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"The Last Supper"

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posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 11:14 PM
I'm not exactly sure where this should be posted, but it does in fact have to do with the global meltdown.

This is a new music video entitled, "The Last Supper"

I hope the great members of ATS can see the direction of the video footage combined with the lyrics and see where I was going with this.

This may indeed be our, "Last Supper"

I take everyday as a gift. I have seen the turmoil of this world, and for as bad as people can get, I have also seen the triumph in the hearts of men and women all over the world.

People think they have it bad, and that there may be nowhere to turn. I think of the sick who never get their names in the headlines. I think of the father who is worried he cannot provide for his family. I think of the single mothers who are modern day super-hero's for all they do to make this world a better place and teach their kids how to grow up and be good.

It's a struggle. Everyday, everynight and we all know.

But.....Life is also the most precious gift in the universe.

For everything ATS and it's members have done for me.

I give you,

"The Last Supper"

Peace, The_Brave

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