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Patrick Swayze Conspiracy!

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posted on Jan, 24 2009 @ 11:34 PM
Thank you for reading my invisible thoughts, with those of your own.

I have a free idea, on how we can communicate, with potential afterlife people, in a way that can be measured, for Free!!!!!

Sounds crazy, but it is not.

In 2005, a company out of Boston, Mass. Started using a machine, that can communicate with your thoughts. my goal is to use that same machine, to follow it through to afterlife options, and do it in a way, that will be free to do!

I have been trying to get 700WLW, a radio station out of Cincinnati, Ohio.

To allow me the chance to inform people about it, or if they could help me inform Patrick Swayze(from the movie Ghost)about this option.

I have been on their Forum since 7/26/08, and my topic is the most viewed one there, but I can't seam to make the jump to their radio station. (Please check out the link below.)

What would it hurt, to inform Patrick Swayze, or anybody else, about this option?

It's free, safe, and it is easy to do. It's a free back up plan, just in case you find that afterlife, is like an near death out of body experience.

Please fill free to think what ever you like, after you die, but just in case, your plan don't work, you just might want to let your inner thoughts, know more about my option, just in case your option don't work.

Over a million people have viewed my active topic, on the Internet!

"The Department of Positive Out of Body Possibilities"

Here s a link to the Forum, of the radio station, I have been trying to inform, about my option.

If you have a question, or if you know a better way. I could inform the media, about my option, then please let me know.

I have tried to reach Coast-to-Coast, but I can never seam to get through.
If you know a way for doing that, please let me know.

I totally understand, if this is all new to some of you, and you might have a hard time comprehending it, but that is only because I have not been given a media outlet, to get the word out.

It's not that it can't be done for free, but being allowed to do it.

I believe that my free option, could solve every conspiracy, if given the chance to do!

I believe it could end wars, fix our economy, and give you more options, than you could imagine.

Would you like to have more time, and more money, to do the things you want to do, as you try and enjoy your life, until my free option kicks in?

It can be done, with this option.

I know this might sound over whelming at first, but that is just because it
is new to you.

One of the Worlds greatest Inventors, Thomas A. Edison, believed it was possible to communicate with the dead, but he would not build anything, if he did not feel he could sell it.

The only difference, in my option, to Edison option, is that my option is free!

Thank you for reading my invisible thoughts, with those of your own, and please fill free to ask questions.


posted on Jan, 24 2009 @ 11:38 PM
Why don't you leave Patrick Swayze out of this.

Sell it somewhere else.

posted on Jan, 24 2009 @ 11:47 PM
If you've got an idea that you want to try, and it's not going to hurt anybody, I say don't let anyone stop you.

But I have to agree with deenamarie and ask why Patrick Swayze?

posted on Jan, 24 2009 @ 11:56 PM
Yep, Using Patrick Swayze for his intro header is my main gripe, NuclearPaul....

I'd be interested in reading about a new product like what was mentioned...but after the intro---I feel like I've been baited.

Now that I'm suspicious b/c of the intro I don't wanna know more.

Oh well.

posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 12:13 AM

Originally posted by tim484848
Over a million people have viewed my active topic, on the Internet!

I can't seem to find out were you can see how many people viewed your topic but out of a million views (according to you) only 419 made the effort of replying to your case. And half of those posts are people ridiculing you.

But i have to say i found you thoughts on the topic lightly entertaining....
for example:

Originally posted by tim484848
NASA will start designing space ships that are out of body friendly.

These ships will be able to do very fast, because the "G" problem will not be a factor.

These ships will be a lot like the U.F.O's that people claim they see.

Education on this planet will be better as well, because we will have a better understanding about us, and what role we are actually suppose to play.

We will also get the chance to interact with everybody in the past.


Are founding fathers


Albert Einstein

Thomas A, Edison

Abraham Lincoln, and the Booth that shot him.

John Wayne

The Rat Pack

Bob Hope and some new material

John Lennon

George Carlin

I get no respect Roger Dangerfield

Sherlock Holmes

Ronald Reagan

Every Pope that we have ever had

Every Cave man that we ever had

Maybe even a few aliens that might have lost their life here at one point

Good luck with your endavours here on ATS and hope you get the support you are looking for. I can't wait to read all the replies from ATS members on the subject so i will be checking in frequently.

posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 12:56 AM


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