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The ‘NWO” has already won, we just don’t realize it yet.

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posted on Apr, 10 2004 @ 06:32 PM
In Nov 03, the business I worked for closed. In Aprl. 04 I began working again. I had allot of
time to sit around and I spent ALOT of time online researching different events and following
news stories. Now as I go back to work and become reacquainted with the average american
again, I truly see just how complacent, ignorant and uninformed the american public is. Americans
talk about how’frustated’ they are with the situation in Iraq, and c. rice was on tv talking about
911,and that gas prices are up and that traffic congestion is getting worse, and parking is more
expensive, and again I gotta get a few hours or more of OT in this week, and I gotta catch up on
my Tivo recordings, I gotta return my movies, I gotta go grocery shopping, I gotta go to my kids
sports game, I gotta go out for dinner on...., I gotta go buy this or that, Xbox has a new game,
I’m gunna be working more OT again this pay period, I gotta do the dishes, I gotta clean the
house, I’m going out Fri and Sat night, I gotta see the dentist, I gotta watch the ‘Swan’ tonight,
the new episode of ‘.....’ is on tonight .............and I could go on and on but, it illustrates a
pattern. None of those things are is part of the life we live. We have family concerns,
material wants and needs that need to be meet and friends to converse with. We live in, arguably,
the most ‘free’, the most technologically advanced, the wealthiest and most influential country in
the world. One would think that its’ public would want to be well informed about its’ govts
decisions. Ahh but, the reality is depressing.

The american public gets the bulk of their news from the 60-90 second blurbs on the the
6 news channels. (abc, nbc, cbs, cnn, msnbc, and fox) That is if it does not conflict the new
episode of american idol. Nobody that I have recently talked to knows anything about the patriot
acts, or the supreme court ruling OK’ing ‘informational roadblocks’, mandatory military service,
the ‘1st amendment’ areas when Bush (or other political persons) walks around outside, or how
search and seizure laws are changing. They have some what of an idea that the govt knew
something before 911 but know absolutely nothing about the questions of the physical FACTS
concerning the 757/767 planes ( or lack there-of) the collapse (ie demolition) and the ‘whatever’
that hit the pentagon. They get mad for a moment and then switch’s like the american
public has ADD. They know nothing about how america is beginning to change..and change for
the worse.

That got me thinking about, maybe I am just paranoid, maybe I am just reading into the
issues to much. . I have a very diverse background (ie military, law-enforcement, surveillance,
college, big and small business, lived in many different states and travel ect) in which I have
experienced and met many different people, issues and viewpoints. I am a skeptic, I like to see
things with my own eyes. I need to see both sides of something before I feel comfortable with
taking a stance. Until last summer, I was, what I now like to call, very ‘mainstream’ patriotic and
‘proud to be an american’ even though I could never explain where the ‘pride’ and ‘patriotism’
came from.

When some of the jig-saw puzzle began coming together, the shock and anger I felt
towards, not America, but where the ‘elected’ officials are steering America and that they are
getting away with it, was and is very perturbing. How could this have happened without the
public seeing and knowing about it?!? It’s not that it is not happening, it is that the public is kept
busy working long hours, busy with the the personal concerns of ones daily life and is given very
little information in the mainstream ( where most get their info) about what the govt is doing. I
understand the need to keep certain things secret and out of the public eye but the govt has gone
into out-right lies and deceit on a large scale..keeping relevant info from the public. The american
public is so caught up with work, recreation and so little information that they have forgotten
what freedom and ‘govt by the people for the people’ really means. Because the public is so busy
and uniformed, it has a very bad habit of complacency until the fecal matter impacts the rotating
blade. The american public will remain complacent until the individuals’ freedom are outrightly
taken away. But take a little here and there so as to not overtly cause concern and in time, you
will be right next to something you never saw coming. Any hunter will have experienced this.

