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Blue Jumpsuit alien abductions.

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posted on Jan, 23 2009 @ 05:18 PM
Tom you are not alone there is at least one more person with an experience like yours,thats me.I would like you to read my thread- canadians abducted by blue uniformed humans sound off -.If you read anything that rings a bell for you or get any special feelings while you are reading please post another video or write your feelings down and post them because you have been a part of something special and you have a right to share your experiences with everyone else.If anyone knows how to get this message to Tom please forward it ,we all need to hear what he has to say.I FELT THAT TOM WAS TELLING THE 100% TRUTH AND WANT TO HEAR MORE.

posted on Jan, 23 2009 @ 05:59 PM
Ok guys Tom is having trouble logging in so I am going to be posting on behalf of him.

First off, I managed to find the original video that someone else saved.

This is a poem he made called reflections of a starchild.

He will be making more videos dedicated to abovetopsecret soon, I will keep you all updated in this thread.

posted on Jan, 23 2009 @ 06:18 PM
Here is a video addressed to abovetopsecret!

posted on Jan, 24 2009 @ 09:29 AM
Read the book. Forget the movie. Also, go to his site, they are described there.

I walked back to the chair and stood beside it, looking at the buttons. I was thinking about pushing some of them, when I heard a faint sound. I whirled around and looked at the door. There, standing in the open doorway, was a human being!

I stood frozen to the spot. He was a man about six feet two inches tall. His helmeted head barely cleared the doorway. He was extremely muscular and evenly proportioned. He appeared to weigh about two hundred pounds. He wore a tight-fitting bright blue suit of soft material like velour. His feet were covered with black boots, a black band or belt wrapped around his middle. He carried no tools or weapons on his belt or in his hands; no insignia marked his clothing.

Blue jumpsuits..

posted on Jan, 24 2009 @ 03:07 PM
Hi Tom,

Welcome to the forum...if you ever make it here.

The subtle quality of your tonal scale-pitched and metered; your genuine, polite, starkness of conveyance; your youthful complexion-you look 20 years old, yet 40 (?).

I was wondering if you know yourself to be Autism spectrum, slight Down syndrome, or have another non-psychotic brain difference?

(viewing Down syndrome 'as more like' mid point autism spectrum-and less like 'comatose walking,' as I believe, others, including the medical industry percieve it-is the personal actuated preference of myself only-I am not stating anything in here as scientifically proven fact, nor am I a credentialled medical professional-or claim to be)

It's just, ""I am", know myself to be, can be spotted as, and can find my answers within and around the umbrella of explaination relevant to topics influenced by spectrum order Q and A.

I've found, and, it has been superficially explained to me, and I've processed it like this: that, say, if all of the world fell into two camps...
there would, Macrocosmically, (for purposes of communication, and each team's mental illnesses as a 'mute point here due to length of discussion' side bar), two brain mappings.

And here is a little about them, as seen from my eyes, while pondering you, Tom. I attempt to not offend.

Read on.

(below approximation for start point purposes, only)

2 Camps
Camp 1 80 percent world's population.
Camp 2 20 percent world's population.

If, every one in these two camps were to be stuck in one place and sorted by brain mapping specifications, there would, on one side, be 80 percent. And, on the other side there would be 20 percent.

The 80%, Camp 1, has a brain mapping system who's major highways are clear and solid, universially understood-by them- and will, if layed atop each other-overlap easily and compatibaly with any one of it's members; as well as atop Camp 2's. If each map were on a clear film and stacked, the map systems would line up.

The 20%, Camp 2, has a brain mapping system who's major highways are clear and solid, universally understood-by them- and will, if layed atop each other-overlap easily and compatibaly with any one of it's members; as well as atop Camp 1's.

Both have the same off ramps and signs.

However, when they do, it is clearly seen through the film that the #2 camp member's map of vast system's of tributaries (and off ramps, signs, ect) is glowing. And not just glowing, but in a randomly changing pattern. And each one of Camp 2's member tributary maps are glowing in this randomly changing pattern-but not in unison with each other even!
What does it mean?

(psst)science has gotten that far. As far as: 'What does it mean?'. One group of thinkers in the science community, I dare venture from Camp 2 themselves-frustrated and concerned at Camp 1's methods of guess work and experimentation based upon 'guess work and harmful prodding', have thought to let Camp 2 answer that themselves, a bit. As, well.... science didn't have the answer.

'A' Camp's Scenario
Let us say a member of Camp 1 and a member of Camp 2 are friends, neighbors, siblings, what have you. They each have the day off and have thought together that they should make a day of it together.

