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Social construction of a NWO reality

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posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 03:15 PM
The problem with the concept maybe that people will always try to overthrow such a organization through force, since it would ostensibly exist alone in the world as governing everyone, and not everyone can agree completely on anything in the world. People can't agree on which languages to speak, they can't agree on which foods to eat, what clothes to wear and which religions to follow, how could they ever agree on a government? Seems impossible to me. Besides being different and disagreeing and differentiating are primary parts of human behavior and account for the massive diversity in opinion even within sub-categories of various languages that people speak, even in our own society we cannot come to total agreement. Now the way that has been proposed and still has been consistently implemented especially during the last century was forcing people through the use of violence to speak the same languages and to have the same belief systems, it failed, we had wars as a direct result of Wilsonian meddleing in the affairs of foreign nations, and this lead to the current predicament of tryanny and leviathan in the American government. In other words the urge to globalize the political structure through force has been continued and maintained for the last century and has been used as a ruse to exploit other nations besides America for resources. Other nations have also used it of course such as China, Russia, Middle East, germany, we are all guilty of it and we probably can't stop. We as humans think and believe these things and therefore maybe can't change other than through force. Besides the smaller governments appear the more fragmented and free people can become, but right now we appear at a crisis and the cause appears to me a result of size. We have created a massive tumor called debt and used it to increase the power of politically connected people at the expense of the disenfranchised and disaffected. People don't want their lives taken care of by an all seeing and all hearing eye atop the pyramid, they want freedom and the current administration appears siding with denying that people want freedom, which of course plays into a plan to not just exploit people's fears here but also those of other abroad, it can't work. Maybe they will change this but if you were in power would you immediately disempower yourself? Of course not, you have self interest, but your self interest as a leader has been well disguised by a media with its own self interest in keeping us in the dark as to the motives and propaganda they maybe perpetrate in the favor of those that seek to disempower you and the rest of us independent minded people that know better and see through the PR campaign being waged to blame us for the mistakes that have been created on purpose in the economy by the federal government and its onerous regulatory bodies empowering themselves at the same time as they are putting us in a place in which we are disallowed the freedom to advocate choices for our own good and to emphasize choices for the good of everyone else that seeks power over our lives.

In a nutshell, I think we maybe would appear to have a bamboozled reality being constructed before our eyes, a NWO seems a physical impossibility unless we are trained to advocate and desire it for ourselves, so naturally the goal seems to me, one of convincing us that we have no hope of being truly free, that there are others that promise to protect us from nightmares and to gain power from doing so to protect themselves from blame for creating the social environment of fear that the planet maybe going to burn to a crisp or that greedy bankers will rob us of all of our wealth. How can anyone rob me of my mind? That maybe the true source of our wealth in our ability to create and our ability to use or minds and to see how to solve a technical problem such as food production, energy usage, etc. They can't steal our minds from us unless we let them and they can't use globalism to rob us of our minds to maybe get used in service to them unless we let them, oh they can try to use force and try to persuade us to just give up, but it only makes us stronger in our resistence. Push on us and we are like water we will just move right around you, and that goes out to all the Obamabots and Bushbots lurking around here, we are everywhere and nowhere in our resistence, at one moment we may spring into action and at another we may sling back into the shadows, terrorism, maybe what they call people who act violently but haven't you noticed just advocating noncompliance with statues and regulations often bears the same charges? You can pass whatever legislation you like make whatever laws you may like, but that has never prevented political criminals from obtaining office and ruining those fancy words and moreover if the people simply ignore your protests of legality, then your laws are more hollow than a ballon. I think I speak for many in that I advocate total freedom for people and states and the right to not unite over any cause deemed irresponsible and reckless, which I think the idea of a NWO appears to me. In fact that moniker NWO has been at the forefront of acts of political violence in far greater measure than any rag tag group of freedom fighters opposed to the nightmares of the NWO.

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