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"Oh no America will no longer be a superpower."

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posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 05:35 AM
I'm so tired of hearing about how it'll be so horrible when America is no longer a super power. The Russians will kill everyone,the middle east will join Russia in killing everyone, and pretty much the whole effing planet will just shut down! Let me tell you something! The world is gonna keep on spinning when Uncle Sam gives up his worn out throne! Why the hell does America need to be the (dun dun duuuuh!) "worlds most powerful" anyways? I want some other country to take the throne, PLEASE! If I was good ol' Uncle Sam, i'd be thrusting the "worlds most powerful" crown to someone else!

When I think of my country, I want to think of what delicious foods we have and what beautiful scenery we have! I want to think of the great accomplishments we have managed and I want to think of ANYTHING but "invading this,occupying this,nuclear weapons this!" Bang bang, boom boom. I'm sick of it! I want our country to take the back seat and let other countrys start doing things their way! Lets make super tasty food,awesome tourist sites,churches,mosques,nude beaches, and generally cool,exciting things! I want to start complaining about the next megapower. I want people to start burning their flags and blaming them! "If big bad ______ wouldn't of done this." No longer do I want America to be between bad and wouldn't. Lets hand off the title now. Jesus man!

Lets bring America back to OG status for the sake of the planet.

Back to reality now, peace.

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