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Religious Eugenics Failed, a New Anthropological Perspective.

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posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 12:33 PM
Because this is something that I have arrived to accept as truth, especially within light of what I can do. I accept it as fact. It is my Theory which I have copyrighted under my real name.

For thousands of years of history, we've had societal roles pivotal to the health & welfare of the community.

In Modern times these have been all-but eliminated. One of which is the tribal shaman.

It is a genetic expression of human capability, just as simply as what would make a good seemstress or good athlete.

Instances of Extra-religious paranormal events that can't fit into "the hole with the wrong shaped peg" Seem to mystify, befuddle, and scare people with no community shaman to help explain these events or help the afflicted.

How these tribal shaman have popped up again in society, is right under your nose. They are the one's who we medicate, because they don't fall in with today's acceptable world view. They are angry, and/or unable to relate to a society that has no place for them. They feel disconnected from the community, so they will follow the biology programmed into them.

Watch what humans do to each other when they are outcasts, or seek to become the leader of the community. Then watch what they do if they can't convert the community to their way of thinking.


Psychic kids the TV show gave me a pause for thought. One episode an uber christian mom of Native American Heritage was unable to cope with the facts in front of her, that the realm of jesus had no power over the gifts her daughter had.

The mother's black and white, right and wrong view of "How Things Are" in a Christian world had only 1 explanation. Demons, The Devil, and Angels.

Even she was perplexed why human spirits would visit her daughter. She was sure they must be demons.

Her daughter was unable to accept the christian world, because it was hollow inside to explain the gray areas of the paranormal.


posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 04:42 PM
Terrence McKenna beat you to it, same with Leary and Crowley.

posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 02:24 AM
I love me some Terrence Mckenna. I only just learned of him yesterday.

What's really crazy... I came up with this independent of knowing the subject matter or who he was at all.

That fits into another theory, in the universal consciousness I have found expressions of the same individual in numerous different bodies.

For example, either we are a subject of external programming. Or crunch through enough people, like in sales and you will find a funny thing happen. Independent of of any previous connection, I was shocked to find people who think so much alike, and have parallel life experiences. I've found myself surprized. It's like a continuum when my friends on the east and west coast are in a word shockingly similar even down to small obsessive idyosynchrisies.

There are hundreds of excuses why that could be explained away as something I choose to see. I wasn't looking for it, I only observed it as impartially as me meeting someone new and learning the rest as I went along.


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