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Government Murder Kidnapping Attempts To Cover Up Airline Profiling Attack Upon My mother and I

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posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 04:23 PM

We had been profiled. Our complaint would later leave me bloodied in the middle of the isle.

McCain's Northwest Air Campaign fund connections and legal counsel client ties prompt murder attempts upon my mother and I to silence online voice After speaking out on Jan 18/06 Northwest Air Profiling Attack upon us. Gov just downed our site at on Oct 6/08 to hide these ongoing attacks- We are fighting back for life preservation! ...FULL PRESS RELEASE BELOW-PLEASE SPREAD! DANGER!


***--->>>Northwest Airlines is primary supporter of McCain re airlines

CEO Douglass Steeland is very pro McCain and primary airlines supporter of his campaign complete with magazine photos and coverage in Daily Traveler magazine

***McCain's lawyers amongst the 133 lobbyists working for McCain

have Northwest Airlines as their primary clients!!!

Northworst " "eWatch's Skinner says Northwest is now using eWatch to help it target --
for reeducation -- the most teed-off of its fed-up fliers
Now, Companies Can Track Down Their Cyber-Critics -GANG STALKING



INDEPENDENT MEDIA REFERENCES ; The Freedom Fellowship. (Mid page) Sourced: Sharing the energy of freedom and liberty ***)Aaron James We are Under Attack- Government Are Attempting Our Murder- McCain and affiliates have reacted Violently to Our lobbying Against Northwest Airlines after My mother and I were profiled/accused of suspicious and ATTACKED on board a Northwest Airlines aircraft and left bloodied/ placed through FBI interrogation 9 days no Miranda etc and thereafter had FBI send threats of harm to come upon us referencing McCain
My mother was accused of having a suspicious bag only AFTER we had passed through security gates without issue and were already on board the aircraft-as entrapment –in retaliation for having served the airline a written complaint about the treatment of our baggage upon our arrival from Canada 3 days earlier- the baggage had not come off the carousel and the airline had told us it has simply been misplaced. It was delivered to our hotel 3 hours later with a note attached stating “This baggage has been seized searched due to security concerns”

Northwest Airlines is OFFICIAL airline for McCain campaign and with U.S. Chamber of Commerce, amongst top 2 clientele McCain executive legal Council.
Extensive extrajudicial persecution (see trial jpg above) 15 Murder Attempts now

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 05:00 PM
reply to post by jamestruth450

Bumping this thread.....

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 07:13 PM
So wait let me understand why your being stalked. Is it because you are exposing the merger or mccains ties or both?

And why would they do this to you, unless it may be part of something bigger the real terror hounds are planning?

Satan has a pretty face, and an ugly smile.

fight evil

"deep down, trauma hounds, running to corrode, integrity, whatever matters and it would they fail to see, they make believe realitty."

Skinny Puppy. Deep Down Trauma Hounds.

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posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 07:31 PM
Your story sounds like it could be interesting, but the website you link to is very disorganized and hard to follow.

Can you please make a post here, starting from the beginning, and in a clear, concise manner explain the point you are trying to get across to us?

posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 02:58 PM
Aaron James and his mother Linda, Attacked on Board McCain Affiliated Northwest Airlines Jan 18/06, due to Airline profiling attack.They had come as Canadians to the U.S. to seek treatment at the Mayo clinic for an injury. Aaron was attacked by 5 airport police on board the aircraft –after having passed through security without issue- after his mother was accused of a suspicious bag. It was a retaliatory measured political response to the James’s having issued notice of complaint to Northwest having had their baggage withheld fro them 3 days earlier on their trip down to the U.S. wherein the airline stated the baggage had simply been misplaced. In fact, delivered to their hotel 3 hours later, it stated the baggage had been searched due to security concerns- they had been racially profiled.

That airport has had several profiling attacks since including attacks upon the 6 Imams, and David Orsack, violinist for MN Opera. Northwest Airlines has been sued by the ACLU for systemic pernicious profiling practices that are baseless in reason or rationale.
McCain has Northwest Airlines as the top two clientele along with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for his executive legal council and Northwest was the official air carrier for the McCain campaign.

