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Citizen disarmament led to drop in national average age?

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posted on Jan, 23 2009 @ 04:42 AM
reply to post by NatureBoy

If you have a gun criminals WILL have guns so it's a case of HAVE and NEED or NOT HAVE and DON'T NEED.

In your estimation. I don't agree with you at all. I think that as long as drugs are on our streets, and as long as criminals need arms to shoot at each other and at victims, there will always be a demand for firearms by criminals.

Regarding the availability of arms on the black market- its bloody easy to get a gun in the UK. How did Reece Jones' killer... a 16 year old yob manage to get a handgun? Clearly it isn't as difficult as you paint it. I've heard stories from some less savoury acquaintances of mine that they could get a handgun for as little as £400. Is that your definition of difficult? When you consider how much drug dealers make, the cost of guns is of little importance to them.

The idea that stringent anti-gun legislation somehow acts as a deterrent is madness. I realise that it is the most intuitive response, but it is simply wrong. I wouldn't care to state the statistics here, perhaps you could consult the debate thread between myself and Budski.

In an ideal world, there would be no weapons whatsoever. However simply believing that banning guns in total will not decrease the availability of arms at home or abroad.

In the end, your views would mean that I am unarmed and could be helpless if attacked. My views allow you to decide whether or not you want and need a gun.

Anyway, like I said... most British people agree with you, so the debate is moot.

posted on Jan, 23 2009 @ 07:16 AM
reply to post by 44soulslayer

Indeed most british people do agree with me, we've seen first hand that gun control works.

Ignoring the fact that one idiot kid managed to get a gun (he was i believe looking after it for a bigger criminal who didn't want it near him because of the added prison time he would get if raided) and it caused a massive shock which still echos though our national press all this time later -that's because events like that are rare, i doubt a story like that would have even made NY local news would it?

Guns are very rare in this country now, i admit that i know someone who apparently buried one in some woods 'just in case' but despite the fact i know lots of criminals i don't know where i would buy a gun from -although i do know someone that used to sell unreg handguns back in the 80's but he knocked it on the head and only sells puff now.

I suspect if you were to go and buy some drugs today the person you brought them off would own a gun? so would everyone up the supply chain - this isn't the case in england, yeah the guys at the top of the ladder have guns but i've known people moving tens of kilos who would never touch a firearm -simple reason being if you're in court looking at seven to ten for the dope you don't want to add another ten to twelve on for a gun you've never used.

I do agree that while drug dealers exist guns will exist in the crime world, because a drug dealer can't turn to the police for help, they often have large sums of cash and large piles of drugs so they are a huge target for armed robbery - The simple answer is to legalize drugs - not only does it save us massive amounts of money we can't afford on policing but it takes the money away from evil drug gangs and most often than not puts it into the coffers of your local garden center, coffee shop or chemical lab.

If the world is ever going to be a nice place to live we need to more forward into a modern civilization, guns and prohibition are out dated and counter productive to creating a nice place to live.

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