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Lost in an Asylum

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posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 12:05 AM
Here is a little story I leave to the writers hear please feel free to add on what ever you like.

Am I really doing this, I mean this is crazy walking into an old dilapidated mansion going ghost hunting. We were just talking about it an hour ago but now we are really doing it. Guess I should kept quite.

“Hey Anthony you coming”, “Yeah Cindy I’ll be right there“. Every town has their ghost stories, the places the parents tell you that are haunted just because they don’t want you to go there. I have been to several of those places, but this place is different. I don’t know whether it’s the fact that the buildings look like they are moments away from completely collapsing . The full moon, which appears to be the brightest moon I have ever seen, or the fact that it was an insane asylum for the most sadistic psychotic killers in know to man.

We walk up to the entrance through the creaking and cracking of the floor boards that look like with any step you are going to fall threw. When a chill you to the bone wind blows by, I swear I could hear a voice telling me to turn back while the breeze was blowing past. I turned around and looked at Cindy and said:

“You sure you want to do this”.

“Yeah, what’s the matter you scared”

“Honestly there is something about this place that keeps telling me to stop“.

“Why Anthony, I think this is the first time I have ever seen you scared”.

“What the hell, let’s go Cindy, the dead really can’t hurt us”.

When we enter there is a split staircase leading downstairs and upstairs. I looked at Cindy and said, “You want to go upstairs or downstairs first.” She said, “ Mine as well work from bottom to top.” Works for me I said and downstairs we went. Now the whole time we are in this place all you can here is the wind howling through the old busted out windows and the creaking and popping of the old wooden porch. That, tied in with shadows the moon was making with what was left of furniture in the place, already was giving you the it’s time to get out of Dodge feeling.

We make it downstairs, and by this time we are at a point where the moon shinning through the windows is not giving us any light at all, so we pull out our flashlights and continue on. As soon as we turned on our flashlights we see a shadow down at the end of the hall run into a room. Now at this point fear is starting to play a big role in the way we are feeling, but we are intrigued more then we are afraid. We make our way to the end of the hall to see another staircase leading further down. We stop for a minute and look at each other to ask can you hear that it sounds like someone is walking behind us. As I turn around to see if we are being followed. I can hear Cindy screaming, I turn around just in time to see her being dragged down the staircase.

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posted on Jan, 23 2009 @ 02:33 PM
"The dead really can't hurt us . .?" What about the undead ?

Cindy screamed in terror, real gut-wrenching terror, as whatever had her
pulled her down into the blackness below. Anthony ran over to help her
but she had disappeared from the stairs. He was scared, more scared than
he had ever been in his life. He could not catch his breath, and something
was now pulling on his left foot, something cold and strong, so strong that
he knew he would lose this tug-of-war for his life. He screamed and fainted
at the same time, knowing that there was no one around to hear his words.

Anthony awoke to find Cindy sitting across from him, about five feet away.
She appeared to be strapped into the chair tightly, and her eyes were
covered with duct tape that went completely around her head two or three
times, cropping her hair crazily. Looking down, Anthony realized he was
strapped into a chair too. As he raised his head to investigate further, his
head was brutally seized and the duct tape came over his eyes quickly,
pulling his hair and skin as it binded him in blackness.

posted on Jan, 23 2009 @ 04:47 PM
After franticly fighting his restraints he realizes he is trapped and no matter how hard he tries he will not get free. He stops fighting and starts to listen. He hears a slight whimpering in front of him and calls to Cindy. She answers back, he feels better, at least we are still alive he said to himself. All is quite again, all he can hear is the wind making this dilapidated building pop and moan as it blows through its hallways.

Then he feels an oddly familiar breeze blowing across his face. It seems to stop right behind him. He then feels a sensation of an icy cold hand on his shoulder. He asks “Who’s there, what do you want from us”. Nothing, his questions unanswered . He now feels a presence behind him, where the cold seemed to have come to rest. He could feel the restraints on his wrist loosening. As terrified as he is he can’t help but notice that there is something calming about this presence. It's as if he knows he has no need to fear this presence. He then ask, "Are you the voice I heard before we entered?".

