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MK-ULTRA Mind control

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posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 10:12 AM
I dont know how else to do this except to just say it. It sounds unbelievable, and the hardest person to convince has been myself.

August 6th 2008 Bush Sr. comes to Thailand and meets with the Prime Minister.

(I am ignorant to all of this, it was like I was sleepwalking, I was out of touch with reality. I had a dream in the middle of August that I was abducted, taken to a private jet, and raped while flying around above Phuket Thailand. The next day my anus had a tear and a knot in it and it hurt badly. I told myself that I had developed hemroids or something, and that durring the night my anus hurt... which caused me to have the bizare dream, and not the other way around. A common psychological defense mechanism called dissociative denial.)

Thailand at the time, was divided. Thaksin group vs the Jam Long group. At the core of the issues is the charity money that was intended for the families and regions that that hit by the 2004 Tsunami. Among other issues were crimes the Jam Long group had proof Thaksin had committed... like tax evasion, and insider stock market trading.

Split personality disorder and multiple personality disorder is not taught in Thai schools... to 'normal' thai's. So it is out of their paradigm, they are ignorant to it. So when the girl I was with started telling me (after that bizarre dream) that I had split personality disorder just like the movie "Fight Club", when she told me "there are several people in your character." and the genuine conscerned look in her face... it really blew my mind, because I was completely ignorant to the existance of 'other sides'.

Long story short, I was a sleeper agent. I enlisted as an 18X in the Marine Corps, an independant operator that recieved advanced individual training so that my name was never on the 'red list' the 'watch list'. I am an MK-ULTRA Mind Control sleeper agent. A spy/assassin.

That Tsunami in 2004 was done by H.A.A.R.P., it put millions of dollars into the hands of the corrupt Thaksin Regime which worked with Bilderberg and in turn Bush. Bankers monopolized.

They used the corruption issues to create a divide, knowingly. But with all that money they made from charitable donations from the Tsunami... they used it to set up a domino effect.

Thaksin used a Mole to finance the Jam Long group and mis-direct hostilities, keep everything focused on Thaksin, when Thaksin is not the head of the snake, not the root of the problem. The problem is BILDERBERG, Trilateral, CFR, Illuminati, and the corrupt CIA.

SO they divided the Thai nation. Thaksin group vs Jam Long Group. I was supposed to teach the Jam Long group Guerilla Warfare tactics, while getting them wound up, pushing them past their breaking point... I have it all written down in my blog. 20 pages with links to prove the existance of MK-ULTRA. I am just like Ali Mohamed, I DID enlist as an 18X. I just had no idea this was what I was signing up for. I signed up to get to the bottom of 9-11... not to pit Thailand vs Thailand in what would have been a never ending civil war that would have gotten nowhere.

Remember that weird dream... the rape. In that dream I was sat down with paper and a pen. I was told what to write down.

Take Jam Long supporters, fanaticize them. Push them to their breaking point and then give them a means to vent... show them how to make bombs. The Tha General and the Kings Son sold Thailand out to Thaksin. Kill them and Thailand will be able to acchieve justice.
Just think about it... bombs made... they are pissed off... they snort coke... Bam! POW!

I realized I was an MK-ULTRA brainwash victim... I then got a long lasting amphedamine shot, because I rebelled. (meth emulsified in a slow disolve oil base that lasts up to 4 months). I talked to fast for people to listen to me, couldnt think, destroyed my credibility. I lost 45lbs... I am lost right now.

for whole story read my blog

posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 10:29 AM
You were raped while flying around an area called Phucket? Ironic. Seriously though if your not making this up I think a few people have sued and actually won a decent amount of money. You should look into it.

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posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 10:43 AM
Have you ever tried novel writing?

No seriously you'd be fantastic

posted on Jan, 23 2009 @ 03:20 PM
Phuket is an island, the Island I was staying on. Its in the southern part of Thailand, called the Pearl of the Adamantium Sea.

I am not really worried about suing right now bro... I am trying to get heard. I called the FBI and said "I need to talk to you about MK-ULTRA" and I no # got hung up on.

