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Robert Redford tells Brad Pitt about the 'Greater Good' (Spy Game)

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posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 09:08 PM

Probably the most symbolic speech about how most of the quote on quote "enlightened" people think. They judge people as 'scum' and sacrifice them in the name of freedom... or what they refer to as the "greater good". The works that they perform is reighteous in their eyes... and this is how they are decieved.

Who are you to play God?

In this 3 minute scene, Brad Pitt discovers that his job and duties go much deeper than what he first thought they were... and this cleary is upsetting to him. All you Low Level Masons should pay attention to this scene, because you might find your self in a similar situation one day as you climb the ranks.... or should I say degrees?

Do you want to be apart of the Greater Good?

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