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Reincarnation exists, but with a twist

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posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 03:26 PM
Hi, inquisitive persons.

Go see the message from "slated", in page one.

If you trust Edgar Cayce,
[ The law of one ] or [ The Ra material ] IS the answer.

That answer came from a source, similar to the source
that inspired Edgar Cayce.

Blue skies.

posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 03:55 PM
Nice post. A topic many fear to tread.

From my earliest years i've believed in reincarnation (transmigration of the soul) and generally that there are many others (life forms and civilizations) in the universe (I guess that's why i've had an aversion to organized religion; that when we 'die' we take our place alongside God for eternity...). I've also had a very strong suspicion or feeling of living to see something catastrophic in civilization take place in my lifetime.

Anyway, my sister who is very grounded in the "I only believe what my five senses tell me" (along with a little bit of religion) once had a past-life regression session and had an overwhelming experience of living a life as an American Indian woman. The weird thing is, she remembers symbols and rituals from the regression that turned out to be accurate even though she knows nothing about Native American cultures.

I agree very much with many posts here over the years in that I strongly believe that we choose our own experiences (certain things are meant to happen in a lifetime) but that we also have a degree of freewill. When we exit a life and return home, we judge ourselves (evaluate our actions) and take things from there.

Often I wonder about the Ten Commandments and how it all fits in with karma. Perhaps if you lack the spiritual awareness and commit crimes inconsistent with the commandments then you are forced to experience the crime against which you committed (a life of hell maybe). It really seems to make good sense to me.

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 05:00 PM

Originally posted by Lifthrasir

Originally posted by fishneedh2o
I agree with this in that "entities" can come here and learn in the Earth school. I don't think that all life forms on Earth are from other dimensions.
Perhaps we all are born with amnesia and when we incarnate we must relearn everything over and over again.

I don't think that all humans are here from other dimensions or other species, necessarily. The soul either chooses or accepts a life full of the lessons it needs to learn to mature. (Edgar Cayce wrote some interesting things on this very subject.)

It's not specifically an amnesia, but more like an inability to contain. Memories are energy, and if we remembered everything from our lives, our brains might deteriorate during development. The soul remembers everything while the brain doesn't. I think when a soul re-learns something, we call it an epiphany, or the thing really rings true with the soul. When people seem mature beyond their years, they are probably older souls than people who seem immature for a very long time.

I do agree, however, with the soul's ability to incarnate into any living thing, but with respect to how old or young a soul is, I don't know. Maybe an older soul wanted to know what it felt like to be a fish or have hundreds of legs like a millipede. Maybe the younger soul needed to learn physical lessons or basic interaction lessons... or a soul wanted to experience simply from the eyes of whatever they want.

Old souls, I think as a main purpose, are here to help others along a spiritual journey. They help teach lessons to younger souls. A fascinating example is of babies or young children who die because of cancer or some terrible accident. "God" wasn't being unfair; it was the soul who wished to teach younger souls (perhaps the parents) lessons in facing hardship and death. If the young souls don't learn, then they repeat the lessons until they do learn. Simple as that, and very fair if you ask me.

So I could be much older spiritually than a person who is many years older than I in the physical. Bodies are merely vehicles.

(Edit to correct really absurd grammatical error.)

[edit on 23-1-2009 by Lifthrasir]

That is pretty much exactly how I have come to think of it. The hardships and tough lessons we face in life we actually picked to face as a "dead soul" after we die.
Lets say in order to acend to a higher being I need to learn compassion or patience, then I would choose a life /body where I would go through certain situations that I am meant to learn from.
It all seems like it's just happening unplanned because we have no prior knowledge of it once we enter the body ( enter into an unborn child/seed )

The ultimate goal is to be one with the creator again and to know that we all are one. But you can't cheat and take the easy way because you never really learn so we go through these lessons ( aka. lives ) that we learn from and our soul always retains these teachings.
As above so below................On a higher level we are trying to learn lessons and better ourselves, just as we do on a smaller scale here on earth.

O and by the's my personal opinion that the humanoid form is the most capable/evolved ..( perfect ) form.

That means that there are worlds where once the ( things) evolved into their humanoid form they are at their physicall max .

Meaning that we were once apes and had we been left alone, we would have turned into what we are no somewhat just would taken longer. We were interfered with and our process was sped up ( thats why we are special )

So on another world the dominant form that evolved could have been types of fish and then you have humanoid forms with fish features such as scally skin or different eyes.

and another there are bird, cat, dog like humanoid forms......

Humanoid body's with bird/cat/dog heads......................They diddn't just make this stuff up, like we would now. And it wasn't just a few people fooling everyone.

These are the beings they interacted with and came to learn from. They are very real to them like you and I are to eachother.

The biggest lie/Fallacy for humanity is that too often we think we have found " THE ANSWER" when in fact it is just the start of a new question within to gain more information. The process of discovering adn learning is never ending.
So next time you run into a " know it all " you can just laugh at them knowing how ignorant they really are.

True Ignorance is believing you know it all when you really only know a portion of the puzzle.

Just my Opinion though , but I believe a very well thought out one in which I have listened and read others opinions and stories, and myths, and tales, and info and facts that I use to formulate and intertwine it all together to get the outcome of my opinion.

good day to you all :-)

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 06:17 PM
reply to post by LucidDreamer85

The problem I see with that hypothesis is, who would choose to be a starving child on the African Plains for example? Or Jewish in Germany during WWII?

But then I have no idea what you're thinking when you're dead....

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