I cant believe it. I am like a race car spinning out, getting no traction, going nowhere, because all of my agencies FBI/Marine Corps Force Recon, they all hang up on me.

Ok, get this. My visa is expired by 3 months, and I walk into the Police Station, talk to the Chief of Police, his name and number:
+66 081-626-4141 Chief Of Police Sarayut

I told him I was to conduct PSYOPS against the Thai Nation, with my primary objectives the Thai General and Kings Son. I talked to him about how I was just like Ali Mohamed and Saeed Sheik Omar, showed him how I got paid 3,400USD tax free every month by the Government via "Behavioral Health" AKA MK-ULTRA... and he hasnt done anything. WTF.

Force Recon, MY FORCE RECON from 5th regiment hung up on me.

This is a joke you know that. I had the insight to see that what I was going to/supposed to do was not in the best intrest of Thailand. I can give a class on psychological warfare, a class on sniping, and a class on blowing the # out people with IED's.

MK-ULTRA is the biggest secret America has. FBI/CIA/Pentagon/Whitehouse will all deny it, however Clinton admits to it and there is a video of it on YouTube. The whole point of MK-ULTRA is to create brainwashed super-agents. They are superagents because they are put into a trance, an altered state of mind. They are like zombies, which I was. They feel nothing and have recieved so much training.

But I broke out of it. I am completely unprepaired for this. I can kill the Thai General, and hundreds of Thaksin Supporters no problem... but getting heard... thats really hard. Just go to my myspace page, read my blog. Do the math.

posted on Jan, 24 2009 @ 10:43 AM
reply to post by Wethesheeple

Sorry!, but before saying something like this to the threadstarter first check on google for Pucket.
BTW i've been in Pucket 1998 for 17 days at Karon and Kata Noi Beach.
Its just a big holiday island where a lot Europeans, Aussis and Japanese go.

posted on Jan, 24 2009 @ 10:59 AM
I wouldn't doubt some type of mind control programs are involved with the sex trade in areas like this.

No doubt many go there regardless of alleged mind control programs. Whether or not the OP is credible is unknown. I doubt a sleeper would know, but there are stories anyway. As for George Bush senior, I doubt he would even do this anymore if he ever had. I think it would kill him or he just isn't up for it.

posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 02:49 AM
OP, hang in there-and please do not take that literally.

Call the Marshals.

posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 03:59 AM
I've always heard truth is stranger than fiction and your recounting of the events you say took place proves it.
I've no reason to doubt you - or judge you, but, I'm not sure what I can do to help other than to hope all goes well for you.
What can average people do?
My first reaction is you should try to get together as many people who’ve been put in similar circumstances and put all your collective heads together.
Is that a good thing to do?
I don't know.
I hope you can find peace somehow - find what you need.
I'm so sorry for your plight.
Take care of yourself.


posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 04:23 AM
OP are you on any medication?

If so what kind?

if not and you are telling it as it is first thing you need to do is vanish from there mate.

Try to get into the EU and go to ground Take this advice from a person who once had to vanish from the world for 3 years and start a whole new life.

peace and Hope

posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 05:18 AM
One more.
It just came to mind that possibly the service that made the agent assassin counts on the fact that he will be so overwhelmed, screwed up, discredited (as was said in the opening post (OP) ) that he will not arrive at what the 'hang ups' are (at a reach) indicating. They have had years, perhaps even centuries to perfect it. Hitler. UFOs. US taking the Nazi's in to 'learn' from them.

Follow with me for a moment. Hypothesis about the agency hang ups: is this a *hint hint*--a case of "It has become a civil matter?" I am reminded of threats and stalking in our neighborhood and the policeman repeating over and over "It is a civil matter".

Now-If some one in this situation can find a lawyer that specializes in suing the government then (leave dollars out of the equations for a moment) this would equate to the judges 'hearing' that tale-.

(this may be wrong in the court route sense, I'm not a genius at courts). The matter is federal. Supreme Court handles federal. Supreme court is the supreme butt kicker concerning acts of in- justice.
Well, no reasonable person would disagree with this.

A thought. The presumed offending agency claims no knowledge of the sleeper agents processing/abduction? Scary. Propondence of the evidence. Lincoln: We find our truths to be self evident.

