing. It's just a bit more difficult to arrange in different flows than the one people are currently used to. But it's definitely not only possible, it's also doable. (And not in the ridiculous and flawed way it was described in fiction, like that awful "timeline" book).

We are all time travelers, what does the direction/speed matter?
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posted on Feb, 14 2013 @ 03:13 AM

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