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was I kidnapped by an unknown force?

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posted on Jan, 23 2009 @ 04:00 AM
Hi there people, I'am a new member although i have been reading posts on this site for a few months now and have always had a strange fascination with the unknown. I have a kind of story/incident that occured in my old house about 15 years ago. I was hoping that others on this site might be able to help me better understand my "experience"

Basically, to make a long story shorter, I was just a young child back when this incident occured, I remember being in bed either asleep or falling asleep when I felt a sudden force pulling me out of my bed, I was being dragged by an invisible force of some kind and I vaguely remember a tall dark figure standing over me, as i was being pulled from my room and across the hallway I tried to shout out to my mother who was watching T.V in the lounge room at the end of the hall as I kept drifting away towards the bathroom.

This was pointless, I tried screaming out to her over and over but nothing came out of my mouth, It was as if I had become momentarily mute and unable to speak.

Then.....nothing, I must have woken up the next morning and assured myself it was a dream, but as the years went by and I thought about it, I realised it was no dream.I can definatley tell dream from reality and also out of body experiences which i have had a few times over the past 3 years.

Another fact I remember about this phase of my childhood was that I became more and more interested in learning about aliens, spirits and other beings.It got to the point where my mother was worried about me because I would run into her room screaming after seeing ghostly figures and apparations appear in my room at bed time, so this led to me begging my mother to keep the hallway light on all night or to stay with me until I fell asleep.

Another incident occured where I was lying in bed and the whole bed began to shake by itself for a few seconds, I was so young and scared I just tried to block it out and eventually stopped my interest in the "paranormal", until now.

I have had many other strange experiences along the way and would be glad to share with you all, but I'am afraid that all I will get in response to this first thread I have posted is non-believers telling me it was a dream or that I'am making this up.

This isnt a fictional story, or a rant or just some f'ed up BS, it's the plain truth and I would not have posted this otherwise, so to end this I just want to say that I would appreciate some feedback as to what the hell was happening to me, and why I was being dragged away by some unknown invisible force with a tall dark figure standing over me.

posted on Jan, 23 2009 @ 06:12 AM
Welcome to ATS, it a real mind job being part of this community

Sounds like the episodes I've had over the years, Its called 'sleep paralysis' and its quite common to feel either held down with a weight on your chest or physically restrained.
I even have the no sound issue either , I have tried calling out to my wife next to me but no success rousing her to come to my aid.
My Story is as follows ( don't flame me but all I can do is tell the truth as it happened to me )
I woke up on one occasion , totally paralysed , Couldn't move or speak , but noticed behind me , ( picture me lying on my left side in the foetal position with my back to the edge of the bed), some movement.
I saw a little grey hunched over figure , no bigger than 3 foot high disappear behind my back, I tried to call out but no joy, I woke up a while later shaking and confused.

A year later , it happens again, Lying on my left side , back to the edge of the bed, when I come to and then realise I'm paralysyed again, again not being able to speak or call out, I see the 'gnome' ( as I called it) go behind me but as I watched it I then saw a large man sized 'shadow' at the foot of my bed. I realised what was happening and say with every once of mental power I had ( get this ) " I am not afraid of you, I COMMAND THEE to leave my presence ( command thee
I then 'erected' a green shield around the bed to protect me (not only me but the wife as well?) I remember the 'gnome' banging on the shield as if trying to break it down , I remember there were a greenywhite flash everytime he hit the shield.
As soon as the 4th flash disappeared so did the 'entities' , and then a few minutes later I fully came awake.
I noted down the date and what happened as best I could

THere are many people describing the same sort of things, sinister figures, depressive feelings, but there are those that say the body is paralysed to stop you hurting yourself when your asleep and that your just experiencing either anxiety attacks, a sleep disorder or even some say ' supernatural' or alien vistations.

Unless you have them regularly and film your self during one of the 'episodes' no one will ever know for sure.
Don't think about it too much , but my advice to you is to learn how to 'lucid' dream , there are many ways of doing it, find one that works for you, that way if and when it happens again your ready to 'take command'.
Take notes everytime it happens, , I am currently looking forward, hoping for another episode to see how it pans out.
All the best

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posted on Jan, 23 2009 @ 04:22 PM
Thank you for taking me seriously and for being the only person to provide feedback,for this I'am very grateful.

