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Just a Guys Look At 2012

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posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 11:20 AM
Yea im About 20 years old now and things like the end of the world stick out to me as an individual. A lot of thing like this inpactme. I like science. The idea of death is also another suject i have found intrest in so when i heard that there could be a day inwhich the heavens rain fire, the earth our home splits in two and everything that we know goes to hell, i had to check it you.
The coolest part of the mayans peoples prediction is a tottal maping of siciety. Check this out. The mayans said it like this

of corse they said this in there own words like , The Begging of time Instead of the big bang.
  • underworld / startdate / event / duration

  • Cellular / 16 billion years ago / Big Bang / 1.26 billion years
  • Mammalian / 850 million years ago / First Animals / 63.1 million years
  • Familial / 40 milion years ago / Primates / 3.1 million years
  • Tribal / 2 million years ago / First Humans / 180,000 years
  • Cultural / 102,00 years ago / Spoken Language / 7,900years
  • National / 3100 bce / Writen Language / 396 years
  • Planetary /1755-1759 ce / Industrial Age / 19.7 years
  • Galactic / January 4 1999 / Internet Global Economy / 360 days
  • Universal / febuary 10, 2111 / Conscious revolution / 20 days

    I think its funny how they predict things afterword. But what ev (2012)
    They said something about a conscious revolution in 100 years. what would we do as a people to change our excistance i ask my self. I know it doesn't matter but you wonder for your great grandchildrens sake. Could we prevent it. Will it even happen? . . . You have to pause after that. because its kind of enevidable. Just like a planitary disaster. Its just what happens first. And in the event of a conscious revolution we would be able hit the restart button for all humanity. Its real funny stuff some times.

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  • posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 11:46 AM
    my thoughts what will come first:

    a big, fat 3rd war...

    about oil or whatever.. but it will come.
    maybe first some nature-catastrophics too.. which hold the people away from the war.. but if there will come no catastrophics..
    the war will come.

    Nia the panda

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