This is exactly what the new AMERICAN GOVT Inc has done. It is in a very good
position to totally re-write the Constitution for the united states of America (the re-write already
began, it is now the Constitution of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ..legally there is a
difference between the two, the earlier being the original) with-out a peep from the public. I
would like to say that the american public will stand idly by while its GOVT cements its
subjugation of the public and continues to do what the GOVT wants to do inorder to keep its made up delusion
of position that is and should be the country that should have a say and influence in any situation
in the world. But I can’t say that the public will idly stand by because that would mean that the
public knows and sees what is going on.........they live in complacency and ignorance propagated
by their GOVT.

Think about it......’NWO” is about money, influence and absolute power......the
AMERICAN GOVT now does what it wants, where it wants and when it wants with very few does this not only in the rest of the world but on its own shores. If large sums of
money, influence and power are going to go into GOVT and or big business pockets, that will win
out over ‘doing what is right or in the peoples best interests or wishes.’ The ‘NWO’ has already
won. It has snuck up on its victims, drew it sword ( or in this case ‘gatlin gun’) and the only
people that see what is happening are us ‘radicals, fanatics and conspiracy freaks’ and we are not
enough to stop it from happening. Unless there is some type of overt ‘occurrence’, I’m afraid they
have won and we just haven’t realized it yet.

posted on Apr, 10 2004 @ 06:55 PM
what is the "mandatory military service" you are talking about? i keep myself pretty up on current events- both on TV and on the internet sites that give the real news(like ATS), but i have never heard anything about mandatory military service, besides debates on TV about reinstating the draft.

posted on Apr, 10 2004 @ 11:32 PM
sorry, i meant impending manditory military draft
it will be started...the current military is wayyyyyy over strechted

posted on Apr, 10 2004 @ 11:41 PM
You only have to look at the fact that we are holding
(I use that verb loosely) onto Iraq with 130,000 troops on the ground there. There have been moves in both house and senate to reinstate the draft...or some form of public service required of American young people.

There was also a report out recently that stated that each solder in our combined militaries is valued at 90K annually by the Pentagon. That's an amazing number.
I wonder if by reinstating the draft that cost figure would hold, rise or decrease. Our national appropriations for defense are already astronomical.
Wouldn't it break our already over taxed backs if the cost went any higher?

posted on Apr, 10 2004 @ 11:46 PM
If there is a New World Order, and it is going down right now, as we speak, I'd be more inclined to say that they are winning, and have almost "won". The reason? They need the whole world in order to have won. Right now there are countries you could more or less group into 3 different types. There is the US and western Europe, which you could consider "conquered." You have countries in between that are not totally westernized, but becoming more and more so every day like south american countries and eastern European countries. Then you the ones that are resisting - the middle east comes to mind. You could then say that this is "the final phase" of taking over that third group - the US is fixing Iraq in as much it's own image as it can.

I don't know if this makes sense to anyone else, but thats how I see it - again, assuming there IS a NWO - which I don't believe there to be.

posted on Apr, 11 2004 @ 12:12 AM
if each soldier is worth 90K now, it would be logical that that "value" would go down- supply and demand- more troops means less money, less troops means more money, because they will be doing more work.

theoretically. but our government does things bass-ackwards, so who knows.

posted on Apr, 14 2004 @ 05:48 PM
I would definitely say that the NWO is winning the war. Those who work in the system of the NWO, namely the monetary system, support the NWO, so it is difficult to stop it when it boils down to the dollar. Globablization is the new plan and the dollar is expanding its power to all corners of the Earth, tearing down the borders of countries and making laws uniform worldwide.

I also can understand that we are kept busy with our lives with "work", working "for" the Government or "for" the Corporation. The mass media also has a big influence in brainwashing the population to somebody's ideal, Television having the greatest impact on public opinion.

The NWO is definitely winning. It gets more interesting as time goes on, though.

posted on Apr, 14 2004 @ 06:15 PM
And, Kerry is trying to make it sound like, hey, "volunteer" and you get 4 years college---free:

posted on Apr, 15 2004 @ 12:22 AM
I stated in an earlier post about how this is coming into play. American Mad Man touched on what I had said, which was that the American Gov't has been slowly turning other countries into somewhat democratic states... I'll just quote it:

If you watch the news at all, you'll see alot of top political leadershinting to it... New World Trade Commission, New World This and New World That. Everything is being grouped up into a one-world agenda (which, in all actuality will end up as a 2-world agenda... those who want it, and those who don't...)