After the airline attack, they were placed through months of illegal covert terror tactics by covert agencies including FBI CIA and NSA , such as phone line tapping , silent listener phone calls, stalking , threatening messages left on answering machines, sabotaged legal mail – Sept 11/2007 his line was cut by MTS the phone company, to deliver a message they conjecture. In a net sweep “enemy of the state” effect, family friends and associates were all targeted in order to isolate the intended victims (Aaron and his mother) as part of FBI Co-Intel mandate of psy-ops character assassination intimidation and isolation ploys.

The James’s were placed through a secret trial with members and affiliates of FBI CIA NSA and military on the Jury Pool and sent home on the no fly list by bus where more threat and intimidation awaited.

The government of Canada was of no assistance, Canadian consulate merely stating “let us know if you’re tortured yet we will not get involved – this is a U.S. affair- Online material was found indicating the Canadian Consulate is legally required to see to the safety of Canadians abroad and they have been criminally negligent in the matter. Small wonder – the James’s are not their first sacrifice to save face with the U.S. – Globe and Mail 2007 May 10 “Ottawa sacrificed Arar to save face with Syria and the United States- the government fought like blazes to keep you from reading this…” see

Finding their names had been placed on, the James put up online disclosure of their account fearing for their life, in order to reach out to those who might be of assistance since government had abandoned them to certain death.
***—>>>Northwest Airlines is primary supporter of McCain re airlines
CEO Douglass Steeland is very pro McCain and primary airlines supporter of his campaign complete with magazine photos and coverage in Daily Traveler magazine

Northworst ” Sends GOON SQUADS to effect our kidnapping in affiliation with McCain “eWatch’s Skinner says Northwest is now using eWatch to help it target —
for reeducation — the most teed-off of its fed-up fliers
Now, Companies Can Track Down Their Cyber-Critics -GANG STALKING(click)
***McCain’s lawyers amongst the 133 lobbyists working for McCain
have Northwest Airlines as their primary clients!!!
...Part 1 of Reply - due to space will complete with part 2 of reply

posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 03:09 PM
Part 2 of2 My Clarification RE Our Ordeal re McCain and Northwest Airlines

The Winnipeg Police, claim no affiliation with Minneapolis or intent of harm or legal involvement with the James’s despite the above activities and background of the Winnipeg Police Chief yet a Winnipeg police officer not in the loop admitted to James’ attorney that belongings having been seized from James residence, were sent to Minneapolis in the United States .

Winnipeg police state the officer was in error and refuse to give out his name.
Winnipeg police have been at James residence multiple times to see about his kidnapping to such an extent that James has now caught on instance with witnesses video taped testimony.
The police involved are criminally chargedof their own accord for illegal entry and perjury and
The Canadian law enforcement is under review for systemic perjury and criminal activity throughout. e-once-rare-perjury-charges/
CIA and FBI are involved in the kidnapping attempts:
FBI agent sent a threatening message referencing McCain in the ongoing kidnapping attempts.
CIA agent Barbara Hartwell called in to intimidate James at 22min:30sec into this mp3 after James mentioned
Her name at 12:30 minutes.

FBI put out a radical Jihad Alquead spoof website and made several copies wich James found
And sent to Roche Tasse Sept 27/08 announcing that this placed him in serious danger. xtremist_Frame_Up_Highlight_01.jpg
James was then kidnapped on Oct 27/08.
Conspicously these same websites appeared in Winnipeg Police notes- along with references to U.S. Marshals kidnapping and more –including threats upon James mother!

The court is in collusion with the police in order to cover up the evidence such that James intellectual property illegally seized in the no warrant no charges raid of his home, and attempted kidnapping , could be used in yet another secret trial against him in the United States assuming U.S. covert factions would be successful in illegally kidnapping he and his mother from Canada.

Having originally ordered that the police must return James stolen belongings, now the original Judge , judge Linda Geisbrecht, claims that although yes, a court transcript of such an order was provided, she did not actually sign a court order,- and yet the Crown sent email to our attorney ,indicating that the police ought to act on the COURT ORDER for the return of property documents and any other possessions-since it was illegal.

All of this is being done to facilitate the cover up of the Attack aboard the McCain affiliated Northwest Airlines aircraft and the mountain of covert actions that have undertaken to cover up the James effort’s in speaking out.