Once the sleeper agents lawyer hears their convoluted complaint enough to derive which charging paths or revelation paths to take-he/she or the lawyer 'or someone' can act as the referral to the Marshals towards their witness protection-least another spy/assassin disappear him in the interim.

It may be that the Marshals are a referral agency-. Someone cognitively able could call the number and ask. That or a request for a lawyer who understands this, may be the route to reach access to their services. It seems reasonable considering the danger and risk of the circumstance, that an ex Ultra, would definately be needing the security-from his handler, his agency, and all those low paid/high paid favor paid thugs who get their records washed.

I doubt by the description of the handler's nature that there really is a safe unadulterated place where the handler wouldn't just be able to pop sensitive information up on a screen somewhere. Parably: Always there is the thief for hire to break into the impenetrable castle--It would be nice. He hadn't signed on for rape. Only a sickly sinister person would have been able to convince program funders that this tactic either works or is neccesary for the 'end product'. If the constitutional question what point in war do human rights cease to exist concerning the governments action towards it's operatives? You may have guessed that I consider rape to be a human rights violation. It is not so unreasonable. I read somewhere about the habit of 'taking out' an operatives worldly attachments.


Illuminator911, beyondcurious: it wasn't this one was it? Was there a small blonde child there? If so, she is 40 now. Aft opening craft?

oh, especially if the costume of the day was head dressed/maybe face nylon (which comes and goes after the big shave) and before or after pockmarking. and especially if stitches followed.

ignore otherwise, with my regrets.

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posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 10:08 AM
It's hard to say as to what task the Marshals have with people who are problematic. I've recalled a few times alleged Marshals and others were supposedly who they claimed they were. Other MKultra operatives could be anywhere.

I recall an incident where supposedly over 400 marshals died in one day over one person who supposedly died and yet lived. The natives were restless and many moved out. Such a bizarre memory and yet, nothing on the internet about it either. False memories and or an extremely well planned coverup? idk.whatever.The street was covered in small us marshal pins the size of a quarter. I doubt they ever wore those anyway. Interesting bizarre memory and special effects anyway.

I have serious doubts the origins of all of this are just Nazis...that also apparently learned about time travel? Nordics, Nazis.etc. just more fun speculation and diversions I think.

As with the truth being stranger than fiction, I think that's why many prefer it to be labeled that way and just enjoy the show.

posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 03:07 PM

Originally posted by aleon1018I recall an incident where supposedly over 400 marshals died in one day over one person who supposedly died and yet lived. The natives were restless and many moved out. Such a bizarre memory and yet, nothing on the internet about it either. False memories and or an extremely well planned coverup? idk.whatever.The street was covered in small us marshal pins the size of a quarter. I doubt they ever wore those anyway. Interesting bizarre memory and special effects anyway.

That is interesting. I'd cry for that. What did you do that you would have that type of recollection? Operative? Family member? Human shield?
I mean....what was your 'odd' role in life?

Could you explain "supposedly died and then lived"? (if you have more words about it than that). Like maybe when a replica is created by the universe during TT?

I will have to go read some of your posts :-).

I typed for two hours in my first response to the OP. Then I worried something might be particularly safety sensitive and backed it out. Unfortunately then I couldn't figure which wasn't and backed it all out. :-(

I got a an individualized memory of hundreds of murders. Not saying there are not thousands, just focus more on the running memory of people who had touched my life personally and then got ...-as well as total strangers. Many having take place at public venues taking advantage of media blackout. I imagine their are no records. Some of them I find though, though backtracking. Some of them I stumble on in text while tripping on the fact that I am seeing others. Mostly the non public venue ones. I write them down, but can't focus to write. I am angered that there is some sort of 'special place' (LEO secret files, I imagine) for public venue killings--

I spent many hours clearing up one on paper that has by all means an undesireable person (which for that person occurred afterwards) in prison for life--and hand delivered it to a pd.

I'm trying to think through a town or region in the states that is not a total graveyard for me. So I don't have to... drive by, or live next to, or stumble on the instances of those memories and recollations. Not that I mind, I don't. I want to compile them all. Want a relatively low count area to visit, though. Maybe Cincinatti. There is something in Cincinatti-but not a lot of somethings, for instance.

