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Obama wants 'Bank of US'

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posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 02:36 AM
The "U.S. Federal Reserve" is a privately owned bank. It is owned by the illuminati, i.e. rothschilds, rockefellers, etc. We as a world are being funneled in to one world Gov't. Research the freemasons, illuminati, builderberg groud, skull and bones, nbohemian grove. we are being turned into slaves.

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 03:20 AM
I am in Australia. This might seem silly, but does it occur to anyone that the government has been taken over by the Federal Reserve?? (either way, it is becoming obvious that this is all planned)

I don't trust Obama at all. It all to me appears to be a sideshow. He appears exactly like a front man, calming the people while they move their agenda in without fuss.

I do wonder how it will last. Once the American people realise they've been had, it is going to be chaos. How long will this take? I guess it depends if things begin to improve, which they won't.

They have engineered this brilliantly.

-- Setup camps for the civil unrest in the future. CHECK
-- Make Bush and his decisions the wrong ones. CHECK
-- Make the American people hate bush via MSM. CHECK
-- Pull the strings on the economy and make it part collapse.CHECK
-- Bush blamed for financial crisis. CHECK
-- Bring in a person with 'messiah' like qualities, including an amazing ability to make people believe him. (Best motivational speaker I have EVER seen) CHECK
-- Take control of everything. WELL ON THE WAY
-- Total Economic collapse. WELL ON THE WAY
-- Civil unrest. PENDING
-- Wars abroad and at home...PENDING

Can't anybody see they are being taken for a ride?

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