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Spy agency launches recruiting campaign

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posted on Apr, 10 2004 @ 09:22 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The highly secretive National Security Agency is looking to hire 7,500 workers over the next five years in the spy agency's largest recruiting campaign since the 1980s.

A release posted on the agency's Web site said NSA plans to hire 1,500 workers by September, and another 1,500 in each of the next four years. Those with specialties in foreign languages, especially Arabic and Chinese, were encouraged to apply.

NSA said it was boosting its staff "to meet the increasing needs of the ever-changing intelligence community."


Okay fellow ATSer's who wants to be a spy, let's go sign up.

posted on Apr, 10 2004 @ 09:25 PM
Is the NSA higher than the CIA?

posted on Apr, 10 2004 @ 09:26 PM
Damnit. My ultimate goal is to work for the CIA, FBI, or NSA in that order.

I'm only 17 however, and won't be able to apply for a fulltime job with them until 2014 (hoping to attend west point/naval academy/air force academy summer 2005...meaning I'd graduate in 2009 and be done my active duty in 2014.)

posted on Apr, 10 2004 @ 10:03 PM
already have my application in.

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