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Obama's Swearing-in Talk, Jan 21 2009, New Era of Transparency

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posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 01:16 PM
Barack Obama gave a brief talk prior to the swearing-in of his staff earlier this afternoon. In this talk he promised to hold himself to a "new standard of openness", referenced the importance and significance of the freedom of information act, and dropped the "D" word [disclosure] a number of times. The tone of this portion of the talk, to me at least, was a bit of a throwback to Kennedy's attack on secrecy in his April 27 1961 address.

Is this just politics as usual? Am I reading too much into what was said? Or are we in for a real change in direction regarding the US Gov't's official posiition on the UFO phenomenon and the ET presence currently engaging our planet? I realize that this one speech with vague references to disclosure and transparency is hardly enough to draw hard and fast conclusions, but I wanted to share my take on what was said a couple hours ago.

Here are a couple of news sources but the wires haven't had much time to report the event yet.

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