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MK-ULTRA Mind control

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posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 06:08 PM
I pretty much wrote off what I went through when I started recalling things around 9/11 as being schizoaffective and DID as typical for PTSD at that time. But I think 9/11 may have been a trigger for many people now.

I remember as-if being part of a remote viewing training program in the early 70's as a kid and drawing pictures of the twin towers a couple of times.

One of which was as if some bizarre time capsule in my closet and on the wall behind the paneling I would take out. I remember putting quite a few things in that wall. The house was sold and remodeled around 9/11 also and I went in for a tour after the new owners had moved in.

A few things I recall that were in there have now been sold or auctioned. I wonder who it was that did that? I'm assuming the builders.

What was weird was I now recall a remote viewing experience in this same future time period with these newest people there and through one of the kids. This one kid didn't look like he was doing very well and seemed very paranoid holding a stuffed animal.( he has my sympathy)

Some really bizarre things happened around 9/11. Strange visitors and phone calls at the hospital I admitted myself into. One even claiming to be the Pope and an old friend of mine.

I'm fairly certain now that this guy wasn't actually him anyway. Strange that a hospital would let some actor come there dressed like the pope. Back then, I may have even imagined it.

Even after I got out and went to outpatient therapy even more bizarre things were happening. Some of the people were apparently detectives and took one old patient out when she and I started discussing JFK. I don't recall seeing her at my appointment time after that.

The power had gone out in the area and a few hours had gone by as if lost time and we skipped lunch. One of the patients refused to come back.

I remember seeing a very tall grey there at one point. One of the girls working as a therapist I now recall having seen when she was a little girl and growing up a few other times also. I think she claimed we were related at some point.idk

Looking back, pretty much most of my wherever I lived there was bizarre things happening. It's been pretty quiet here though. A UFO over the gas station supposedly and some cop shooting himself in the leg that was also there. Alien hybrids coming in to buy candy wearing costumes? So weird.

I feel like I've been semi-retired while on disability for the past 5 years.

Do sleepers always have missing time events? I would think so. But recalling these past events for some reason seems that we aren't supposed to.

posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 07:17 PM
I don't consider myself a sleeper. I've been remembering what they made me, forget and when, all along. It's just that what concerned me all along, rather, what I focused on and *knew* as an ongoing daily theme; and what other people may want for me to have or to focus on in all their little details, for instance, in retelling, is...
well nominally there is a web of a thousand interconnected strands as to why. And I don't have time to spell it all out. I'm still observing it and making my assessments. Been doing that for 30 years.

I did lose some things. Some things went on way to fast for too short a period of time for me to hang on to in and during the time and the depth and the sheer amount of what was going on.

I've never participated but maybe minimally in any type of psychical excercises since I came here. I was a vessel that had been sucked off of. A shield of deception of sorts. Misused. It's what it seemed like. A passcard. A token. A lucky charm. In the wrong hands. Or is that Miss Used.?

I should have learned. I wanted to. I was aptituded. And simply left out. I was specifically dumbed down consistantly-for appearances and suppression. I was specifically kept away. What does that mean?

Now hearing about it from others and knowing about those types of things in what little I do know, I can't possibly imagine why I would want to learn those skills. I can imagine what I would have liked to have done. But I won't say why, on ATS. My government might come and shoot me for stating that it's alien ambassadorship is a disgrace (or was-I wouldn't know), for all I know my handlers are still infiltrant of it; and that I would not wear it's flag while working in that department: because of it.

But I would have.
It's all in what who thinks is good-no?
Well what is good.

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posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 10:27 AM
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posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 01:38 AM
You activate as guard dog?

I experience distress and unrest when those within long pole poking distance abuse or recreationally use drugs AND place their mental attention on me. Characteristically because I don't. Much like electric interferance.

3 weeks near sleepless as the industry scapegoats on me and sets up next to a nice elementary school. Interesting. My only course to move. I can't think.