Thank you for contributing.

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posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 03:12 AM
Still no answer. The cold is still there, in a certain way as if a ghost, or a spirit, was resting on him. The sensations produced by this unusual mix of fear, curiosity, and relative quietness are really troubling him. He calls:

- Cindy, you're OK?

She answers after a short while, maybe 2 or 3 seconds that seem to last an eternity:

- uh... yeah I guess, dunno.
- How long were you here?
- I don't know, I lost my consciousness...
- Me too... heh. Any idea how we can go out of here?
- You bet!

Anthony tried to concentrate on all possible ideas. But weirdly enough that cold feeling was somehow the only thing he could really have in his mind. He tried to move a bit, the wrists were not so tightly tied now, but still not enough to free a hand. His legs were also tied to the chair, and his chest and belt too.

Suddenly, the silence is broken. He can hear steps nearby. Someone is coming...

posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 11:48 PM
He slumps back down in his seat acting as if he was still unconscious, for fear of what his captors may do if they realize his restraints are loose and he is awake. Sitting silently in the dark he waits for God knows what to happen. All the while the cold spot is still behind him. It is almost if this presence is comforting him. He hears a deep voice say “Take the girl we’ll come back for him later. He sits there not knowing what to do as he hears Cindy screaming and being drug away.

It’s quiet again. Now more than ever he is worried about Cindy. The footsteps have stopped. He can no longer here anything but the wind howling threw the old building. As he sits there trying to free himself from the restraints he can feel the restraints on his wrist loosening. At last his hand is free. He quickly loosen the rest of his restraints and stands up and looks around for anything that he could use as a weapon. He notices that he can no longer feel the cold presence with him no longer. He quietly says thank you and continues searching for a weapon.

All he could find was a very old rusty hammer. Not much for fighting but it was all he had. After picking up the hammer he turns around to head out of the room when that familiar breeze blows across him again. Once again he feels like he can hear a voice in the breeze. Only this time it is telling him to follow me. At this point he is starting to trust this presence, after all it tried to keep them out of the building and it help to free him. He is blindly following this presence through the dark maze like hallways in the basement of this old asylum wandering when he is going to run into his and Cindy’s captors.

Thank you Siege and Vince for your contributions.

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posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 02:57 PM
He followed the cold air along the hallway, until another stairway appeared.
It again led downwards, taking him to the very bowels of this diseased and
dying building, blotting out his hopes of quickly finding Cindy. Everything
was now covered with dust and spiderwebs, and the rancid smell of decay
dominated the heavy air. He had to find Cindy as soon as possible and
then the two of them had to get the hell out of there !
More doors, more empty rooms. He began to run up the hallway, flinging
doors open one after the other, looking for any sign that might tell him
that they came this way. As he rounded a corner he came to an abrupt
stop. Three doors down, a light shined under the bottom of a door.
Silently he made his way up to the door, and read the faded but still dis-
cernable words that descibed its use : "PREPARATION ROOM TWO :
A blood-curdling scream for help suddenly came from inside.

posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 05:53 PM
What? Are you serious. I have to follow that up. It’s going to take awhile.

posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 10:46 PM
Horrified now more than ever Anthony looks around the dark hallway as to ask for help. As he is preparing to charge threw the door he feels the cold air rushing him from behind. The air hits the door knocking it wide open for Anthony to get a glimpse of this disfigured man preparing to insert what appeared to be a rusted ice pick into Cindy’s eye.

As the door flew open the man dropped the pick and rushed out of the room threw a door in the back. It appears that this presence that has been following Anthony holds some kind of power over the disfigured man or that the man is just afraid of the presence. Now with Cindy and Anthony reunited they turn to head back down the hallway to find their way out.

They are following this cold breeze once again and it stops at what appears to be an office. It enters the room and seems to be calling Cindy and Anthony to come in also. While looking around the office they spot a picture on the desk. The picture is of a man and who appears to be a doctor and a little girl the age of twelve or thirteen. If you could imagine the man they saw earlier without his disfigurements you could say that he may be the doctor in the picture.