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posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 03:28 PM
Last time you posted on ATS I called two telephone numbers supplied by your site.
One was disconnected.
One had an answering machine.
I left call back numbers and the name of my organization.
You or your mother never returned the call.
This is beginning to smell.
Just sayin...

I hope you two find peace...

posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 04:21 PM
***Our info has just been posted and with
Explaining the difficulty in contact prior:
Government have often *ERASED messages we have had on our machine and others. Also, yes , we had changed our number because previously before
our account had become more widely known, police had carte blanche to come and attempt kidnapping after kidnapping without any repercussions and so we had to disable or change the landline number since any time I picked up the land line it indicated I was at home and an open invitation towards another unwanted visit by our would-be kidnappers/murderers within Winnipeg police.

Also I made an error in the timing of CIA agent Barbara Hartwell calling in.
I mention her at 12min:30seconds; she calls in at 23*min:30sec not 22min*:30sec
Regarding the threatening email from FBI referencing John McCain, currently the link has only the scan in of the email but to those in any doubt, I also have video of myself going into my inbox. I have a very slow PC and so video editing is difficult but please stay focused on to see the video embed of the threatening email and the references to U.S. marshal kelly Meutschler and threats within the Winnipeg POlice notes referencing FBI.
Estimate 1 more week (on or before Jan 29/09) for me to get the video finished and embedded.

Mod Edit: Removed personal information.

Please do not post your own personal information. You should be aware that any personally identifiable information you submit here can be read, collected, or used by other users of these forums, and could be used to send you unsolicited messages. We are not responsible for the personally identifiable information you choose to submit, and may remove it at our discretion.

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posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 08:58 PM

In discussing the parallel plight to our own RE Maherarar also abducted re airport incident and taken to TORTURE-see "Ottawa sacrificed Arar to save Face with Syria and the United States
a correction in the URL (the error url read which was an error)

*Regarding the ***Extremist Bush - ite Killer Spoof Site Frame Up Literature Link*** frauduently posted with my name and former URL at the top, which was conspicuously found in the Winnipeg Police notes particular to the first Oct 27/08 kidnapping attempt, which was used to frame me with terrorism and garner them false leverage for extradition to torture and murder- did not link properly so I have re embedded it here.

posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 10:36 PM
ATTEMPTS ONGOING- we NEED WITNESSES to these *covert "proceedings"!
EMAIL ME AT jamestruth(at)
for updates of further upcoming court cases- Next Court Case Wed Rm 302 Manitoba Law Courts 1pm (for any viewing in Wpg)
My ph numher: (204) 477 6497 Aaron James

***Winnipeg Police first attempted my kidnapping at behest of Minneapolis Oct 27/07 in order to suppress our online exposure of the Northwest Airlines profiling Attack Upon my mother and I Jan 18/06 through theft of intellectual property used to create online material and our attempted murder- intercepted by Canadian Dimension Journalist Lesley Hughes at police headquarters after a quick call to her before they burst in, they failed but have tried repeatedly since!

-Now EXACTLY 3 YEARS PRIOR as of today given that Northwest is a corporate affiliate of McCain/republicans and was the official campaign carrier for the McCain campaign- the kidnapping attempts began *precisely at the commencement of the campaign.

During the raid police stole possessions - items and intellectual property, seized and sent to the United States.
On Dec 21/07 one of the Winnipeg Police not in the loop, made the mistake of admitting to our attorney, Adam Masiowsky, that my belongings and documents had been "seized and sent to the United States in Minneapolis"
unaware that by his admission he was implicating the police in a No Warrant No charges WARRANTLESS RAID OF MY HOME AND KIDNAPPING ATTEMPT/combined with armed robbery!

As cover up attempt, Winnipeg Police put forward an application before the court to destroy my belongings seized *without explaining to the court what had transpired or the fact that they had acted illegally in obtaining them in a cross border collusion kidnapping/murder ploy associated with Republican interests !

I was forced into hiding out of my home out overnight in snow/-30 degree weather and finally out of the city to country area in the foothills in order to survive the attempts at my abduction/ kidnapping while we acquired legal counsel.