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 08:31 AM
reply to post by HugmyRek

If you're referring to me, I dunno. I think many of these people are used as puppets and tools. Some of the things I recall are not things I would have done or even been able to do as if by superior knowledge and super powers.

I tried to bring something simple back to life once and couldn't and yet I've recalled them as-if doing this through me. A few years ago in a hospital, people were as-if healed and brought back from the dead. I have serious doubts considering the amount of BS I've been through.

All I have is weird and bizarre memories. Guard dog? no. Although, some of these did refer to themselves as The Guardians. Likely more BS.

Many interesting special effects anyway. Some would say false miracles. People apparently dying aren't false miracles though. They seem to be better at that. I've heard the name The Executioner and Destroyer when I was a kid and growing up. I've heard the name Gabriel and the Angel of Death also.

One of the biblical references was as if related as little gabriel, little horn or horus. This was I believe the little dark one I met wearing a hoodie a few times. Just one of his many alleged bodies I think.

MKultra is mind control games anwyay. So, in many ways it's used to create disinformation or BS.

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 09:08 AM
This is a very interesting thread. These program are amongst the most evil things I can imagine.

I wonder how many people are being utilized in this joint fashion since childhood? Or is it cabal? Is this joint? If so, what kind of bizarre purpose would this serve the off planet people? I can see the mad, insane nazi influenced US, UK and other psychopaths actually getting off on this kind of thing.

I've suspected this kind of program for quite some time, and wish really it could be blown wide open.

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 09:30 AM

Originally posted by mystiq
I can see the mad, insane nazi influenced US, UK and other psychopaths actually getting off on this kind of thing.

There's evidence of such sickness, the conflating of sexuality and control. In another thread, welivefortheson posted a link to this forum:

It's quite disgusting and depressing (and explicit, be warned) but it's the kind of thing that I think we cannot turn a blind eye to. We need to better understand how the need for power, dominance, and control latent in the human psyche has been stirred to evoke a near-gleeful acceptance of sadistic exploitation in our society. Justified by amok-capitalism and immoral relativism, 'might makes right' is fast becoming a fundamental American value. And that must stop.

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 10:53 AM
For some reason this stuff really creeps me out, and I will look into those links when I feel calmer. I'm an experiencer and my childhood memory involves siting of a grey, memories of nazis and greys (possibly nordics as well) and sitings of crafts. I have vague memories of my father arguing with a nazi and almost killing us. Of course, he doesn't remember anything except one siting of a craft.

This isn't something I really feel overly comfortable with, and already feel like I have a black screen in my mind that shuts out lots of things. I hope not this kind of this stuff. And I really want to know the connection between what amounts to Josef Mengele style programs and ets? And if this is pervasively the kind of reality that exists just below the surface of our constructed world, then are there feelers out for them in every area, in schools, how pervasive do these programs run?

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 12:30 PM
reply to post by mystiq

I checked that other thread out and it just makes me feel like I need to cut down on the caffeine before I have a nervous breakdown.

I'm at the point I guess where I would much rather sit back and see what happenes next than try to box with some ghost. I don't know if I feel defeated so much as it's just too much noise and static.

It seems to me from what I recalled, that there are some greys who want to do the right thing, whatever that means. And unless we see the whole picture, we just don't yet understand. If we're in some war over our free will, than it's got to be hard to convince someone who's a puppet when we try. It's a tug of war and 'monkey in the middle.'

If our DNA was programed as a warrior race or like the african killer bees, than I think it would make sense if it's part of our nature and DNA.

There's so much we still don't know about our true origins. They say we've been dumbed down. Just remember the clones from Star Wars.

It's probably much easier for guys when they don't have the maternal instinct to drive them up the wall over these issues. I spent many years worried sick about my kids in Wisconsin, so I guess I understand some of this and how it feels. This also probably led to my breakdown when 9/11 came and my ex-wife was getting married...again. I had to walk away. Who are the real survivors?

