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Today the Gaza Strip, Tomorrow Lebanon...

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posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 07:13 PM
Dr. Nazemroaya also predicted the attacks on Gaza to the tee and the effort to place an international force there over a year ago in a Swiss magazine and on Global Research. Its worth finding the article.

posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 10:05 PM

Originally posted by rationaluser
reply to post by mmiichael

If iran instructed hamas to do it's dirty work for them surely someone from iran or 1,000's of say STUDENTS would want to go to Iran and clearly iran would let them but since the iotola of Iran REFUSED any student's to go blow themselves up i guess it is SAFE to say that at least the iotola or "religious leader" of iran isn't the one condoning martyrdom at least not of the iranian's

[edit on 20-1-2009 by rationaluser]

I guess you don't read the news. Iran trained Hamas troops and sent their own special force into Gaza - which according to all sides except Iran, got completely annihilated.

Iran announced it was the Muslim worlds duty to send in their armies against Israel, gave Hezbollah instructions to retaliate, and had a special rally among young Iranians to be shippe to Gaza to fight.

At the last minute, Iran itself and hezbollah got cold feet. Iran realized that they could get away with a proxy war, but in one they got directly involved they were asking for it.

The Iranian people themselves are decent on the whole. They've been jerked around by their religious despotic leadership now for 30 years. The country has reverted to an economic and culturally backwards state - financially on the verge of collapse with oil prices no longer in the stratosphere.

The scary thing about the truly mad mullahs is that they may just go over the top and push for an across the Middle East war as the country edges closer to the precipice. They've already calculated a nuclear war would mean the death of tens of millions of Iranian citizens - but that is just part of the pruice to pay for the return of the Caliphate.

It's not fun to live in a country where the leaders themselves are on a suicide mission.

Does this all sound like histrionic exaggeration? Well, ask the average Iranian who has left the country, and they'll tell you that this is sadly the case.

Mike F

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