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Battlestar Galatica Story Revealed - SPOILERS!

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posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 06:51 PM
Battlestar Galactica is a space odyssey of the characters in ancient Greek mythology. Yes some have said this before, but below lists a who's who in the series.

Titans - "Caprican" Cylons

Ancients - The Final Five. They advanced "Earth" Cylons that are actually Greek Gods that are reincarnated in Caprican humans and continue to reincarnate on a similar cycles every several thousand years.

Ancient Earth Cylons came originally from Cobalt and became Caprican humans over 2 thousand+ years with enough genetic code evolutionary mutations to distinguish between the two.

Those who fled Cobalt thousands of years previous were reincarnate descendants of the Galatica Crew and experienced similar events to what are being experienced now.

The crew will settle on a planet and over thousands of years will become legend and myth giving rise to a mythology known by us as Greek Mythology. This planet will become known as "our" Earth.

Knowledge of our ancient star faring past will be lost due to global cataclysmic events such as the ancient Great Flood that destroyed the technologically advanced pre-historic ancient past. All that remains is choppy myth.

Twelve Olympians - The crew's main characters

x. Zeus - Admiral Adama
Leto - Adama's dead wife
|----------------------- Apollo - Apollo
|----------------------- Athena - Kara Thrace (Starbuck) - adoptive daughter

x. Poseidon - Colonel Saul Tigh,
Amphitrite - Tigh's wife, Ellen Tigh

x. Hades - Tom Zarek, underworld mod king (original Apollo)

Hera - President Laura Roslin

Ares - Rear Admiral Cain

Adonis - Dr. Gaius Baltar (lookup Baal)
Aphrodite - Caprica-Six

Dionysus - Samuel T. Anders

Hephaestus - Galen Tyrol (The Chief) deck engineer
Charis - The Chief's wife, Callandra Henderson Tyrol

Helios - Helos

Oracle - Elosha (The Priestess)

President Adar - Atlas

Gaia - Gaeta ~ the ultimate character Gaia and the most of ancients who's been controlling the entire voyage from the beginning giving birth to Earth.

(x. = brothers but more likely the top governing senior men)

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