Camp 2 thinks of this wonderful winding drive he's been crazy to have a reason to go on, that is in the direction of, and happens to endpoint at the beach; and volunteers "Hey-uh (Brilliant smile to Camp 1), Let's go to the beach!(Mental question mark to Camp 1 accompanied by look requesting feedback to *idea*. No response to *idea*.)".

Camp 2 *thinks* of the shinning sunny day, and the sands, and the waves, and responds brilliantly grinning, "Yeah that's a fine *idea* let's do it!" (Camp 1 note to 'self Camp 1': Why is Camp 2 grinning like that??...Question mark. Suspicion. Loss of thought.)

Camp 2, sees Camp 1 is on board with the day; Camp 1 sees Camp 2 is on board with the day. They are both going to the beach. This is where the solid structure of the mapping system 'lines up'.

When Camp 1 carpools with Camp 2, to a destination of Camp 2's choice and Camp 1's agreement, say, the beach; Camp 1 is expecting to get from point A to point B-in the way that Camp 1 *has in it's mind* this ought to be achieved.

Camp 1 is vastly annoyed by the route that camp 2 takes to 'get there'. And Camp 2 is confused by Camp 1's behavior during this journey.

So it has been decided...
Camp 2 drives. To the beach. On 'beach day'. Which, for Camp 2 might happen to only be twice in a lifetime. This being one of those times. Camp 2 has really been looking forward to the opportunity to see all those sights he normally just passes on the way to some pre-sceduled, mandatory destination, such as work or school. They are *right there*.
And that is what he thought she was thinking too. Camp 2 is a boy and Camp one is a girl of their respective camps, in this instance. Though it is as likely the other way around, as not. Gender moot in other words.

Camp 2 can see that the 'Interstate' is filled with off ramps and back roads, nature preserves, tourist attractions, coffee shops, and beautiful sights. Camp 1 can't easily accept that Camp 2 has chosen beach day to drive by each and every one of them along the way, at that particular point in time, as it seems rude and inconsiderate of them.

Camp 2 on the other hand, enjoying what is turning out to be a fine day, is hurt and a little confused by what seems to be Camp 1's change of heart of what had formerly been a "cohesive, paired, and agreed upon *idea* between the two". Camp 2 *has in it's mind* how beach day is supposed to look and feel. Camp 1 *has in it's mind* how beach day is supposed to look and feel. They both think that the other is *thinking* the same thing. They are not.

When "A" Camp 1 is speaking (dealing) with a Camp 1 they are both on an identically worded page.

Camp 1 can not accurately read Camp 2.
Camp 2 has no explaination for why what Camp 1 says is incompatible/conflicting with what Camp 1 then does/acts out.

To Camp 2, short side stops along the way to off roads, nature preserves, tourist attractions, coffee shops, and the beautiful sights is obviously supposed to occur, as, they are obviously along the way-it's beach day-and it's glaringly obvious in the manner and tone of 'any reasonable person would agree with this'. But Camp 1 does not-or so it would seem. As, each time the car slows Camp 1 sighs. And each time it stops, Camp 1 raises it's voice in a screech or exasperation, "Why are we stopping here!?".

Camp 1 thinks Camp 2 is purposefully 'just being rude and embarrassing, or instigating'. And, Camp 1 is embarrassed by it.

And Camp 2 has no idea why Camp 1 would think that, whatever that was, and on beach day of all days!!!

If we were to apply this to you, Tom, if you fit the mold that I am speaking of, by any stretch of the word; or to me, or to any one who falls in the minority CAMP 2... we, or they, or whomever, might better understand that a trip to the beach.... or, in your case, a trip to the stars...

Important to the one taking it-most of all.
If someone asks, or it is implied that they would like to *know* how or what your journey was, and, you tell them, but they stop listening, or take the time they have *asked* you to give and they laugh at it, or bully it, or bully you, or ignore everything about it that they *requested* in the first place, then....

ah. Life in minority Camp 2, in a majority Camp 1 world. Camp 1 wants the answers to questions; and while often embarrassing all of us, by being openly embarrassed. And, Camp 2 openly asks "Why is it that you feel..that?"

[edit on 24-1-2009 by HugmyRek]

posted on Jan, 24 2009 @ 04:42 PM
Edited for "Campiness Correctness" (Had some 1's and 2's mixed up).

Here is how I see most of life when people give me contradictory behavior to what I have said or done or not done for that matter. I thought it might help or at least bore or confuse the dicken's out of ya'll.