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 12:35 PM
Reconpilot mentions how we were manipulated dna wise to create warriors and slaves, but even more so that this et race of renegades was bred to be warriors. Well, I consider it all lunacy. The greys that have made themselves known to us again this year to me have integrity and honor, and probably saved us from the nazis. At least I like to think this, but short of real concrete memories its pretty hard to pin. And I really want to know these things, especially concerning my son. When he was sharing memories and a siting of a grey and missing time last fall, I had pilot training stuff bouncing off him. And like thats really going to happen, not!!!!!

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posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 01:01 PM
reply to post by mystiq

The problem may be that these greys are also part of this nightmare and they know well enough what's going on, but still can't defeat them. They may also be trapped here. The coming event in 2012 may actually be a loophole and a release of the 'beast' (or us) of this control some system has on us. Some greys may also be hosts and or clones. There's so much we still don't know.

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 03:55 PM
If a great catastrophe doesn't depopulate us, and for some reason I keep seeing humans going on and eventually something happening that will further us into a more civilized advanced world. In other words, even should disasters occur, and I hope not, then I see not a reset button, but something else, a simpler but advanced technology developing from it, and a mixing of cosmic people with our agenda. At least I received that message, and that it would actually be more like 300 years before the kind of disclosure I would like, along with a mentorship program towards civilized equality and psi development, would take place.

Don't know again what to make of it. I do remember a vision of a 1000 foot tidal wave on the coastal mountains, which were a 1000 feet high, about to topple on the Okanagan Valley when I was a child, and telling my mother. She didn't comfort me, and instead shared a similar vision when she was a child. So, who knows. I just hope we did some timeline hopping there.
She also shared with me visions of the valley being a kind of inland sea, and more aggregarian farming communities along the banks with simpler lifestyles, but clean technology.

The other thing that seems to be is a possible battle of some kind planned or staged, maybe with the renegades who are secretly, perhaps not so secretly, running this planet. Perhaps people who have been trapped here will finally be free.

I just think we need to shine our lights and act cooperatively, let the renegades and politicians know they stand alone with their war games and serving the inequality game, and start to make a difference at a local level because by doing so we invoke galactic law, and can't just fall at the wayside during whatever may go down. We can't be their slave race, doing their bidding any longer.

I don't like having the strong feeling of living with just a layer, as if theres more to remember, but I can't pull it together. Still, this thread is alarming to me. I don't know what is good to remember at times.

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 12:11 PM

Originally posted by aleon1018
reply to post by HugmyRek

If you're referring to me, I dunno. I think many of these people are used as puppets and tools. Some of the things I recall are not things I would have done or even been able to do as if by superior knowledge and super powers.

No, ohhhhh sorry, no, aleon, I was reading crossed visioned. The comment was to General Eyes on patrol
I read page one as the ending of page two.

I thought I was all alone. When I was 'woken' I was woken to the ( ) that wherever I was others were too-. Wherever I was-there were others viewing me. It's a priceless gift. Within that-they do not all speak for me.

Saying 'I remember' is saying that I remember where there are (pieces) to remember, 'of what' I remember. I don't want to get any other innocent people harmed. Within that some innocent people do not want to be discovered. What about them-what about me-what about the others.

All I ever cared about was holding onto my mind. The crime is that it was robbed to cover a very important detail. The psychologists, I felt were innocent.

I have had so much help-it has been unbelievable. I don't have words for seeing a familiar face-one that can connect with me. Speaking with a familiar voice-one that can hear me. A familar pair of eyes-ones that look into me. That may have been all that it took.
To begin. For me to trust myself.

I understand I was made to forget some sensitive information. With a promise that it would be returned, a portion of it left alone, and a ongoing numbing of any further 'traumas' as a side effect due to one pyschologists personal taste-to end with the 'duration' of the cover. That last part I hope is true.

I recovered some eariler covers within that. One in paticular which was placed with care. The rest were purely criminal.

I do not know how to thank the men and women who made this possible.