It's actually inevitable now... look at how American Gov and the UN keep forcing other countries into like-democracy governments. Once most of the world governments are compatible, then they can start integrating world-wide laws.

If this April 19th attack happens (and I'm sure it will if it has been planned... doubt the gov is gonna stop it, even though it is quickly getting spread across the net), then there's a great possibility that America will go under Marshall Law as outlined. Once we getthat crap over with, we will most likely be under law of the UN. Then other countries will follow. I think we Americans are going to be used as the example of 'how a NWO can turn society back to normal". I'm willing to bet that we will be under some strict censorship laws... oh yeah, how else could they govern the internet without having a worldwide lawbook on internet useage?

There's evidence all around, even if that isn't the main agenda.... it's pretty much inevitable.

from this thread:

There was a thread about possible 4/19 attacks, but I can't remember who the hell it was by (liblam, SeekerOf, or one of those...). If we do get hit, there is a very real chance that we will get put under marshall law, which really scares me... especially with the thought of possible camps, and the 'Citizen Relocation Program' I've been hearing about (I have my fears of what all the vans in Texass are for). I'm sure I'm on the list of possible 'rebels' to be taken away, especially after the views I have posted on these boards.

Good post, clearmind. I have made these same observations as well, but I try to stay away from network news. That is obviously a tool for the NWO. Luckily we have the internet, but you have to do some extra work to be able to weed out the propaganda and plain BS. Really, I wish I could just leave the earth until it's all over with... guess I should be careful what I wish for!

*EDIT: Forgot I was gonna post this link here just in case noone wants to read the other thread:

[Edited on 15-4-2004 by Earthscum]

posted on Apr, 15 2004 @ 12:37 AM
I freaked out when Kerry announced his plans to tie financial aid to military service.

maybe Kerry is the one who will lead us to ww3, and Bush really did only invade iraq to rid it of WMDs.

or not.

posted on Apr, 24 2004 @ 09:26 PM
if kerry still leans torwards working with the UN, he will be the one that leads us into a true NWO. with AMERICAS power to back the UN.........

posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 06:37 PM

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posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 07:40 PM
I can see the poster never read or studied the bible. Everything he talks about is well referanced their, and it is going according to god almighties plan, sit back and watch till he knows the end is here.

The nwo has won nothing to a christian, only death will come to these gready people, permanant death. Its so simple a plan of gods that i cant believe most people dont see it. But they will.
To those with little faith that truth wins out always against evil lies, i pity you for when people are cornerd like they are starting to, thats when law will be history. Who do you think they will go after then??-the gready well off, who have tried to destroy the earth, gods creation. Many people out there dont think they are evils helper, but when they dont educate themselves on matters that concern them, they are lazy and corrupt. Will be rewarded for their stupidity.

I e-mail my white house almost every week on issues, do you?? I mail my senators, do you. I am another witness for god almighty as to what evil people do. Remember a king without a kingdom is not really a king. A king without the people is nothing more than hollow.
Go read your bible and study-[will take about a year to b egin to grasp] then come back and say THE NWO ALREADY WON. You wont, you will see how it is a plan of god almighties hands off stratagy, till the destruction of the earth is eminent, Then he steps in, This is well written in the bible as the last straw. the destruction of the earth that gets god almighty really working. It has always been evils main plan, to destroy gods creation since evil knows it cannot get to everybody. This is the only way evil can destroy all, by destroying the earth. [Which we see clearly that this work is really snow-balling out of control]--If you did any real bible studding you would know we are in the feet of clay and iron, the last holy roman empire starting in 1914, with ww1. and does not last but a short while [like comming to a close soon]
THE NWO wins nothing, except its place as an example of evil for all times to come. With the re-started creation of JEHOVAHS-and this is endless, evil once and for all will be crushed by simple truths. For evil cannot stand against truth, since there is no evil in truth. GO read the real bible, the one that takes study to understand, or accept it on faith. act upon it , and be a fellow witness as to evils ways, or be a part of evils side and do nothing, for examples MUST BE MADE!!!!

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