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Banks vs. Autos vs. Govt.

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posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 07:06 AM
Let's talk about the bailouts and the US government!

$10.6 trillion in DEBT
$167,000 annual salary for congress persons (not including benefits) NOTE: they recently gave themselves raises.
Giving away untold amounts of cash

Receiving untold amounts of cash
Not unfreezing credit like the untold amounts of cash are supposed to, yet, continue to receive more
Giving out bonuses to "keep the talent"

Being force to give up contractual agreements by a 3rd party (the government) including wage cut and unemployment benefit.
The government is basically telling the UAW and auto companies how they should be doing business (probably since they're doing such a WONDERFUL job with our hard earned taxes).
They're also telling the UAW they can't strike.
This all goes on top of what the UAW conceded in the last contract... which was a LOT...

Something isn't right in all of this. If people want to talk about financial terrorism, why isn't what the government is doing to the American Auto companies and UAW considered this? The Treasury has taken GM and Chrysler hostage and are demanding a ransom from the UAW...

I didn't support a loan in the first place, even though I'm a card carrying member of the UAW. I'd rather be jobless than be told what my labor is worth by the government (and then have 1/3 of it stolen away in taxes).

People keep saying "be thankful you have a job". I keep telling them, "that sounds like the mantra of a desperate man". Have we really become so desperate for money that we're thankful to slave for the crumbs of the people who run the printing presses? Sounds like it.


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