Psychic John Edwards would kick me out of his audience, methinks.

posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 05:34 PM
These memories are from various times during my life. Whether or not they actually happened or were somehow implanted were extremely lucid and vivid when the were originally recalled in 1991. Otherwise, I recall having had missing time episodes.

The person who was shot around March 1986 was on the upper level of the building and just stood there while the woman 'Cindy Dee' dressed in a black swat outfit shot him in the head with her left hand until he dropped. Than the greys supposedly brought another body or clone and he stood up as if healed. I'm sure the people didn't see or recall that though. I also recall having been just sitting in the chair in the apartment while these things were going on outside.

The brains, blood and gun shots were all over the wall and doorway behind him. I recall the maintenance guy cleaning it up. The Mexicans, who were most of the tenants there just kept saying Diablo!! For some reason after it was over, many actually celebrated. I think some American indians also showed up who were supposedly related to another tenant a few doors away.

It as really odd and I don't recall many area cops around for awhile either. I recall a few news teams supposedly being there and known reporters. I think the news story was about some psycho chopping the heads off of these marshals or whomever with a machaetti. I seriously doubt this was actually on the news though. How these things stay out of the history as if x-files is hard to believe also.

I think they called it the day of Diablo and used to celebrate every year for awhile. One time I drove by there, that particular building was cleaned up and chained off and apparently no one was living there. Most recently, I drove by and it was back to what it was as if nothing changed. Hard to know what's real memories anymore.

I think I've recalled having been in what seemed like sets or reproductions. Some were apparently large enough like some sets used in hollywood. Another example with one movie was Dark City. Not that this is what they do exactly.

posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 06:32 PM
I don't really know what my odd role in life has been. I guess in some twisted way I was part of that so-called Truman show syndrome for someone out there. Why they would make me forget so much is confusing. I guess some people are chosen as puppets for someone elses show like a chess game.

Apparently it started around the age of 3. False memories and alleged clones could be anytime afterwards without knowing much difference. I don't know why some are chosen. Maybe we're always chosen in every new life. Some may say elite groups and playing games.idk for sure. I have my doubts it's just government mind control programs.

I've also been led to believe this world is some type of amusement park for visitors. Maybe they sell and or trade memories between different worlds. Brainstorm movie trailer:

science fiction may also be advertising

I only recall one person mention MKultra a few years ago and if I told you, you wouldn't believe that either. Some of the recent videos on some of these people now said to be related to MKultra were some of the well known remote viewers like Russell Targ. I wrote to him once, but he didn't respond that I was ever part of the program. They may have looked into it, but I'm fairly certain I falied back then or was what they wanted me to believe. My role may have been a diversion or a test run.

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posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 07:37 PM
reply to post by Illuminator911

I can relate to your story. I never joined the military but I have been a target for a sleeper agent program. For the past two years what I now consider to be a computer-satellite-laser system has been overtly interacting with me using triggered thoughts, 'disturbances' (from external electromagnetic stimuli) and environment interactions. This overt programming began after I visited southeast Asia in 2006 which included Thailand. It interacts with my dreams seemingly every night sometimes with strange situations similar to the one you describe.

Other ways it has interacted with me include signals from electronic sources such as televisions, iPods and cell phones as well as internal auditory and visual communication. I imagine if I didn't have social grounding I would have been at the service of this system and kept silent about it. The experiences it has put me through and my attendant feelings of them have had a powerful influence on me; for awhile I thought I was a part of the CIA/NSA team and as a result had unlimited possibilities; I viewed myself as superhuman (being connected to this system) living in an alternate reality being programmed to work for the hidden government--I felt special and above society. When I probed the situation and learned more about it, this delusion fell apart; I now suspect some antecedent of the current system targeted me preconception for occult reasons.

Be wary, it uses GUILT to control. Also, posting personal information such as your social security number is dangerous due to identity theft by either chance occurrence or agents under this system's control (who are perhaps unaware of its influence).