They enter the hallway again making their way to the stairs. Right before the get to the stairs the presence turns and enters in to a room. They follow and stop at a bed with a chart hanging on the rails. Anthony picks up the chart knocks off the cobwebs and dust from the years of stasis this building has been in. He notices a name on the chart, he looks up from the chart and says, “Abigail. Is that your name?” Without an answer a form starts to appear out of the dust that was stirred up. For the first time they are actually seeing this presence that has been leading them around the old asylum.

posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 04:47 AM
The shadowy figure that they can now distinguish is looking definitely like the picture found on that desk earlier... She must be Abigail! ... or the ghost of her.

Anthony and Cindy look at each other for a very brief moment. They seem to have implicitly understood each other without a word. Why would the ghost of that girl still haunt this old building? And why would her old father stay there? What was he trying to do with Cindy?

And... who was the other person with him when they took her into that sinister laboratory?

Anthony asks Abigail to move a bit closer to the old bed, and he shakes the sheets and blows dust towards her. With her ghostly body now covered in dust, it is much easier to try to communicate with her. She looks like she was a pretty young girl, she is smiling at them.

- Are... are you dead then? Cindy asks.

Abigail nods her head as to say yes.

- Tony I'm scared. We should leave.
- I know, but I feel, I don't know... I want to find out what's happening in here.
- Yeah but what can we do? I mean, it's not our business. Let's get the hell out of here!

Abigail then moves towards the door of the room, and waves at them, she's inviting them to follow her.

- Come on Cindy, let's go with her. I have this feeling that we have to help her.
- Help her?
- Yeah, I don't know what, but uh... Like, who killed her, or... who knows... I don't know where to go now anyway, let's go with her.
- Fair enough I suppose. OK... Right, we stay together eh?
- Sure, we'll be careful, but let's go now!

They start to follow Abigail through dark corridors, going left, right, through doors, and it seems that the building is much bigger inside than what it looks like in the outside... They finally reach a staircase leading up, and they climb what seems to be about three levels. Another corridor, a dirty window at the end of it, it seems that this corridor is endless. They must be now at the top of the asylum, or it seems so. They follow that dusty, shadowy figure, their leader into the gloomy corridors of a place once populated with the insane... Where they are now seems to be a place that was accessible only from that long staircase. Like a place where one would live in, or a special department of the hospital.

After what seemed an eternity Abigail finally stops next to a door and turns back to them. She points with her hand to the door. A wooden, sturdy door. The place is totally silent, nothing to be heard except from time to time the creepy sound of the old wood, as if it was nearly alive. There are a few doors in the surroundings of this wide corridor, all of them look like they are fairly new, compared to the antique looking of the rest of the building. There is little lighting in there, just a pale ray of light illuminating a part of the floor, coming from a window in front of them. Cindy looks through the window but there is nothing to be seen, just the garden, looking like a jungle now. They are several levels above the ground floor, and it looks like they are at the back of the building. Anthony asks Abigail:

- Should we go in there? pointing at that door she stopped.

Abigail nods, and without waiting any more time, she's going through the door to the other side.

- Cindy, I guess we have no choice now!
- Be careful!

Anthony holds his breath. He's moving his hand slowly, nervously grabbing the door handle. The door opens.

posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 03:28 PM
A rustle, probably made by rats, encourages them to enter the room and
shut the door. Immediately they notice a change. This room is not dirty
and dusty like the others, nor does it smell of decay. A whiff of pine soap
adds to the apparent cleanliness of this special room.
It is dark and hard to see anything clearly, but they make their way
around the walls, listening intently to see if they have company. Abigail has
disappeared, no longer leading the way for them. Tony and Cindy feel their
way cautiously along the wall, stopping when they discern a shape alone in
the center of the room. A quiet, steady humming noise reaches their ears,
and they realize it is coming from whatever is there.
"Do you see that?", Tony asks Cindy in a loud whisper.
"Yeah, I see it. Did you notice it's the ONLY thing in this room ?"
"Yeah, what the hell ?"
Together they begin to inch their way out into the center of the room to
see what the object is.
Now they can hear the strained sounds of air whooshing in and out. The
hair on the back of Tony's neck begins to move, scaring the bejesus out of
him. Cindy works ahead of him and arrives beside the object before he
does. She gasps loudly, clamping her hand over her mouth at the last
second, taking a small step backwards. She appears to be frozen in place.