Since we had acquired a lawyer, the Crown informed police they had better relinquish their application for the destruction of our property since if it went to court for a hearing, all of their illegal activity would be exposed by our attorney.
...The police response was MORE CRIME- further kidnapping attempts upon me Jan 7/08, Jan 19/08, Jan 26/08,
(Jan-June forced back into hiding) ...
Finally police relinquished and withdrew their petition to destroy our belongings - but not before an Aug 31/08 kidnapping attempt which was witnessed in video (see my youtube account video) which was preceded by an Aug 22/08 call to my mother by Sgt Ogwal, in order to intimidate her (having terrorized her at her home in company 3 other "police" officers at nearly midnight Jan 7/08 in search to kidnap/ murder me.


We had suspected court complicity for a long while- the court kept allowing the police extensions of time past the court ordered time limit for return of property and stalling hearings- the police in turn made further attempts towards my kidnapping and murder (Now 15 by our count!)- a symbiotic judicial/law enforcement union of corruption and sinister intent.

We had the police all but exposed- they had been forced to relinquish on their illegal hold of our property and
judge Geisbrecht had ordered that the police return our possessions in court as of Sept.3/08 giving them a 30 days grace period in order to comply with her ORDER. Surely we could now expose them in so far as the collusion with the United states-especially given their inopportune admission to our attorney.

...Jan 14/08 we got to court and for the 4th time in a row, the police were without our possessions
AND THE JUDGE GAVE THEM A BACKDOOR OUT- (continued see next post

posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 10:43 PM
THE JUDGE GAVE THEM A BACKDOOR OUT- Judge Giesbrecht argued that in fact (contrary to indications given to our attorney) she had not *actually signed a court order!! THIS IS ABSURD- A COURT TRANSCIPT IS IN OUR POSSESSION OF HER HAVING ORDERED THE POLICE TO RETURN PROPERTY WITH A 30 DAY TIME LIMIT-which they failed to do; It is UNPRECEDENTED and HIGHLY IRREGULAR for a court transcript in which an ORDER is given, not to be followed up by a COURT ORDER. In fact, we understand that a transcript is MORE POWERFUL than the order itself.

Winnipeg Police now claim the police officer was in error about telling Adam that my "belongings and documents were seized and sent to the United States in Minneapolis"- in error over such an unusual-ILLEGAL-and FINE detail? Impossible. Police also deny their presence at my apartment or their intent to kidnap or murder my mother and I.

Yet the police reports tell a very different story.
The reports have threats towards kidnapping and mentions of "U.S. Marshals handling Case" and reference "James subject of possible extradition to the United States... U.S. Marshals contacted..." as well as THREATS UPON MY VERY OWN MOTHER!! (for not having "cooperated" with them in locating me!)

***The Police Chief Keith McCaskill is an FBI graduate/ asset, and assisting the U.S. Marshals and FBI in my kidnap
/murder cross border, as a carry over of the FBI/CIA/NSA laden "Jury Pool" illegal tribunal constituted to persecute my mother and I after the airline attack that left me bloodied and hospitalized.

With my belongings still in the hands of the United States, the court and the police have worked stealthily together
to ensure that should I be kidnapped (if not murdered in the process) that the intellecutal property seized and sent to the U.S. would be available to propogate further tribunal military secret trial against us-accusing me of terrorism under their Patriot Act and Security Commissions act and possibly subjecting me to torture as was done to Arar ( and others.

The cover up is in full effect and the court is counting on one thing


first they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew and so I did not stand up
...then they came for the Communists but I was not a Communist and so I did not stand up...
...then they came for the Union workers but I was not a Union worker and so I did not stand up...
My ph: number: (204) 477 6497 Aaron James


posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 11:31 PM
Okay, let's start at the very beginning...

Were you arrested for something that happened on the airplane or at the airport? If so, what were you charged with?

posted on Jan, 23 2009 @ 12:23 AM
You've certainly been busy. I googled a couple of phrases from the OP and the internet's been littered with similar posts in the past two or three days. eWatch is typical of modern trends that try and dilute opinions to give the appearance of consensus. PR bulls**t. I think they're amoral. 'Gang stalking' is somewhat of a leap based on the link (from 2000).

Based on the evidence of the OP, I'd suspect that the only conspiracy is yours. All the links build an illusion of substantiated information. Each site entertains the same agenda. They sing from the same hymn sheet. No News links?

