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Let Your Soul Take You for a Cruise

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posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 12:26 AM
*Note: I decided to put this in the automotive forum for 2 reasons, 1) The subject is amusing to be in this forum, but I think alot of the car guys/gals will get it, and 2) an automobile is something I understand well, and think of as almost an extension of me, and why I wrote this.*

As the saying goes, "It's all a matter of perspective".

With the thought of the ever emerging technologies that enable us to embed our homes and lives within the confines of our vehicles, it dawned on me: a new understanding of an old perspective on our souls. The perspective is that we are a meat vehicle being driven by our soul. I finally understood the entire concept, albeit in my perspective. I also noticed an emerging trend of virtually living in your vehicle, and this is how I came to my 'epiphany', if you will.

With today's technology, we can get in our cars, be connected to the internet, GPS tells us where to go, we have plug-in coffee makers, and every amenity available to a home setting also virtually available for vehicle use. If properly outfitted, you could nearly live inside your car, only leaving to shower or use other bathroom facilities.

Your vehicle has a computer, or a 'brain' that controls it's various functions. Sometimes a vehicle has multiple computers that are connected to seperate areas for doing specific tasks. Some vehicles are more advanced than others, and can automatically turn on their own windshield wipers, or move the headlights to enable vision in the direction it is turning.

With all these fuctions and features that technology makes available to us, we still have to do certain things, such as feed our vehicle. We have to check the oil and other fluids, and change the wipers. We still have to wash it every once in awhile. We still have to do various maintenance on it.

Now imagine, if you will, an ultimate vehicle. A vehicle that is everything that technology appears to be heading towards...

This vehicle would have everything a person could ever need or want inside of it. You would never have to leave your vehicle. You can shower, shave, shhh... you get what I mean. You wouldn't even have to step outside, you would get all your food through the vehicle.

The ultimate vehicle would have all the latest features, including the ability to see and think for itself and go wherever you want it to while you sleep inside. It would be able to feel when it comes in contact with something, and have the ability to heal itself. It would wash itself, feed itself, and generally take care of itself.

At this point, you would no longer be a driver, but rather a passenger who's still in charge of things. What do you have to do? Your vehicle does all the work, even makes the money (hey... I did say the "ultimate" vehicle)! All you would want to do is see the world for all you can. Maybe find a couple buddies to go with.

In the end, your vehicle would become the image of you. You, however, will become the image of the very passenger that's inside you. It kinda makes me want to take a vacation... let my soul take me for a cruise.


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