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posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 06:31 PM
Listen, I am starting to remember everything. I sent this to Stew Webb:

There is a new design of Particle Cannon called a "Multi Projectile Matter Cannon". The concept is simple. Railguns can propell steel so far past its natural point of 'maximum velocity' that the steel becomes supercharged and dissipates. (I dont know if you are familiar with the depleted uranium slap rounds, but its the same concept, the 'casing' dissipates and the depleted uranium round continues).

You take diamonds and shape them into ninja star shaped disks. You put them into the steel pellet by first melting the steel, then mixing them in. WALLAH. You propell the steel so fast it dissipates, thus releasing the diamonds to travel a speeds up to, but not limited to MACH50. Now thats a Matter Cannon. And you can build one in your own house.

Its what I was supposed to kill the Kings Son with, after I took out the Thai General... and sparked civil war using Jam Long supporters to blow up Thaksin supporters.

I was going to kill Obama in El Dorado... I was going to Butler County Community College. Diamond Tipped Tungsten rounds, that will go through his motorcade like hot steel through butter. Diamond/tungsten rounds are superior to depleted uranium rounds. Not to mention inside the tungsten is an explosive, once the diamond connects, theres a secondary explosion inside the 50cal round that gives the diamond extra force. They want Obama dead. This is a 'credible' threat. Its over his birth certificate. Tell me, is his birth certificate really a phony? They say they can prove this after the assassinate him... thus that is why if I had even gotten caught, I would have gotten off the hook for 'just doing my job'. I felt like a fall guy... like Oswald. So they brainwashed me and stuck me back in Thailand with a new mission. Which was ultimately to wipe out the Monarchy.

Do I have your attention now?

I can build the anti-gravity free energy centrifuge inside of the UFO's. I have seen the blueprints, and I have a photographic memory. I have been inside a UFO. Its based on creating a magnetic field greater than earths magnetic field. They can take a 90 degree turn at mach 2 and you dont even feel a thing, because you are in your own ... i dont know what you call it. Your own 'field'. UFO's are real man. I can build one. And I can put a Matter Cannon on it too. [Centrifuge works with these 3 concepts combined, pre existing centrifical force/magnetic vortex/uniquely designed perpetual wheel, the centrifuge rotates, and once it gets going 3K it becomes weightless, you have to put restrictors on it to keep it from rotating too fast because it will want to keep going... it will literally get spinning so fast it will all fall apart. That is where all of the free energy comes in, in the friction of restriction. You capture the energy, then you use it. Negative charge down, positive charge up, and you have anti gravity... literally you lift off the ground... direct a positive charge in any direction, negative on the opposite side, and you have directional propulsion. Wallah, you have a UFO. Make it disk shaped, and made of ceramic and you can travel upwards of Mach17.)

I am trying to tell you I am an 1811 (NSA Criminal Investigator), just use your connections to look me up. Get my files into the public domain.

Build these 'MP Cannons' to take out the real 'terrorist organizations'. Bilderberg, Skull and Bones. Literally David Rockefeller, Paul Wolfowitz, Bush Sr., Hillary Clinton, Every member of Bilderberg and CFR think tank. They are all Mentally Insane and I can prove it. They are insane from their lust for power.

Justin Woodward Undercover 1811 (NSA) & 8541 (USMC SS). I enlisted as an 0311. I am one of the former members "Valerie Plame" team. That was my team. I was there at the Intel meeting in Baghdad. They control both sides... they did it to Plame, now they are doing it to me. #.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 06:57 PM
reply to post by Illuminator911

I've recalled possibly seeing some displays of some of these weapons on cable. I also recall many years ago around 9/11 of some weapon that can shoot and kill someone standing behind an I beam.(which is really no big deal now) What's also interesting since you mentioned her name, I recall having met her around 1998. Was she ever a model? idk You might also ask Coast 2 Coast about doing an interview on this also if ATS mix doesn't.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 06:57 PM
Oh, no I stopped taking my medication. That was the problem. As soon as I stopped taking the sedatives... I started remembering everything. I got that shot I was talking about at that point in time. I woke up in Bangkok without anything but my passport and 2,000, and the clothes on my back. My clothes still wet from running away from police dogs the first day I bailed out of Phuket. This # is like Hostel. They were trying to kill me. But it was in Bali that everything was really to go down. The CIA team was waiting for me in Bali. But instead I ran out into the thai/cambodia jungle and got a satelite hookup and lived off the grid for 4 months, just waiting for that amphetamine shot to wear off.