I've learned that Chief McCaskill looks like an organ grinder's monkey in his uniform and possibly wears too much cosmetics for any man

It's part of the internet phenomena of paranoid conspiracies that a handful of sites are created supporting a given theme/topic. Posts are made on message forums with links to the sites. Each site then references each other to create a 'reality'.

posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 03:11 PM
reply to post by craig732

A little bit of background about the people we are dealing with first:

Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison attests to a very severe racial profiling problem in Minneapolis, he himself having been a target despite being an accomplished trial lawyer: seen at this link with video
Meet Robert Kroll the MN "Police Officer" having accused black and Muslim congressman Keith Ellison of being a terrorist- like McCain accused of Obama

Minneapolis has been exposed as having the greatest rate of over prosecution of blacks/minorities in all of the United States with 21blacks/minorities:1 white imprisoned and judicial abuses to the effect of collusion between prosecution and judges targeting victims of police brutality minorities and the poor and going after defense attorney's of good conscience who would defend against it through pernicious charges and allegations of misconduct!
Jill has encountered and courthouse corruption being used to railroad police brutality victims and others. This corruption contributes to Minnesota having the highest rate of over prosecution of Blacks in the country (according to the Council on Crime and Justice).

Minneapolis law enforcement are the entry valve to the profiling problem and have been exposed KKK ties as per the KKK Lawsuit against MN Police via their own Black police officers!!! for KKK messages sent to all black police officers threatening their lives. "every African American officer at Defendant
Minneapolis received a hate letter signed “KKK” through the interoffice police departmental mail also as detailed at Minnesota Public Radio's online venue herein
This letter threatened each African American officer’s life."
Tim Dolan MN Police chief and MN police department were defendants in the suit. Please also see My VIDEO ON MN POLICE CORRUPTION

Northwest Airlines is the airline on which we were attacked:
Northwest Airlines has been sued by the ACLU for systemic pernicious baseless racial profiling practices
Northwest Airlines ties to the FBI persecution brought upon us and that relating to McCain are as follows:
Northwest*Illegally gave millions of PNR's (Passenger Name records) to the FBI and to NASA (Passenger Name records) to the FBI and to NASA, procured via online registration for air tickets - a violation of the privacy act at the time, and is responsible for the advent of the CAPS (Computer Assisted Profiling System) and the BRP system which persecutes (racially very often) U.S. citizens and citizens abroad as potential terrorists rather than customers.

These practices are responsible for not only the 72 hour waiting period before flight, but also the deaths or vicious assaults upon many individuals falsely targeted at airports, including the MURDER OF POLISH IMMIGRANT ROBERT DZIEKANSKI, the MURDER of Carole Anne Gotbaum, nephew of the Ombudsman of New York;... and...

posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 03:43 PM
...AND SEVERAL Northwest Airlines related attacks at THE VERY AIRPORT AT WHICH WE WERE ATTACKED since, involving the attack upon the 6 Imams upon 130lb violinist David Orsack a reputed member of the MN Opera, and the12 Indians in Amsterdam.

Prelude: Israel's genocide based mandate in GAZA which now has so many Americans questioning Israel by any indication of the media reports in the ISP's is evidentiary of the veiled motivation for Ron Rafi's CAPS system being pioneered in Minneapolis:
Minneapolis has the highest Somali population in all of the United States (*Somalis are a *Muslim sect)
and as detailed before, the corresponding obligatory racial profiling prejudices amongst law enforcement and judiciary to the effect of 21minorities:1 member of majority being imprisoned.

They have veiled racial profiling practices based on the ILLEGALLY cultivated CAPS data base, under the term of "BPR" "Behavioural Pattern Recognition" profiling, yet to no avail as the ACLU has called them on it in systemic law suits brought against the airport and the airlines involved.

