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Thoughts For 2009

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posted on Jan, 23 2009 @ 12:49 PM
What people need to find this year is the spiritual courage to demand what they want. So many people have just gotten lost in the daily struggle to get by, that spiritual ideals have gone by the wayside, even though most humans understand basic morality and desire love.

As we all see, there is ongoing control by destuctive forces ....this control is based on and held in place by two things: 1) The belief that the dark is more powerful than the light
2) The illusion of supremacy of hate and fear over love.

That's it...that's what gives those who do the things they do the power to do it....we give it to not standing up in the physical as well as the spiritual plane and saying enough is enough.

If the quantum physicists are right, that we create our own reality by our thoughts, actions etc. then a very small group of people have created this reality.....if you think about it there are only maybe 100,000 true NWO serving individuals vs. a planetary population of billions...we outnumber them....they have no real power.....

So the answer is to simply send out the thought pattern/meditation that this "reality" can be undone and remade by thoughts of love, light, peace....etc. If enough people awaken to this fact and actually start doing it on a daily basis there would be a hundreth monkey effect that would simply wipe out the dark astral realms that these dark beings feed off of to gain their power. If we also took it a step further and asked for these dark ones to come to the light, perhaps we could not only change what they have been doing, but help them to change into different beings altogether. A complete erasure of the dark sie.

The Bible says that Jesus will come and save the day....
But isn't it our responsibility as beings to correct what we let happen?
Jesus said we would do even greater things than He did....
So we must have the power to change what a select few have set into
motion through prayer and meditation...
We don't have to sit by and watch all these horrible scenarios come to pass.
We have the power to change it....
To stop it completely...

So this is my message for 2009...we have the power to remake our whole world if we so choose...we've had the power all along, not this group of "elite monsters". That's why they don't want the world to wake up, because if it did they would be finished.....
It's time for all of us to stand in our power and recreate our reality into something truly amazing....

Stacy Ruka Te Korako

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