Tony comes up to the object very slowly, realizing only at the end what
the thing is. Of course, the damn whooshing sounds. It's a mechanical
lung ! What they used to call an "iron lung"! A device used to keep a
patient breathing should their body fail to pump the air for them.
"It's an Iron Lung Cindy. An Iron Lung ! And it's operational ! It's working!"

Cindy joined him as he neared the side of the machine. A dim light was
now visible inside the Lung, a dull, amber light that showed them that the
machine was not empty ! A body lay within, covered by a white blanket.
As one they bent over to see the occupant, and were shocked to see the
tortured face of Abigail looking back at them, eyes opened wide !

posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 04:44 AM
She looks like she is suffering horribly, her mouth is open but it seems paralyzed, her staring eyes were lifeless, nearly transparent. Her body is partly dead, but also artificially powered by that other worldly machine, Abigail's spirit lives. And somehow, she can still inhabitate her inert body.

Cindy and Anthony barely stand that horrible vision but at the same time, they're not really frightened. That girl is not like any other living girl, yet she's not really dead either. That body seems to be the last container that a soul in pain could occupy, and for some obscure reason, someone is willing to keep it semi alive. The ghost stories, the hauntings that people talk about when referring to this old asylum are not just stories.

Cindy approaches a bit more, she calls Abigail, whispering. Those lifeless eyes blink. Anthony asks if she can move her body, but nothing happens. She remains completely still, except those haunting eyes that seem to be able to see.

- Cindy, what do you think she wants from us?
- I don't know... You've heard of those ghosts that are trapped in this world, waiting for their proper death? Like a damnation?
- Yes, you think that's what happened to her?
- Hmm, probably, but what is she waiting for?
- Vengeance?
- Maybe but on who, that is the thing! You think that the guy who kidnapped us is her father?
- Well that picture looks like it, or at least they were related. Cindy, there's another guy too. When they came and took you to the lab, there were two persons.
- We must explore this place and find out what's happening.
- I think we'd better get out and find help, yeah! You want to be killed?
- Anthony... who will believe us? Who?
- Yeah, but those guys must be looking for us now...
- Have you seen how big this place is? They won't find us, or they'll think we're gone out now.

It seems that only thing left to do now is go out of this room and look for answers. They make their way to the door, and back to the corridor they were in. They go towards the window at the end. It is still night.

This corridor end looks more like an open room, it is wide and it could be actually like a waiting room, or even a play place for kids. The window at the end is on one long side of it. On each side, there are two doors, just like the one behind which Abigail rests. They decide to start with the first door on their left.

The room they enter is a large rectangle room. It is dimly lit by two windows, just in front of them at the other end of it. There is a large wooden table in the center, but not a single chair around it, and a few objects are on the table. On their left side, they notice that the wall was once covered with many frames, now removed. There is also a fire place where some ashes still lie, but there must not have been a fire there for many years. On the right side wall are a few shelves, all empty, and a glass fronted cabinet. It is a big sturdy piece of furniture and this room must have once be a fine and comfortable dining room. Just next to it, there is another door. It must lead to the same room as the second door in the corridor.

Cindy checks the different objects left on the table. Everything is very dusty. There is an empty cup, an empty ashtray, and a match box. She takes it, thinking that having some light could be useful in some dark places. There is also a plate and a fork left there, but that hasn't been used recently. She notices a bit of paper amongst the other things. Something is written on it: C L I and something that looks like an F, but the rest of it is missing. Searching on the table does not reveal the other bit.

