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Pheniox Questions

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posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 04:37 PM
Right I know a lot of people on here have good opinons but regarding the Pheniox Lights many agree that they are flares dropped by military which fall behind the mountain.

Yes I have seen the video and it does make a good case, but in my eyes this is bs, here's why.

1) Why dont we see planes? They drop flares and forgive me if I am mistaken but do flares have individual timers?

Why do they light up one by one in perfect uniformed pattern and where is the aircraft that dropped them, we see the sky before they light up and no aircraft or lights for planes which are standard.

2) Why no smoke? There was a pic I cant find right now of flares dropped in sequence from A10 and you see the light illuminating the smoke clearly.

3) Why would the military do this and take months to come out with the story and why when everyone was panicking didnt they repeat it to shut them up, after all it was simple right?

4)How come the lights were in a formation of a triangle? The plane that dropped the flare would have hhad to make 2 passes and drop them perfectly to achieve the same effect, the planes would have been spotted by everyone looking for the Hailbob comet.

5) How do they keep their position so well if they are free floating and at mercy to the wind?

Sorry but this is crap, I could be wrong but there are too many things that tell me this wasnt something as simple as flares. Oh and lets not even mention the craft itself which was spotted throughout the state and which has the backing of Fife Symington a former pilot, who knows what flares are.

posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 05:27 PM
Awesome troll post, I love how you misspelt 'phoenix' LOL classic troll M.O., a 'new' user, posting a bunch of stuff we where already *just* talking about but attempting to start another competing, distracting/argumentative thread basically about nothing we dont already know. Great.

All opinions are my own and don't necessarily reflect that of the rest of the sites members, thoughts or ideas. Thanks

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