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New Government, Your way

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posted on Jan, 24 2009 @ 01:58 AM
I asked a question to inform me about the BIG picture, which lead to good questions id like the common people to answer.

Originally posted by ReelView
Where do I begin?... I would suggest looking at the content of downloading the .pdfs and getting the book "The state of Texas - is a lie". Also look at and try to grasp that these supposed acts have no legitimacy to Natural, real humans / sovereigns. There are only three laws - don't hurt others, don't interfere in their property, don't mislead in agreements. All the rest are statutes, regulation pertaining to Corporations ie commercial endeavors. Being a "Citizen" ie a "Person" is buying into a system of "Government" ownership of you and control over you. You buy into it by volunteering to be subject to their authority. Legal deception is a very fundamental part of the Vatican Illuminati/NWO via the Knights Templar Court system of laws known as the "Crown". The US, Canada, England, etc.. are corporation - "Crown" colonies of the Vatican and "Citizens" are property of the corporation by buying into the idea that they have been "Granted" rights to their Ficticious Stawman self known as "YOUR NAME". SSN #s, National IDS, etc.. make you volunteer to be a government employee under it's authority. All this is fraud of course but all courts are really operation under this premise. "State your name for the record" invites you to buy into their authority. etc... Legal deception in to control of humanity goes back hundreds of years.

I read your articles, its nothing i haven't came accost before. I know the system sucks and is extremely flawed but unless its reconstituted at the death of the powers at be i don't see this being fixed. I guess im caught by the system because i need most of those things to provide for my family other wise i wouldn't worry about it, but by no means does this make me or people like me sheep. We know its wrong but we do what we must. So is this not what im doing, standing up for truth and the real justice or do you think the system was flawed from creation? In that case i did not see an alternative on your site to our current system, if you had the power to fix it would you keep key features or change it all? These are the questions men are plagued with, how do you create an unbiased, incorruptible, free government in a world governed by hypocrites?

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