I finally got my head back on right. I am protected by the Asian Secret Society. Dont worry about me. I am still alive. Can you believe that? After everything I said. HAHAHAHAHA, I am still alive.

I stimulated the battlefield with a counter-attack that I set up BEFORE my last brainwash. SO the next time I 'woke up' I had like... 'answering machine messages' left to myself in my conscious memory. Like schizophrenia i was hearing words, but in my own conscious voice. "Ali Mohamed", "Skull and Bones", "Bush Sr.", "Fight Club". It drove me so insane it literally drove me and sat me down in front of the computer. And I started to see how this... this 'mental disorder' that should just be... not connected to reality at all... really do a hell of a lot to fill in my amnesia. Holy #.

My problem is i keep going into shock, and breaking down... 're-booting'. They knew this would happen. Its just such a huge @$(*$%& conspiracy. You know one of Hitlers most famous quotes that you do not see in mainstream society?

"The masses are more easily victim to a GREAT LIE than a small one." -Hitler

p.s. I am related to Herman Goering, my mothers maiden name is Goering. Herman Goering was the lineage that was to take Hitlers place. I think this has something to do with me being in the MK-ULTRA program... I wonder what my role would have been had I assassinated Barrack Obama in my home town... I think I would have likely been fanaticized, and the hit made to look like it was racial. Literally they would have spun it, to start a civil war. Just look up on youtube Aaron Russo's testimony about Nick Rockefeller, and what he was told. They use me as the catalyst to start fires. What happens when... I dont do it. Holy #, this is going to be huge.

The only thing they can do now... at this point... HAHAHA. DENY DENY DENY. If they kill me. I turn into a Martyr, and then the Royal Family will be forced to investigate and it will become an International event.

Yo. I risked my life on the front lines of the invastion. There was no reason to die in that fight... it was all over a lie, there were no weapons of mass destruction. I WAS THERE. If I loose my life fighting the real $(*& &(*&()*& behind 9-11. No problem. At least I die taking on the source of all these problems, and not dying from a mere illusionary distraction.

Literally, I am not delusional. I can prove everything with evidence. POW. I am going to file freedom of information acts. I right now suffer amnesia. I demand the United States of America give me every single file it has on me. Every phone call, every military record. I am under Research and Development:

I want those files, and all my military files.

Look out for it. I am going to be sending these requests out. And there is not a damn thing they can do to stop me. Anyone involved in trying to conseal/cover me up is aiding and abetting the conspirators conspiring against me. Thus, they become accomplices to crimes against humanity.

Take that David Rockefeller, Paul Wolfowitz, and Bush Sr., you de-generative-socially incompetent......

Check this out. They gave me the best training since childhood.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 06:59 PM
This is interesting.

I totally concur with the 9-11 event as being a trigger for many of us.

I had been experiencing all sorts of bizzare and inexplicable phenomenon I couldn't (and still can't) rightly explain leading up to that day.

The day of Bush's inauguration was calm, but I had some visual hallucinations that were generally benign in nature. I was hallucinating code (i couldn't translate consciously) and shortly thereafter and/or around that time I started shifting into soldier mode mentally.

I can't verify the timeline, so much if that period is muddled for me.

I also would like to note that on the positive side, I was in a period of extremely high creativity, and was wrestling with a few of my personal demons...sounds scary to some, I'm sure, but in hindsight - I gleaned a lot of ideas for various artistic endeavors.

