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150,000 foreigners swell UK workforce: Record number get permits as Britons lose jobs

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posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 06:59 AM
reply to post by stewartw2

No-one is denying that some, if not the majority, of Australians have a fantastic work ethic, but guess what, so do the majority of Brits, and probably every other nationality under the sun.
You are not unique. (However, you are very good at sport despite getting a whooping off South Africa again today!)

Your naivety is coming through by believing that you are not getting screwd over, like the rest of us are.
Don't you think that there are now 'established' families / groups etc who influence and determine the economic direction of Australia far more than any elected government does?

I also found it interesting, but not suprising, that you replied to this post of mine, thinking I would have no reply, but not the other's highlighting the race problems within Oz and the incessant whinging that Aussies tend to do about us Brits, most of which is quite unfounded!

I have lot's of friends who have visited Oz, a few who have emigrated there, for different reasons.
They tell me it is a beautiful country with some fantastic people.
I would like to visit it one day, hopefully during a victorious Ashes series for us.
Australia also has an immigration policy to be proud of.
We could do worse than taking a leaf out of your book there.

But you face yor own problems, some of which are not too dis-similair to our's.
I suggest you put your own house in order, as we should do with our's.

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 07:02 AM

Originally posted by stewartw2
Great and people will take you for an old fashioned racist and you will also hurt the feelings of Pakistanis who have done nothing to harm you.

So I and others should give up on a good cause simply to avoid being mislabelled as a 'racist'?

If the Pakistanis are as mature, intelligent and respectful as I believe the majority to be, they will understand that British people have the right to look out for their own heritage and future. Caring too much about the feelings of the minority whilst not caring enough about the feelings and interests of the majority is precisely why this mess has occured and it is wrong!

Originally posted by stewartw2
if indeed you are correct and open borders are a tool of the NWO-perhaps fight them wthout become a racist and in the unlikely event of them being defeated their entire agenda will go down. Do you think the BNP really care about the NWO-they just hate darkies.

Who said I was a racist? Don't talk to me as though I'm a card-carrying member of Combat 18 and have admitted so. You know full well - or should - that I'm not racist and don't intend to take a racist approach to this mess. And yes, I do think the BNP care about the NWO - whether they know it or not. They're fully aware of the forces suppressing them and that the media is controlled. They're also aware of a Globalist agenda and it is what they're fighting against. The BNP are fighting fascism and for the most part, I agree with their policies (though not fully). Again, they may or may not identify the existence of a secret Global conspiracy, but they know very well that they're fighting powerful, corrupt forces of some sort.

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posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 07:07 AM

Originally posted by stewartw2
reply to post by blueorder

Sydney is pretty diverse-really! Its really only the Brits and Irish that bother me. They have an attitiude that somehow this country owes them!

What I suggest you do, is go to Dublin, or better yet, a rural Irish village and espouse your views tarring the brits and Irish with the same brush.

I'm pretty sure you'd be eating through a straw for a while.

In fact why not march up to an irishman in your own town and tell him that brits and Irish have the same attitude - again it will result in a net loss on the teeth front for you.

This garbage you are peddling is the most racist nonsense I have come across for quite some time.

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 07:37 AM

Originally posted by stewartw2
You mean Yobs are having this discussion.......get real, what can you possibly 'do' about it-start a home bred Nazi revolution, have a coup, create a dictatorship...didn't you guys fight those people tooth and nail.
Like there is something you can 'do' about without completely trashing all British traditions anyway.

Well seeing as you are an ozzie maybe you would realise if we brought back some of our traditions we could simply deport all the immigrants that commits crimes. I mean thats what the government said they would do so why not. It would also help lessen pressure on prisons and help make society safer by removing criminals.

Originally posted by stewartw2
Cythraul.................I live in Australia and there are one million poms here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I swear I find them the most irritating immigrants of all and for good reasons-should I ban them coming?-you can't have it both ways-go to other peoples countries but not let others come to yours.

Well for a start you have a lot of land to spare. Population density isn't really a problem for you. Also might I remind you that nearly all Australians apart from the aborigines are descended from the British.

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 07:57 AM

Originally posted by stewartw2
reply to post by Cythraul

A pom who was in Australia for ONE WEEK rented an apartment in the building where I have owned an apartment for a decade (also my family goes back 170 years here)-a week later I get a knock on my door, its the Pom-complaining that he thinks I am not lifting my weight and doing my bit for the upkeep of the building on account of the fact he did not see put out the garbage in his four days living there, and I should shape up or ship out!

