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I need clearification on Slavery -vs- System

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posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 08:19 PM
It is claimed by Jordan Maxwell and others that we are nothing more than slaves in a system - a matrix of consiousness - a human farm if you will.
now any system could be construed as slavery to the system and slavery itself is a system of sorts.

so, if the federal reserve system is enslaving us. what are they talking about - work versus reward -- doesnt allow frevorlus spending... ?\
I think there is something to this mind circle we give little thought too.
any system you name it has dependancies. assests and liabilties that need balancing. if we trade chickens its a system of slavery...

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 08:35 PM
reply to post by BornPatriot

Interesting questions BornPatriot, I can only suggest off the top of my head that the inherent part of all slavery is bondage.

We as westeners are bound into a system of monetary economics and consumerism, we are bound to the mass media and we are bound by laws, culture, customs, preconceptions and regulations.

In some respects the things I have mentioned above have been used to protect people and in others they have been and are still used to exploit people. The majority humanity finds itself ill-equipped to live independant of such systems and is therefore bound to them for lack of willpower, ability or a better idea.

I believe that there is some kind of conspiracy that wishes to deny true human potential because a minority of power-brokers have manipulated our systems to the point where they are able to profit from it in the extreme without fear of change and revolution because their very bondsmen (us) are unable to see that they are being exploited. You could say that those in charge of our systems have the intelligence to keep our standard of living at a point that encourages complacency and obedience.

Nevertheless there are individual who persist on living on the fringes or even outside the mainstream social structure, people who prefer to pave their own way and view the rest of society from a detatched perspective in order to percieve the social fabric without the filter of ingrained social conditioning cluttering their perspective and it would seem at this time that many of these individuals veiw our social landscape with some trepidation and woe.

To me a slave that has a house, pool, ipod and two cars is still a slave. Happily the bonds placed upon us in the mortal realm are not insurmountable although those that choose to challenge them will find the going difficult. Take for example the life of many artists or the self-employed, these are ways of life that are beset by adversity on all sides but ultimately rewarding in the extreme.

I do not deny that fullfilment can be found within a good social system, or even a bad one, but I do challenge a system that causes unquestioning obedience.


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