Here are some links to my experience:
Military AI Supercomputer Mind Monitoring: What I have learned
Synchronicity: 1981 and 2011 (something you might appreciate from your handle: 9/11 = .81818181...)

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posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 08:12 PM
Interesting case you have here...

I was born into it via a military family.

I have no idea what I do, I just know every so often I'm triggered and end up patroling my area. Lame stuff, nothing too groundbreaking. Most of what I go through is systematically erased (details) and I couldn't begin to dechiper the codes that operate during those times. I'm simply on autopilot.

I hope you find your center and peace, Illuminator911.

posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 04:08 AM
reply to post by aleon1018

I had to clean up after a decapitated relative/friend's head once. I screamed; they laughed. It was just for a minute, as one of the men took over with an angry look.

I thought the head belonged to one person when I saw it and cried out the name, before realizing that it was one of his friends or brothers, as the lips were not those of Tomin, but the face of one I relate to him but too fuzzy. I was both grateful it wasn't him and guilty for not knowing the name of who it exactly was. I hadn't seen them in so long. They used to tease me about my "Katu" butt-whatever that means.

The head was stored in the forward compartment of a dingy in rainy choppy seas of the Puget Sound in 85 or 86. Had to have been 85 as the rot was of a scent. It got thrown in the water. It was in a white grocery bag. We were on our way to another boat. Damn boats.
Recently, I detailed a dingy. It about killed me.

I didn't see him killed. It was out of nowhere.
It smelled like it had been a month before. I'm guessing at this. The brain was scented pungently as chitlins, as I would learn some many years later the first time I smelled chitlins. They had made me go to the compartment and 'get the bag there'. *tears* and there it was.

It was on our way to what turned out to be the floating hideout of alleged bomber Inderjit Reyat. He was hiding under a boat couch. I knew him from being held hostage in the days and weeks predeeding.
My life was hostage-but this was very different.

The boat's name, I was told, meant something like Eastern Star. (or something similar). It *may have* been named The Estrella. I only remember asking compulsively out loud "blah blah blah what does that mean" to myself as we were about to board it at a run from the sea.

Later, I met the Society for Creative Anacronism, when I was put away to shut up, and learned the term Estrella there as well. I don't know if that was the word-but similar.

I wondered if it could have been hollywood magic, special effects, ect, about Tomin's friend. I wondered if it were a mold stuffed with pig. I now wonder 'a little' which of what and timeline complications in the way that...
(uh-I don't know how to word this. I've been off my timeline; I don't know how that effects my people in the way that a kid looking for her folks might be concerned about)

But, Tomin was later shot in the neck during a pick up of me, and he knew and called my name he knew me by. And that there means something...
whether we had moved back, or he had been taken through, or, worse, its some big (expletive) game, or that a few years off hadn't changed something that ...

I don't know. Sometimes I get close to pinning it.

Sorry thinking out loud.
We had been on sets, and in audiences, and you know, on all the common tours; we were[/] associated to film and screen and radio. From the Gutterhood to Hollywood to Bollywood and Callygirlhood and Murdergirlandguyhood and Newsmediahood and Newspaperhood and Bookhood (I haven't spent much time re-calling on that last one) and FilmExterminationWithWitnessPresentHood. Cameraman.
eh. I worry when people worry about 'implanted' memories. One of my handlers on occassion tried to 'implant' me with false memories to cover their hits. This involved 'telling" me what "I supposedly did" "and how" .
For instance: "first you walked down the road...then you...ect"

More often various ongoing tortures so I'd forget and see what was in front of me.
Usually I just watched strange happenings surrounding the information that would indicate to me that I was being framed up. Hairs plucked, or being sent to a location; being forced to write letters, or provide false testimony.

I did what I had to to not get someone killed moment by moment while working within the boundries I was given. That was my carrot.

I've never killed. anyone. anything. I can't even hunt. -not while on my normal and natural timeline-

Almost I had to, almost once. I almost did--but not because of 'programming', because I was handed a gun and told to after being given some jacked up shot that made me throw up, the air become heavy and booming, and odd visual drippies.