Though, I often think that the 80 and 20 percents should be switched. It is how I percieve the world as it affects me-to the extent that it insulates me from Camp 1's undecipherable or strangely existant world.
Think about it... sociology.

After years, and a couple lessons from professors who have already figured out their take on certain segments of life, I formed my own which answers my question, and may answer Tom's question as to why people don't want to listen to his story or say that he is lying about it:

What it comes down to is that they don't understand what you are saying. They are looking for motive. I know it doesn't make sense. You feel you have clearly stated your motive. It gets to their language and how they communicate and believe amoungst themself. (and I believe it has alot to do with their own dishonesty's, honestly--they know how 'they are'.)

I know professionally employed people who if I were to watch a dog get hit in the head by a car, and then were to have told them that very thing had happened--their response would be "No it didn't".
"Yes it did" "No it didn't" "look he is right over there" would ensue for no other observable reason. What am I to learn from this? Not the answer. They won't tell me why they are calling me a lyer. Don't tell that person when a dog gets hit in the head by a car would be the lesson. But, someone else would like to know, unfortunately, the 'right' person didn't listen. Repeating harder each time. (no dogs got hit in the head by a car-it is an example that can be widely applied to the concept).

Camp 1 is relatively meant in this instance to compare Extroverts; Neurotypicals; More often Western Hemisphere.

Camp 2 being Introverts; Autism Spectrum Ordered; More often Eastern Hemisphere..

When Tom gets here, I would like to offer an answer to his question.

Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

Your just more pleasant to be around. (maybe, eh??)
Your pure. Clear.
Big trip like that-acrossed space-all these different types of people and their different types of thinking=They would rather visit with one person than another. Better use of their time according to their mission.

Which was?
A guess: I will think about it.

That's why I think they chose you. The bottom line below all others. You are nice and they are in a strange land. It makes you a plus over some other random. That and that, well, it could be percieved that the way you think is of a closer nature to the way they think. OR at least preferable.

(thought about it)

Are you autistic-I am still wondering. I don't know all the different types, Kanners, ect.
Luck to you.

[edit on 24-1-2009 by HugmyRek]

posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 10:48 AM
Youtube is not usually a nice place for many people who want to tell their story. I'm not brave enough to post videos or start threads here myself. Some people may need someone else to help them get their stories out. Project Camelot seems to also do this?

Many abductees have been said not to want any publicity. It takes a stronger person than myself to be this brave. The Star Child 'experiment' ? may have been one of many hybrid failures for whatever reason.

I've recalled having seen a very similar looking person as what their original picture was in Wiki of the starchild. The ones I recalled seeing were small and were said just by their appearance to have downs syndrome. They were all wearing hoodies and their color was also pale.

They sat in the last row of the auditorium and a little girl turned around and said something like: "Do you all have down syndrome?" and they replied: "NO, we have Up syndrome!"

artists impressions:

I've recalled having met what seemed to be an older clone or original of a girl I knew. I recall she was wearing a blue dress pants outfit and recall the feeling of it was very soft and warm. Not like anything I recall having known otherwise. I guess similar to a child's blanket or fleece? idk

It would be interesting to find out what this material is.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 01:16 AM
reply to post by one4all

I was abducted by people, or some kind of beings wearing blue jumpsuit uniforms also.
They may have had some kind of insignia on the chest. I don't remember the faces. It happened many years ago when I was a child, and they said they were going to wake me up, ...."for this part" Then they had me read a long document to them. They said they watched me in school, and showed me a mental image of them over my school watching me from above in my 2nd grade classroom! For the next several years, having nothing to explain this event, I assumed in my young mind they were Russians because I knew they weren't American, and I knew we were in some kind of spaceship, and at the time the Russians were the only others in space (this was in the late 60s). Many years later, hearing the accounts of other abductees, too many details fit my experience;... a cold white metal room, telepathic communication, their businesslike behavior, etc. One of them stayed with me to my left holding my arm and told me he was, "Like a grandfather".

posted on Mar, 13 2009 @ 01:06 PM
Calli2,what age are you?Do you have any children?Are you male or female?Do you have any recollection of the way you got to the ship?Have you had any problems with your reproductive system?

Has anyone in your family ever mentioned anything about these things?Did you live in a rural area close to a city or town?Do you have siblings?Have you ever had in x-ray of your left calf or leg?Were there cattle mutilations around your area during your childhood,SPECIFICALLY WHEN YOU WERE SEVEN OR EIGHT YEARS OLD?

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