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Economic Crisis for 2012?

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posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 07:40 PM
Surely we all have noticed the shortage of jobs. The bailout packages that bail out irresponsible CEO's with triple digit annual incomes. What's the matter, does this cost cut into your personal lives?

Banks that put people further in debt through the use of overdrafts, governments that impose even stricter fines for people who can't pay their debts and of course the credit card monopoly and their interest rates and fees that all the money in the world would still not be enough to cover their fees and interest. It has been proven that there is not enough money in circulation to cover these fees and interest, let alone fix the economy.

It has been estimated that if the bailout package was put in the hands of American Tax Payers, there would be about $40,000 more/less made available for every tax paying household. But why would the government trust us with $40,000? Obviously we have shown to them in events like Katrina that we the tax payers can not be trusted with their money that they print out of thin air.

I can say that as a tax payer, and as a US citizen who has never been able to afford a savings account in my entire life that the first thing I would do with a check for $40,000 is pay off my debts and then make a down payment on a house. So whats the issue?

Where is this money really going? Could it be that they are stockpiling the American Tax Payers hard earned income to suit their own needs? Could it be that there is something much bigger they are preparing for that does not concern us, the American Tax Payers? If so what?

This path, should we continue down it only leads to one thing, slavery. First it was economic slavery but no, that wasn't enough. So wheres the money going. And why should we continue to play along or even care? Your money has no worth to me.

I did not vote this election, not because I think that Obama could not bring about change. But because I believe that my candidate...Ron Paul. Would ever stand a chance in an election that better suits the needs of congress and special interest groups who promote a global economy and send American jobs to India while hard working Americans lose their savings overnight.

It was partially my fault. Because I voted in the 2004 election and I may have mistakenly voted some of the crooks into congress. who deliberately sold my childs future and my future to special interest groups and world banks.

So wheres the money going? Why should we care? Why should we put up with it? Why are we allowing this to happen?


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