The man was beautiful.
He had been kidnapped off of a street in Portland or Vancouver,WA.
I had not been enrolled in preschool yet, that I remember. Though, I was older than preschool aged.

I was told and shown the trigger. And left there standing alone some feet away from this beautiful, beautiful man, in a somewhat sunken highway median field. Who just slowly turned his head and looked in my eyes with his back to me, his hands duct taped behind his back, before turning his head away. The children of the man who was forced at gunsho..point to grab him--"just to shake him up" were on the air planes that were bombed down some years later.

Well..their violin case picture showed up in an author's book on the crime. His kids had been at his gravesite in N WA to watch him be shot and buried in an unmarked grave-before being taken in by his killer. Actually-I don't remember which one shot that one. It was dark. It was scary. It was unexpected. I would try to find it-but I am scared of there.
A The ground was hardpacked soft silted, dry but for the rain. He was my uncle's friend. My uncle was later. N WA. They tried to make me shoot that one too. I waited instead to be shot. Then I cleaned his brains from the floor.

I hope that was movie majic. It could have been. I didn't see the shot. I didn't see who shot him. I was moved to behind a wall and brought back in after. He was being attempted framed for some plane bombings.

His sister and kids were hurt or killed with acid later. That was real. And unexpected. Always-unexpected. I tried to find the building recently.

Back to the median:
The handler took it back and did the deed, saying to me "That some day I will teach you too". And then shot him.

It's good to be brain damaged, in the sense that I would not Ultra. Or maybe that was never my purpose. (I really don't want anyone coming and trying to prove their medicine, ya know?). I can't imagine how traumatic it must be to wake up and know that you killed someone.

I do know what it is like to be 'robbed' of one's memory. After some of these many things I was taken under the table to a psychologist. He called it a 'cover' and described that it would lift in 20 years like a sheet. That it goes on like a sheet and that it lifts as a sheet. But, he didn't finish the procedure, cause when I told him about the planes he then got killed.

A different man under the table (I think that one was under the table) did. I don't know what he was told had happened to the other psychologist. He wasn't allowed to speak privately with me.

I don't feel very right speaking to the weird dreamlike off timeline or off world things such as foriegn wars that *technically* took place before ever I was born. I don't mind-it's just a trip. I prefer the solid that others are able to be on the same page with. I can't do anything about what only a handful of people can get at-why bother?

I'm driven by the want to help people who have been harmed by my situation.

In consideration of the whole "If you took '___' and you've had experiences then it is only because you were on '___'" discreditation speal-- the shot came after those things happened; both before and after the shot. It's what they did to cover their back side.
Besides--I wasn't "Worth" drugs, so they were not wasted on me.
They said that.
Lucky me.

Later they were, a little to make me forget what I saw. Forgetting was a weird process for me, I'd remember but usually their were huge traumas in the following days-or trips-or moves-or airplanes-or work ect; then no frame of reference.

posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 06:26 AM
WOAH ok was just watching conspiracy theary the movie "Mel Gibson"
and the are talking about MK ultra and that very second i see this thread.

Kinda freaked me out

posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 02:02 PM
Interesting. I somehow feel like I was reliving someone else's dream or nightmare. I suddenly felt sea sick on rough seas and wanted my feet back on solid ground.

As for MKultra handlers or whomever, I haven't much understanding of specifics and with miliary objectives and classifications either. People who knowingly say what they are is somewhat confusing if they are sleepers. Sleepers for disinformation? idk. There's plenty of that going around in the punch bowl too.

I have to wonder how many different ways huge numbers of so-called sleepers will be triggered. Possibly by some names and events in sequence? idk I think it may be by a certain story and picture.

posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 04:27 PM
I can't speak for everyone - but I've noticed a few things about my triggers.

It starts off with headaches, then what feels like an electrical charge in my brain, followed by insomnia, then culminates in a feeling of being "on call" and then the subsequent imperative to walk around and check things out.

I've been trying to keep an eye out for other people on foot during these times, and while it doesn't apply to everyone, a lot of us out there during these times make eye contact and nod to one another in passing.

There is also a high concentration of ambulances driving around , and I've noticed that the mental health inpatient centers seem to fill up during these times.

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