And you think that makes you special. How do you know he is British anyway. Did he come round and say "Hi I am from England and you are dirty because you don't take your rubbish out". I think not. Also that has nothing to do with being British you get people like that everywhere you go. You think that everywhere else in the world and its only those from Britain that can act like pr***s sometimes?

Originally posted by stewartw2
reply to post by blueorder

Maybe I understand more than you think-I also worked in senior management in the UK-accepting that some of the Marxist paradigm has truth isnt condoning the death of millions in Stalinist societies.
I don't want to harp on about class and the effects of class and how the nobility in the UK truly screwed the lower classes, because it all might offend.
The wroking class was bred like a horse to be strong and LOYAL, hence every working man and his dog has the answers to britains woes and usually it involves booting out foreigners or whatever.
You have been suckered to fight for the interests of those with clipped accents and country manors-and i am not a Marxist.
It never was your England anyway ever!

Clearly you don't understand. Here is how it works with the classes. If you are smart and lucky you go up. You earn your place. And the working class was not "bred" as you put it. In case you haven't noticed the ones "with clipped accents and country manors" are not exactly in any position of power these days, are suffering under Labour as they target those that have money and they are not controlling the working classes. No you are not a marxist. You are a blind fascist who thinks his beliefs are OK in his country but not in others. Also if it is not ours who's England is it then?
P.S. please think before replying.

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 11:29 AM
I’ve been reading through this thread and I’m glad to see that there are others like me who feel the same way about their country,
I have also noticed that the same thing happens to some of you who speak up on the immigration subject in public that is your immediately branded a racist, I couldn’t say for sure how you worded your views but I’m guessing by your posts and how they are worded that you wouldn’t have been immature or brought up race,,

Just a concerned voice in a sea of people who don’t give a damn what you think or feel, that’s how i feel the way things are now here in the United Kingdom, well anyway i too have noticed a massive change in our society and a gigantic increase in migrants and foreign workers, asylum seekers or illegal entrants i couldn’t tell the difference in who's who
but i do feel angry about our own men and women having to go on strike at their workplace to highlight the subject it just goes to show just how much of a great job the government is doing in "alienating" its own people,
I lost my job on 2nd of December last year because our company had to "downsize" i had been there for roughly 8years and worked 12hour shifts 4 days a week 6pm to 6am and if i could manage it i went in and did the 6hours on a Sunday right up until they let me go, in fairness i was given £150 cash for every year id been there which was nice at the run up to Christmas, (or should i have said "festive day" so as not to offend a certain minorety), but at the start of the year i was on my way to a job packing food LOL and it just happened to be up the road from my old job and as i was walking past there was a crowd of foreigners standing at the front gate waiting to be let in,
and how i know they were foreigners is they weren’t speaking any English, so i can see now what my boss meant by downsizing!

what can i do about it? nothing i just have to get on with my new job packing food,
As for the men and women who are protesting outside their workplace good luck because you may be about to get that downsized crap told to you too.

oh and here a linky to show the population stats for the past while, I tried to get the actual gov stats but as usual it was unavailable due to technical difficulties or some bs,

I’m not sure if this shows growth due to migrants etc but i get the feeling there will be nice new highrise towers popping up all over the country with street and road signs displayed in every language in time to come. at least there will be a good choice of buldings to

[edit on 30-1-2009 by heretic today gone tomorr]

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 04:11 PM
reply to post by budski

I said the Irish AND the WEnglsih bother me, I never meant to imply they were the same-I have been to ireland many times and am familiar with the culture and some of my own family came from county Kerry to Oz.

Oh yeh...the most racist stuff-more racist than the BNP: this business of actual hateful racists turning things around and saying that those that oppose them are the real racists is transparent BS.

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 04:19 PM
reply to post by Cauch1

Like its so hard to pick an Englsih accent and a Brit in general. That was just one incident that reflects the typical attitude of British immigrants to Australia. Anyway the point of this is not to have a go at Brits but to illustrate that the sun doesnt shine out of Anglo a-ses either-you can be just as guilty, as immigrants, of all the things you complain about migrants in your country over.
Ring any police station in coastal sydney and ask the cops what they think of Brits and the Irish: they are the crime problem! don't believe me? ring them.

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 10:21 PM
reply to post by stewartw2

Was it Brits or Irish who were rioting in Cronulla 2005?

Seeing that you obviously haven't bothered reading the link I provided earlier, here it is again!

And as you seem to know Sydney so well you won't need to read this link about Cronulla and it being a suburb of Sydney!

And just for good measure, what about all the violence at The Australian Open over the last 3 years, don't think a Brit or Irishman has been anywhere near it, another couple of links which you'll probably ignore so that you can continue your vicious, ignorant, racist bile!

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