Anthony checks in the cabinet and the fire place, but there is nothing more interesting in here. They decide to go to the other room.

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 12:00 AM
As they enter this room they notice that Abigail has returned to their side. Seeing this they figured they must be heading in the right direction. They quickly notice that these rooms up here must be where the family of the doctors stayed while the doctors worked. This was obviously a little girls room. This room was odd though, it still had every piece of furniture you would expect, a child’s bed neatly made, a little vanity in the corner, and dolls strode about the room.

Thankfully this room had rather large windows and with the full moon right outside it was easy to see what you were doing in this room. They move around the room careful not to disturb too much as they realize this is Abigail’s. Cindy heads to the vanity and starts to dig around she opens one of the drawers and finds a small key. This key looks like a key to a diary. Anthony asks Cindy, “Well, where did you keep your diary when you was a little girl”. Cindy walks over to the bed and lifts up the mattress and finds a small book with a lock on it that says Abbey’s Diary.

Anthony takes the key and the book, looks up and asks, “Abby, is it alright if we look at this”. With a little smile and a gentle nod she agrees. Cindy and Anthony cannot get over how peaceful Abby looks. In the iron lung she looks as if she is in horrible pain, but her presence hear is one of peace on almost a playful look. Anthony turns back to the diary and opens it.

Tuesday, May 12

Daddy’s going to be mad if he finds out that I have been sneaking outside to go see Cliff when he is walking around in the back yard. I like Cliff, I really don’t understand why he is here. He is a real nice man, he tells me that I remind him of his daughter. For some reason he never tells me anything else about his daughter.

While Anthony was reading this Cindy went in to another room to look around. She came back to show Anthony a folder that had the name Cliff on it. Anthony sets down Abbey’s diary and looks at the folder.

Clifford Summerton while at first glance Clifford looks as normal and as sane as anyone, it is my professional opinion that he can not be help by normal means of medication or therapy. While speaking with Clifford I asked him if he could remember why he brought his pick axe home from work and kill his wife and daughter. He said to me that he didn’t want to do it but he had. The voice in his head told him that if he did not kill his family than demons were going to come to his house and torture them every day. That the only way they would be safe from the torture was if they were dead. I asked him if he had heard the voice since. He told me I only hear the voice when I see your daughter.

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 04:06 PM
The man in the shadows stunk to high heaven, sweat and grime mixed with
stale odors of this putrid environment that, after so long, hung on him like
a disease. He waited for them to come out into the hallway again, his
patience wearing thin. Yeah, Clifford Summerton was still here everybody,
. . .here to put an end to the voices once and for all.
He had to find that little bitch girl and kill her . . .kill her good.

He'd seen her frigging ghost a couple of times now, and that meant that
dear-old Dr. Daddy had her hidden around here somewhere for sure. It
was just a matter of time before he found her. Then it'd all be over. He'd
kill her bad, (or good), and the voices and headaches would go away, he
knew they would. They had promiised him.

He twisted the big fire-axe in his hands as he waited in the darkness.

posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 03:30 PM
So where were the other two ? He'd seen them enter the room with
Abigail's ghost, but only the ghost had come back out. He'd swung the
heavy axe from the darkness right at her, but it just passed through her
without any solid contact. A terrible smell had filled the hall briefly, but
faded away as the ghost disappeared. He swore and sank back into the
shadows, waiting.
Cindy and Anthony have failed again to notice that Abigail's ghost is no
longer in the room with them. They continue to search different parts of
the huge room, checking everything. A closet near the exit door is the only
thing left to check. Anthony gives the knob a mighty heave but the door
does not budge. Again he turns the knob and pulls, . .nothing. Cindy kicks
the bottom of the door and helps him to pull it open one last time. It gives.
Slowly the door creaks open, allowing them to see nothing in the blackness
until Anthony turns on the lightswitch. Cindy begins to scream as he pukes
on the floor. The closet is not a closet at all . . .it's another room all by
itself . . .a laboratory of some kind . . .with things that are moving . . .
. . .things that are alive . . .but shouldn't be . . .things that look like . . . .

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