So it worked out.

The past ten have been one wild ride, and I've been through some pretty crazy scenarios, but it's working out and bringing me to a peaceful acceptance and closure in my greater role in our community, our nation, and our world.

It pains me to hear stories of soldiers who have been through more severe scenarios - you have my deepest respect and sympathy. I've been through a few war simulations myself, but nothing like what some of you guys have described. My heart goes out to you.


And to civilians who read about this:

Not everything about MKULTRA is evil and insidious. I think it's generally a well-meaning program designed for a multitude of reasons, mainly in the service of assuring domestic tranquility and keeping the peace.

At least, for those of us on the homefront, anyway.

This doesn't mean that the job is easy, it doesn't mean that we won't be subjected to terrible and horrible situations....but it does mean that by our personal sacrifice of a "normal life" - we can help protect those who can't protect themselves - whether at home or abroad.

To other members of the program:

If you feel you're going through too much to handle, please feel free to U2U me. I'll be more than happy to listen and help you work through some of that stuff.


posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 07:21 PM
Whatever possible connection I may have possibly had seemed to be closer to remote viewing. The suggestion of OOBE and as if time jumping is also really bizarre.

My military experience ended before it even started in bootcamp with other weird things that happened. The one drill sergeant who was punishing me on the field in front of Air Force personel, ended up having some nervous breakdown and retired that same day. The presence of Air Force personel has been a life long occurrance I've recalled anyway. One was also in a grade school classroom observing.

I'm under the impression that some of us were defects and eventually given medications like chemical lobotomies. A recent site I found mentioned ectasy or the chemical formula was used in MKultra programs or CIA also. I think this was something I was accused of having used when I was homeless after 911.

"EA-1475, now better known as Ecstasy"

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posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 07:27 PM

Is this not MK-ULTRA as well? You guys are crazy to think you are not brainwashed as well. Obama got into Presidency... he is Bilderberg. Right now they are setting up 'bowling pins' with Obama. They are doing everything they can to idolize Obama, and then they throw the bowling ball down the pike, (bowling ball = assassination) and they knock all the pins everywhere creating hysteria.

Literally... this Obama worship is just the 1 in a 1-2 combo. Rise him up, then take him out 'in public'. Just like the movie "Hitman". Now you understand who I am? Have you seen the movie Hitman? I watched that movie in Thailand then went to College at Butler County, and Obama came to my school.

What do you think about that? # gets weird, I am telling you. Just go onto youtube and look up tesla, and just start doing your own research. Look up H.A.A.R.P. and 'beta brainwave' and 'alpha brainwave' patterns and what H.A.A.R.P. is used to do weekly... Literally kick brainwave processing out of the superior beta processing and back into a slower, intentionally stunted mental state. Through the use of high frequency radio waves. You cant hear it, but it effects you. Like a tiny earthquake in your head that shakes it up. Like a concussion. And then you 'restart'.

Its amazing... but Alex Jones is keenly aware to what is going on. But nobody really gets it. We have to take out the head of the snake... we cannot fight with their 'police force'. We cannot respond with force to the guards. You must remember, the guards dont want to fight either, they want to give up. But they are scared to walk out into the crowd and submit to them.

Tell them to just come out into the crowd and you will protect them, feed them, shelter them. Watch these 'bilderberg' guards start giving up, giving into the pressure. They all have RFID's, if they rebel, they get 'turned off'. So promise to take care of them via an 'underground' connection that is off grid. Set it up, and start taking this infrastructure down.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 07:38 PM
reply to post by GENERAL EYES

You are way out of line. You are so full of #. MK-ULTRA was a purely NAZI war mentality program designed for catalyzing horrific events to maintain 'shock and awe' and oppression, through assassinations and so forth. You need to STFU buddy. MK-ULTRA is a horrific program that rapes, molests, tortures, assassinates, and enslaves. There is not a damn thing good about this program. Dont put yourself on my red-list bro.

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