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Beginners Guide To Legitimate UFO Studies

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posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 01:02 PM
Beginners Guide To Legitimate UFO Studies

First Step: Check out ufowatchdog. It is a fact based, no nonsense site that lets you know who is notorious & who is credible, it was run by Royce Meyers III a police investigator. He provides sources for what he writes & can help a lot in sorting through ufology.

Second Step: Who can you trust, or more specifically, produces, consistent, reliable, fact based data?

* Stanton T Friedman
* Derrel Sims
* Dr Bruce Maccabee
* Richard M Dolan
* Timothy Goode
* Budd Hopkins
* John Mack M.D
* Dr J Allen Hynek
* Nancy Talbott
* Wendy Connors
* Richard Hall
* Ted Phillips
* Dr Richard F Haines
* Dr Jacques Vallee
* Dr Michio Kaku
* Raymond D Fowler

Third Step: While some UFO footage is genuine, a large majority of it is faked, misidentified natural phenomena, aircraft, balloons. If you see a craft that has lights that are emitting at regular intervals it it likely to be a plane, helicopter. UFO lights tend to emit randomly or in one large colour that changes.

Fourth Step: Beware of misidentifying planets & stars such a Venus, Mar, Sirius. Venus is big & bright but it will not move which is what gives it away as a planet & not a craft. Sirius has a green tinge but again will not move which gives it away as a star. Mars is orange & again will not move which gives it away as a planet.

Fifth Step: There is evidence, both circumstantial & physical of UFO activity & evidence left behind on people who encounter them up close. Evidence exists in folds, Proof however does not.

Sixth Step: Control your paranoia. Make sure that if you have suspicions of lies, coverups that you provide sources of data to back up your assertions. It's all very easy to sit back & say "GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY NEW WORLD ORDER" but you blind yourself to be paranoid without solid cause (data, evidence).

Seventh Step: Whilst UFO media like photographs exist, very few have been put through their paces of verification & testing. The Trent Farm Photographs are the only ones to my knowledge (apart from possibly the Rex Heflin photos) that have been proven as genuine. Be mindful of the technology available today that can make fakes & frauds very easy to conjure.

Eight Step: Detective skills are paramount to investigation, learning how to set apart a fraudulent story, lie from a genuine one, checking out what people tell you (checking a fact before it is declared a fact). Looking for motive, means & opportunity if you suspect a fake. Getting a story & looking for inconsistencies or variations that turn up with future tellings of that story by the witness.

Ninth Step: People with genuine qualifications can be just as fallible as a person without, the truth of their statements & investigations of their character is crucial.

Tenth Step: While some stories are too crazy to be true, Some true stories are too crazily intricate to be false.

I welcome all suggestions & rebuttals to the above, I said it before & I'll say it again "Skeptics keep me honest" in regards to honing my arguments & backing up what I say with sources.



posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 01:25 PM
How about another rule?

Do Not Attack Skeptics for Being Skeptics. Skeptics are not standing in the way of our beliefs nor are they standing in the way of proving extraterrestrials are visiting the Earth. The evidence will stand on its own merits regardless of any skeptic.

Also, this may be implicit in the other suggestions, but you have more to worry about from charlatans in the UFO field than from any nefarious government conspiracy.

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 01:28 PM

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posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 01:32 PM

Originally posted by fireinthesky
Beginners Guide To Legitimate UFO Studies..............

I totally agree.

Regarding confusions: Mistery begins when personal knowledge came to an end. And this limit is something personal, not absolute. And many times it is too low, and not well self-defined.

I think most of the time, the probability theory wins, so that's why usually common explanations are the winner.

Many UFO's are just a sign of low level of understanding physical or technical facts, different unusual phenomenons, technical artifacts or limits, and many UFO's are signs of deceiving peoples (fakes, con-mans, different interests). It's usually a "wow!" spectacle.

The real UFO's are hard to get.

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posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 01:41 PM
Skeptics are extremely important to understanding legitimate ufo studies. It's often their challenges to researchers that push the researchers further in clearly defining & providing sources for their data & findings.

Being as much as possible neutral on the issue of ufos is like vigilence, something to constantly strive for. Leaning too far either way (skeptic or believer) will inherently bias your arguments. However if you have data to back up your reasoning in an argument then you can not be dismissed as a believer or a skeptic but someone who is working with what they find.

Belief as much as possible is something I like to leave out of my work because I like to deal with what can be substantiated. Belief in my opinion has more to do with religion. When someone credible sees a UFO craft up close, what they are seeing has nothing to do with whether they believe it or not. They simply report what they are seeing.

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posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 01:53 PM
reply to post by fireinthesky

Good post, and good advice. People who who experience their first sighting are always looking for more information, and must be aware that a good 80% of the internet sites about ET and UFOs are there for one reason discredit anything they cannot fully explain with normal, scientific means. The rest is real. Flagged and starred.

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