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Possible proof the government knew we were entering a major recession clear back in 2007?

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posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 02:46 AM
Are you sure that's not just a typing error? I swear I've seen that exact line of text before, exact that it read "December 2008" instead of "December 2007".

posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 10:54 AM
It wouldn't surprise me that the Government saw it coming. Shoot I remember us doing an assignment about that time in my Economic Geography course about the Sub-Prime Lending and how it was hurting people in the Fall of 2006. When we asked our teacher if this could spread she could only silently nod her head. If banks got hurt by a slew of housing foreclosures then the auto loans and credit cards would be hit too, and so on throughout the economy like a ripple in a pond

We were only about 10 people and a professor with a single New York Times article. Even accounting for the level of incompetence in the government (ok, 1.5 times that even) someone still saw this coming. Even so, what could have been done? It was already too late to save the system since the sub-prime loans had been allowed to be made in the first place. It was either let it come to a head and get widespread support, or fight an uphill battle and have to show everyone the problem, inevitably scaring many (who rightfully should have been scared). I'm sure someone's supervisor just gave the person who saw it coming a sock and told them to stuff it.

posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 02:44 PM

Originally posted by nydsdan
I am not so sure it is an overt act or conspiracy going on. I think it is the natural progression of democratic capitalism. All systems, as great as they are, will go corrupt over time. Our system helped propel the USA into the global spotlight and our country flourished because of the power of capitalism. Over time business realizes that it can purchase policy by throwing money around, greed steps in and the system starts to collapse. Add in a few tablespoons of corporate bailouts and white-collar welfare and you have big business meets government. No surprise there...

I'm going to say just the opposite - that vested corporatists took control and are manufacturing everything that is happening in our economy. It is deliberate and goal-driven (NAU). It is not just us they want, either. It is the world. All in "good" time, I imagine.

The big question is 'where to now'? Who holds hand right now, and how are they going to play it out? Sure, a good chunk of America is starting to wake up to the nonsense but I think it is too late. The power grab is complete and the dollar is on the way to its funeral.

I think the answer is to spend "bailout" money to push us towards an abundance paradigm - which will eliminate money while giving every human the choice of lifestyle they want, from hermit in a cave to the ultra-elite lifestyle.

What now? As this whole clusterf*** of world banks and failing economies becomes more transparent to the sheeple, what is the next step? It is becoming clear that the past 3 years has really been a big $/power grab, but why?

To usher in a new cycle? What will that cycle be?

It must be more terrror or a MUCH bigger threat. Maybe a global threat? It must.
Our economic cycle demands it to happen in order for TPTB to remain in power.

You ask "what now." I wrote a book dealing with just this question, and am hoping that it is accepted at this site (in negotiations). It has to do with the unique tech level we have attained, what specific tech is out there, and what we can do. It is called The Abundance Paradigm.

With any luck, it will be on the web soon, and with more luck, it will be ATS that hosts it. [smile]

posted on Jan, 24 2009 @ 09:53 AM
Well, Lyndon LaRouche gave out warnings in July 2007 concerning the economic collapse; there were quite a few that predicted this and cried out to parliament, but were subsequently ignored; just as they remain to be ignored today.

Ron Paul and Lyndon LaRouche seem to have a pretty tight connection in terms of conceptual thinking. Check out; he just gave a webcast recently and is constantly fighting it. He SOUNDS like he belongs on ATS... but he swears that none of what he says is conspiracy, but rather is fact.

He's definitely worth checking out (or I guess it's supposed to be a political action committee) if you're interested in this whole crisis, it's relationships, and potential solutions.

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