I have had other encounters over the years, which are best described as sleep paralysis, but this experience I had as a child was different.It was as though I was being pulled or floating from my bed by this figure's control, and the only thing I remember is trying to scream out to my mother who could not hear me.

another episode occured, but this one was more like the sleep paralysis sometime around 2003-2004, I was a teenager living in a homeless youth hostel and one night in bed I remember being held down by some force for a few seconds while I tried to struggle and then it went away quickly and I was able to move again, this experience felt more like an evil force than an alien encounter as this time I could not see anything, I just felt a .

And the last one I remember was 1 and a half to 2 years ago, I was prescribed a painkiller that didn't knock me out, but it made me kind of drowsy and comfortable, as I was dosing off I started to float out of my body and across the floor through the bed and then through the wall.When I realised what was happening I was like snapped out of it and back on the bed, but with this experience, it felt more like something I was in control of, rather than being controlled by evil or alien forces. I also think it might be a result of the drug I was prescribed.

Over the years I have been suicidal, and have had many attempts at taking my life, feeling like theres nothing to live for and nothing to give back in this greedy, emotionless world we live in. Every time it was an overdose of prescribed drugs and the first time this happened I was being monitored by doctors and nurses every now and again and they were asking questions, they're would not let me out of the hospital bed and I had to urinate in a jug, but I get stage fright, and I didn't want the jug, I wanted to goto the bathroom, but they just kept holding me down because I started to become violent as a result of the overdose, then I remember seeing about a dozen or more dark creature's in the room appear then i blacked out.

The next morning I was told by a nurse that the night before I had been acting very strange and did something but they refused to tell me, and to this day I still don't know what happened.

Another time I had an overdose I was in the hospital being monitored, and my girlfriend was with me, and her friends showed up to support her, I kept dosing off because the antidepressant I overdosed on was pretty much safe when taken in large amounts I found out, and it was too late for them to pump my stomach or give me charcol to drink. As I was lying in the hospital, all i wanted was to have a ciggerette really badly, but was not allowed out of the bed, when i dosed off my girlfriend went outside to be with her friends and I remember being there with them out the front of the hospital, then I'd wake up and be back in the hospital, it was like an out of body experience.

Since I do not belive in religion, the suicides were more like an exit out of this world, I felt like I needed to know what happens on the other side.

I have tried a hallucinogenic leaf that grows in some areas of where I live called "datura" or "devils weed" otherwise known as angel trumpets, and the experience was another story all together, but when my girlfriend tried less than me it almost killed her and when I had tried it i had about 10 times the amount she took, I got the desired effect but it didn't even come close to killing me.

Since then I haven't been the same its like i was in another dimension mentally, whilst still being in my physical body.

Then when I read a post about 2012 being a good thing for some people and that those people would know what to do when the time comes or leading up to it and started wondering if there was some reason that I have survived all these suicide attempts and dangerous drug taking experiences.

posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 09:34 PM
yep sleep paralysis

has same things with shadow beings

spirit attacks and ghost type things, bed jumping up and down, in very real dreams

what they really are I am uncertain but the terror is real,

so protect your subconsious with prayers, mantras, whatever you believe will protect you

posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 09:41 PM
Nah you were molested and your brain blocked the actual "action" as a child because it scarred u so badly.

posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 09:49 PM
That stuff happens to a lot of people on here. I remember it happening to me when i was 12ish, well not exactly like yours, just I could see myself from above, then i went to astral travel around, it was fun. Didn't go back tho, by choice, and lucid dreams aren't scary for me. Actually, lifting an arm when you're paralyzed can be quite rewarding, apparently. Seriously, I think the Jesus Christ thing works too, whether it be in one's head or not, it will have the same effect, and therein lies the argument.

posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 03:29 AM
The thing about 'sleep paralysis' and the 'dark beings' you get associated with them, makes me wonder why a lot of people experience the dark ones?
Maybe its because of the 'programming' we all recieve throughout our lives, We are told that anything evil is black ( no offence to the coloured community intended) and when you awaken you are struggling against some unseen force, therefore in an instant you 'assume' that whatever IT is must be evil.
You then 'see' either with your eyes or your imagination( which can be quite real someotimes) the thing that represents evil in many films, books, comics, or television and radio programmes, a fully formed black mansized figure cloaked (occasionally).

