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I have an open mind...

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posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 03:46 PM

Originally posted by Europe
I Need proof!
I want ye to know that i have an open mind on all things, be they large or small,
but to be honest i just cant wrap my head around aliens comeing here to earth, it's like asking me to truly believe in god.

Proof of the pudding lies in the eating. Now let's get something to eat ...
Here some things you could do if you haven't done it before:

1.) Have an out of body experience. The best thing is to read about it in order to suffuse your mind. It serves as an incentive and keeps you focused. Attempt to induce an OBE.

2.) Practise psychokinesis. What about bending a nice spoon or fork? Let's go for it.

3.) Visit a cemetery at night, all on your own. Face your fears and take a few spirit pictures.

Don't listen to those who have a limiting belief. Don't label something as nonsense, if you don't succeed in what you try to achieve at first attempt. Always remind open-minded.


posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 04:16 PM

Originally posted by speed_demon
Well obviously they do need us for something as per the fact that they are either here or they keep coming back. IMO we are a science project for them because we are so diverse from their genetic make-up.

Yes, they do need things from us, to them we are a "container" (their word) or a repository of the soul or spirit, which is something they have no control over. They use our DNA to make more containers for other worlds, and there are a lit of other worlds out there. Earth is a paradise vacation for some, and a prison for others, some spirits even come here for punishment, to do time here.

They abduct us, take us to their ships, and do experiments on us and implant some people with whatever it is they are implanting them with. We have no idea what these implants are for or even are, as per the few times unknown objects have been removed from people. us.

They do take many to their "ships," but the people taken do not remember this, or any part of it. Some humans are used to store information for later use. the implants are to track us here on Earth, or to be used as a transmitter for sending/receiving information. Some so called aliens wish to enslave all worlds, our included, but there are forces working against this.

If you are wondering where this information comes from, I read books, lots of books. And, I have had the experience of them before.

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