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Obama's Unconstitutional Agenda - Plan For A New World Order

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posted on Jan, 23 2009 @ 04:00 PM
Cool video i came across, had to share with you guys..

I'd just like to take this chance, to say to the obama suporters, dont be fooled. I know he looks like a fresh change, and seems to be doing a few good things so far, but believe me, this is all for show.

You just have to look at his team to realise.. I'll only ask this of you, before you put your full faith in this man, give it a bit of time, be sceptical. I know everyone longs for the change we know we all want, and i believe if we all fight hard enough, one day we will achieve it, but in my heart and soul i know this man is not the one thats gonna give it to us, my view is, he wouldnt be president if he had the peoples best interest at heart, Ron Paul is a fine example of that..


posted on Jan, 23 2009 @ 05:04 PM
So do you think he has come up with the idea of a New World Order on his own?
I remember hearing that coming from a speech of George Bush Sr in 1991.
The thing is, everybody (almost everybody) that is in power is part of one of these elite groups. They have plans for us yes, I just knew I couldn't see 4 more years of BUSH (or his croney McCain).

posted on Jan, 23 2009 @ 05:15 PM
reply to post by Truther

Yep, did you realize we have had 18+ years of the same presidential agenda (rule)?

Check it out:

Bush Snr- Bill Clinton- Bush Jr- Obama (Clinton)

Did you see that, Bush Snr and Bill are good friends, and its not a coincidence that Bush Jr won and that Hillary is also in a state of power. Who really controls Obama? More like who has been running the white house for 18+ years. Obama created a cabinet that fits a Clinton administration, coincidence?

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posted on Jan, 23 2009 @ 05:23 PM
Great vid..

When I see that guy speaking with courage fighting for the constitution it just makes me want to stand up and fight right along side him..

A NWO is no joke.. forgive those who blindly follow and instead change their ways.... you know what it felt like when you were first enlightened to truth.. Think of how they will feel. Be honest, strong and compelling

posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 01:16 PM
18+ and counting...

Axelrod, David - Senior Adviser to President Obama - Political Consultant - journalist for The Chicago Tribune, Militant Zionist

Barnes, Melody - White Hourse Internal Policy Council - Center for American Progress

Biden, Joseph Vice-President - Senator (D-Del. from 1979 to 2008) - Member of the Senate Judiciary Commission - Former chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee - Biden is a Militant Zionist, who told Rabbi Mark S Golun in a TV program on the Israeli Shalom TV network,“I’m a Zionist. You don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist”

Browner, Carol - Energy and Climate Affairs Coordinator; Former director of the Environmental Protection Agency during the Bill Clinton Administration.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew - Senior Foreign Policy Advisor - Co-founder with David Rockefeller of the Trilateral Commission - Director, CFR and the Trilateral Commission

Clinton, Hillary Rodham - Secretary of State - Wife of former president Bill Clinton - Former Senator (D- NY)- Militant Zionist - Directly linked to the CFR, Trilateral and Conferencia Bilderberg through her husband

Craig, Gregory B - Advisor - Former Policy Planning Director at the State Department during the Clinton Administration. Bill Clinton’s personal lawyer

Daschl, Thomas Andrew - Secretary of Health and Social Services - Former Senator (D-SD) and Majority Leaders . Former director at CitiCorp; Assisted Robert Rubin, (Advisor on Economic Affairs and former Treasury Secretary during the Bill Clinton Administration) - Zionist - Member, CFR and Bilderberg Conference

Emanuel, Rahm - Chief of Staff - Representative (D-Ill) since 2002 - Militant Zionist; Double-nationality: US and Israeli; Volunteer in the defense of Israel during the First Gulf War (1991 - led by former president George HW Bush against Iraq); Suspected of being an intelligence officer for the Israeli Armed Forces; Director at Freddie Mac; Adviser during the Clinton Administration; linked to Wasserstein Perella bank (Trilateral members); his father Benjamin Emanuel was a guerrilla fighter in the terrorist Irgun Zvai Leumi organization (then led by terrorist Menahem Beguin, later to become Israeli prime minister)

Froman, Michael BG - Adviser - Operates for Robert Rubin; “helped” Obama choose members of his team; Member, CFR

Furman, Jason - Advisor; Senior Adviser to Lawrence Summers (Clinton)- London School of Economics

Gates, Robert M - Secretary of Defense - Republican - Gates was named at the DoD by former president George W Bush in 2006 to replace Donald Rumsfeld, and yet was “confirmed by Obama” - Former director of the CIA under former president George H W Bush (Senior) - Co-chaired foreign policy CFR task force with Zbigniew Brzezinski - Involved in the Iran-Contras Affair under the Reagan-Bush Administration - CFR, Bilderberg

Geithner Timothy F - Secretary of the Treasury - President since 2003 of the Federal Reserva Bank of New York. Prominent architect of the 2008 Banking Bail-out Plans, together with Bernard Bernanke (FED Governor - CFR), Henry Paulson (former Treasury Secretary – CFR) - Also held office during the Bill Clinton Administration, and was involved in the bail-outs of Mexico, Indonesia, Korea, Brazil, Thailand in the nineties, under then Under-Secretary of the Treausury Lawrence Summers - Introduced to Obama by Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers - Former Director of Policy Development and Review Dept at the IMF - International Monetary Fund, from 2001 to 2003 - Former director at Kissinger Associates - Member of the Group of Thirty, his mentors include Lawrence Summers and Robert Rubin. Member, CFR, Trilateral, Bilderberg

Holder, Eric - Attorney General - Holder arranged for Bill Clinton to pardon racketeer Marc Rich when he was Janet Reno’s Deputy Attorney General (Clinton)

Jones, James LA - Four-Star US Army Officer - National Security Officer (NSA) - Former NATO Forces Commander - Special Envoy to the Middle East


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