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Video game shows that the Illuminati are still out there.

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posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 04:56 PM
You do not need to know the video game at all to follow this. In the end a bunch of symbols appear all over the walls, floors etc. What it is is symbolism. Check it out...

It seems that they are trying to send out new warnings, and now through video games.

What are your guys thoughts on this?

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posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 05:09 PM
I felt a sense of dread when I saw the ending, even as I was going WTF.

When I first learned of the Illuminati a few months or about a year ago, this was the first thing I thought of. I remembered all the weird symbols and the strong presence of the Templar Knights in the game, something went *ding* in my brain.

I think the developers were simply trying to make it interesting though, and there was no "message". I can't see them setting up a whole warning through a video game, although stranger things have happened.

posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 05:54 PM
I don't think they were trying to send warnings, but to just get people to research what the symbols mean. Possibly getting a few more people more knowledgeable about the government.

One of my freinds has talked about this game before, but he's never mentioned anything about those symbols or anything.

posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 06:03 PM
Many movies, books, art, video games, even commercials use symbolism because of its power to validate the messages contained within. Many creative writing and media production courses at university touch on symbolism, and promote its use in order to give a certain weight and memorable quality to the artform.

What we could be seeing in this video game could be one of two things.

First, maybe the developers actually are controlled by the Illuminati, and they're promoting their agenda via a video game.

Or, perhaps they've included these things in order to give it a darker and more sinister 'feel.' Using actual ancient symbolism from the illuminati and elsewhere makes the story more solid, and more creepy. It's not necessarily promoting an evil agenda.

I think developers, writers, directors, creators in general include this stuff because it's become essential in giving their work a level of importance. Also, perhaps that's become the standard because these powers that be require it. Rather than creators consciously using this for dark purposes, perhaps they're in fact unwitting puppets for an agenda set in motion long ago.

I myself am writing a book - within it is some symbolism as well as characters with questionable agendas, however I'm not illuminati, nor am I consciously promoting their ideas. It's the inclusion of these ideas that makes the story believably dark.

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posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 06:04 PM
Thank you so much for bringing that video to my attention

I played assasins creed and wondered the meaning of those symbols but not once did it click in my head what the symbolism meant.

Yet again the Illuiniti mock our intelligence.

posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 06:16 PM
I played this game through to conclusion and beat it. I'm a conspiracy theorist like most of the rest of you, however I don't think there is anything sinister about the symbols in this game.

The story-line is centered around the Knights Templar being power-hungry zealots intent on taking over the world using a "Piece of Eden" device which will control all our minds. There is a guild of Assassins that have been fighting them for thousands of years, and whilst playing the game you play one of those assassins.

Coolest storyline in a game, ever.

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