Brad Wingate officer 4289, was involved in the attack upon violinist David Orsack at Minneapolis Airport, involved in the attack upon the 6 Imams, and was involved in the attack upon our persons in Minneapolis at the airport Jan 18/06- David Orsack's description of Wingate:
"Officer Wingate's anger at this and perhaps embarrassment and sense of not having been able, through threats of violence, to force the upper hand in the situation then led to a series of spontaneous actions on his part that were an egregious escalation of police force and a clear violation of my person…I was thrown off my bicycle onto the pavement…My glasses were thrown off by the force of the impact and bounced several feet away. Officer Wingate moments later would smash them into the pavement with his boot. But first, I was jerked into an upright position, and Officer Wingate jumped to the side and ordered me tased by his officer in training."
See MY WEBSITE ON BRAD WINGATE(some links on the url may not be active since government insists on removing them but simple google the name Brad Wingate Minneapolis airport and you will see references to his brutalities and inequities keep surfacing time and again.)
Another Reference on THUMPERWATCH regarding Wingate-keeping mind the prejudicial tendency of the corrupted MN Court to convict: "One has to wonder what a lawful order possibly could be when the arresting officers got so much wrong that there were acquittals on 5 of 6 counts.” …” "

As far as our case is concerned,
Northwest Air was in bankruptcy protection at the time, and due to the improper treatment of our baggage and persons, we had alluded to filing civil suit action. When I mentioned racial profiling, the attendant at Northwest in 21backs:1 white imprisoned Minneapolis, looked at me and ripped the form out of my hands forcibly, stating , "well you won't be needing this then!"
Our flight from Canada to the United States, save for the treatment of our luggage, had gone without incident.
Our return flight met with entrapment and resultant disaster:

posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 04:09 PM
Only *after my mother and I had boarded the aircraft and had passed through security *without issue, and the security doors were shut-and we were thus, no longer able to remove ourselves from the scene, was my mother set in upon by stewardess Sherrie Caudill of Northwest Airlines, who accused her of having a suspicious bag.

She made no further issue of this bag, and it was apparent that the goal was simply a systemic villainization of our persons before the audience of the cabin, as she was unrelenting and came back to verbally accost us in numerous ways. Having encountered me in the isle, she then followed me down the length of the isle asking me if I had a problem- because I had not acknowledged her in the isle! She then came back under the guise of "handing us customs forms" having already given them to my mother- during the onset of verbal abuse regarding the "suspicious bag" and then came back yet again to admonish us for appearing to be talking about her, asking loudly obtusely and to draw further negative attention "Are you talking about me?!!"

We lodged a complaint with the head stewardess which was turned against us and 5 airport Minneapolis Policeboarded the aircraft and I asked them
-Am I under arrest, am I being charged and 'have I committed any crime?' to which they answered no to all 3 questions.

I then asked them "then under whose authority is this action being carried about" * Now refer yourself to 130 lb violinist David Orsack's comments regarding the assault by officer Brad Wingate "Officer Wingate's anger at this and perhaps embarrassment and sense of not having been able, through threats of violence, to force the upper hand in the situation then led to a series of spontaneous actions on his part that were an egregious escalation of police force and a clear violation of my person."

Instead of responding to my legitimate query of my rights, they lunged in and attacked me, tasking me repeatedly and leaving me bloodied in the isle.
They did not know my mother was witness at the time since ethnically we do not look the same and so they were horrified to find that their actions had been observed by family and actually tried to confine her- a free citizen- to the plane and force her to fly back to Canada without me!! It has been conjectured that had they been successful I may not be alive.

She stood her legal ground and stated "I am his mother and I'm coming with him"
Immediately the "officers" effected "damage control" against a vicious unwarranted assault that threatened criminal charges and civil action to be brought against them, by refusing their names, offering only 4 of 5 badge numbers (lying to my mother about the number of police on board the aircraft) and levying a false accusation of assault on an officer upon MY person- despite my having taken no physical measure against the officers- in fact I had to be hospitalized for treatment in the wake of the attack!!

Following this their collusion evolved further and they put out a report to mass media television newspaper internet and radio to preemptively enact a smear campaign disabling our ability to effectively have the audience of media in broadcasting their crimes and turning media against us.

With family as witness they have been desperate- now with the McCain tie ins with the airline uncovered- desperate to the point of murder- to cover up the ordeal
A covert trial was set with threats and intimidation preceding it including stalking, threatening messages left on answering machines, the raid of a friend's home, sabotaged registered legal mail, phone tapping- when we did not relinquish , a covert tribunal with covert agencies on the jury pool and a criminally charged X-U.S. marine acting as judge ensued.

