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Gaza family says Israeli soldier shot children

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posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 01:49 AM
reply to post by Logarock

This tactic is really not far removed from the playground antics of people that start fights with bigger boys and then use their ass beating to leverage sympathy.

This isn't the case. You're claiming that Hamas started by provoking Israel with little Katousha rockets. Between 2005-2007 Israel fired over 14,600 artillary shells into civilian areas.

You'll notice the comments by many saying "but Hamas fired 3000 rockets last year". How many did Israel fire?

The issue with the propaganda game is Israel publisizes what happens to them and make every effort to avoid bad publicity for themself.

The "propaganda" coming out of Gaza is made up of photos and videos because like you say they have no credibility. So they use hard proof rather than just the regular bias news paper articles coming out of Israel to convey their side of the story.

After 9/11 the media reflected that the whole muslim population were responsible. This has caused them to be seen as terrorists by the western world. The media has portrayed them as not being credible. That is why everything Israel says is supposidly truth in comparison.

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posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 11:52 AM
Hamas and Hezbala have no credibility for many reasons. The powers that be make sure that the heads of these organizations do their bidding, Palestinian nationalism being simply a tool and a smokescreen for the aims of the larger powers. They wouldn't tolerate anyone wanting to make real peace with Israel.

Egypt for example permits tactical supplies to flow across its borders by way of tunnels. Egypt's own military has participated in open war with Israel twice. This type of warfare is no longer a politically viable option for them primarily because their last two efforts backfired and actually lead to more support and sympathy for Israel. Israel being seen as a poor little fledgling nation defending itself against several attacks by Syria and Egypt who were clearly supported by the USSR.

The current tactic of using Hamas and Hezbala as symbols of the downtrodden was their response, sort of turning the tables on the propaganda game. So now Israel looks the bully as Syria and Egypt did in the late 60's and early 70's.

From those days we have had Saddam firing scuds into Israel. He is gone now. Before that Israel and Syria locked horns in the 80's and Israel hurt them badly. Many don't know that the largest tank battle in history, to that point, took place between Syria and Israel. It wasn't widely published. Israel destroyed hundreds of Russian tanks losing only a few.

The US Marine barracks bombing was done on Sept 20 the anniversary of Saladins attack on Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is a trophy to these eastern powers. There are fully aware of the significance of whos hands Jerusalem is in and this means a great deal to them. They realized that in a moment of weakness in their history they were unable to stop the return of the Jews and their formation of an independent state. Palestinian nationalism is simply the latest tactic as they lick their wounds and try to carry on a political balancing act between their lust for the destruction of Israel and looking like state in good standing on the world political stage. And thats always been a thin curtain. They are always watchful and ever ready for the balanced to shift in their favor so they can attack again. For now they will just have to use the Palestinians.

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