People associate the figure with Death or the Grim Reaper as often told in folklore or legend and because your incapicitated against your will , whatever it is must be evil and after your soul / energy.You then panicand then your minds casts an image of the grim reaper hence scaring you even more.

If you actually remember to calm down , relax , breath and then try to assert self control over your mind, Like my example above ( without the ye olde wording) then any events or happenings after will be met with either some tredpidation and understanding , or will be met with elation and anticipation.

But even IF they ARE real 'demons' / aliens or beings then you can exert some control and tell them your not interested or scared.
But more likely there your imagination running wild in an uncertain time, like when your in a dark cave / building , with little or no lighting you start seeing movement in the shadows..

posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 12:28 PM
The Dark ones. Thank you now i dont feel so crazy anymore. I saw one too every night when i was a kid. Was not fun.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 02:17 PM
Ive had this happen also it was so terrifying i went to the emergency room the next day cuz i thought i was going crazy. Heres what happened. It first started out with this mirror i had hanging on my wall beside my bed, i woke up one night because it had fallen off the wall and timbered on my bed, i thought nothing of it but i did feel a scared feeling i didnt understand at the time. The next night i was asleep, my daugher was sleeping with me in bed also next to me, i remember feeling this awful dreadful feeling, like it was the end of the world and it woke me up, i looked around and i saw a large cloaked shadow figure in the doorway, and on my bed at the foot , a medium sized one 5'5, and a little midget one.I tried to move and couldnt, i tried to scream and couldnt, i was freaking out, i kinda managed to look down why i couldnt move and i saw these hands around me, old decrepid hands, ill never forget. lI I closed my eyes and then i couldnt open them again, i just felt like a tornado was going thru me, i was so freaking out, then bam, it was over and i sat up, THIS WAS NOT A DREAM i know because when i sat up, i saw this black cat go under my bed, the next day i threw that bed outside and never slept in that room again. I went to work the next day and had to go home early i just felt like i couldnt breathe and felt faint, i admitted myself to the emergency room i thought i was going crazy i told them everything, they took an mRI, no tumors, and ekg for any seizure activity, i was fine and they wrote it off as an anxiety attack, but the reason i had an anxiety attack was because of what happened! The freaky thing was the doctor told me i wasnt going crazy and that hes heard stories like this before!! wow, its happening more than we think, i just want to know what it is and to tell you the truth since then i really havent been having the best of luck. Ive had more weird things than that happen in my life but dont have time to tell right now. I just want to know what it is and what do they want?

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 02:41 PM
Hello newborn, I totally feel for what you're saying about the depression and all. I have dealt with this all my life. You feel like you just want to go on to a better world, I'm so there with you on that one!

Maybe a new transformation is getting ready to happen, but only you can know this. For me, seeking out light and love from a higher source (but not in a religious way) is what has worked. There is obviously something/one bigger here at play and we must be having some kind of guide to help us through this life we live.... how else can we survive, especially on this planet??

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 03:00 PM
Welcome to AboveTopSecret, where everybody gets suspicious of extraterrestrials abducting us from our beds and some of us (like me) believe we have been abducted before.

Sounds like another case of the Grey abductions. Check your body, do you have any type of strange markings on you? Usually in abduction cases, the aliens would do experiments on you and you'll end up with a scar.

And oh, if you're gonna research into alien abductions, Betty and Barney Hill would be a good first start. Good luck

posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 03:59 AM
This is common actually only YOU!Command your mind so if you say leave me alone they will!Just like that green shield thingy

posted on Jan, 30 2010 @ 12:17 PM
Theres only one time I noticed any markings or scarring, a while after I posted this I moved into a house with a friend and was self medicating heavily with Xanax and painkillers which would usually knock me out like a light as night would come. Around this time is the only incident that I've had with scarring, I woke up one morning or afternoon and noticed a long scar leading from the bottom of my palm to my wrist (as "inebriated" as I was, I'am 110% sure that It was something that happened while I was knocked out).

But I'am happy to say that I'm not using that crap anymore, the only bad side is I cannot sleep as easily.

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