Prior to the jury trial, court collusion had been incessant:

posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 04:43 PM
...Prior to the fixed trial the court collusion (*as illustrated in the systemic court corruption kindred with the MN Judiciary outlined further above) had been

To avoid visual identification, only 2 of 5 officers appeared at trial;
Only 3 of 5 officers had submitted reports.

Our co mplaint to Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.)
had been sent to the Prosecution and the FBI only once week prior to the trial, and it contained OUR ANALYSIS OF POLICE STATEMENTS wherein ,we had gone through the reports of the officers and found them to be self conflicting and had exposed their lies therein.

In response, knowing we could expose them in court, they subjected us to standard Minneapolis judicial railroading
It was threatened that our complaint to P.O.S.T. was "Anti-U.S. government" and that should we testify that literature would be read aloud before the "jury pool" filled with members of the NSA CIA FBI as detailed in the scan ins of the jury pool

One report by Officer Alvin Cooper while an attempt to suggest I had attacked an officer (which I did not) actually errs in creating a scenario whereby THE OFFICER MUST BE IN TWO PLACES AT ONCE IN HIS REPORT
in order to satisfy the description! That report is SEEN HERE

FBI's and Northwest Airlines's mutual co-associations and association with McCAin, found us amidst an ILLEGAL SECRET TRIBUNAL fraught with Northwest Airlines employees FBI and other covert factions on the JURY POOL- clearly this was not a "jury pool of your peers" and we had been set up, with 9 years imprisonment and possible death as penalty of a "guilty" finding.

FBI Co-Intel pro is NOTORIOUS as seen in This VIDEOfor the targeting of civilians, AND WERE PARTICIPATORY IN THE FBI/MN POLICE STRIKES ON RNC!! Targets include members of the anti-war movement, opposition to political parties, the black civil rights movement (I am a minority) the women's movement and 'just about any progressive group in American Society' as well as their role in the kidnapping of Maher Arar a Canadian from JFK airport, to torture in Syria.

Falsely convicted in their kangaroo court system for a misdemeanor, we were then sent back - on the no fly list treated like terrorists having already been terrorized through illegal covert mechanisms prior to the trial- and instructed to come back for sentencing.

My name was placed on under MAJOR crimes in FBI Co-Intel pro smear campaign, we were threatened as to what might happen to us when we came back for "sentencing" amidst a continued net sweep effect of family friends and associates all targeted with threatening messages wire taping etc- this is a Co-Intel Pro FBI ploy of both intimidation and ISOLATION of the target- to make any and all who would attempt to assist targets themselves in order to discourage advocacy.

In fear for our lives both my mother and I put out VIDEO and online material for which we received CYBER THREATS FROM FBI
and ultimatelythreats from FBI referencing McCain (video proof soon)

posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 05:01 PM
Since we would not relent despite their wayward threats they sent
people to see about our harm in cross border collusion blackops operation effect.
Winnipeg Police-Notorious for their abuses and corruption
were contacted by Minneapolis to see about my kidnapping and abduction, and they made their first attempt at kidnapping me Oct 27/07-

consistent with the commencement of the McCain campaign -of due note since our lobbying against the McCain affiliated airline would have a deleterious effect on his agenda and hence the threats from FBI referencing McCain, which *followed a phone call threat from FBI Agent Steven Davis (StopZion.comm) alluding to his very good friendship with John McCain.

There is NO WARRANT OR CHARGE with which they are acting - it is ENTIRELY ILLEGAL - For extradition to be legal a FELONY LEVEL CHARGE must be in effect against the target of such measure and there are no such charges and so the notorious FBI tried to frame me further by creating SPOOF WEBSITES THAT TALKED OF KILLING BU#ES in order to attempt a frame up plot of assassination of Bush.

Currently the SAME WINNIPEG POLICE WHO HELD 10 GUNS TO MY HEAD- These " Police" ARE CRIMINALLY CHARGED!!-having 4 charged amongst them!

Currently the Manitoba law courts in collusion with police to cover this up and our
LERA complaintto local Minister of Justice David Chomiak was deflected back to the Winnipeg Police!! Winnipeg police remain motivated further to act on behalf of the U.S. via the background of current Winnipeg police chief Keith McCaskill as seen in his BIO "Graduate of the FBI.....President of the Northwest Chapter of Associates FBI" with MN affiliations!!

Details of the court collusion coming later.


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